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Warrior-icon.png Vanguard Shizuma
Defy Pain.jpg Defy Pain is Vanguard Shizuma's favorite skill.
User Vanguard Shizuma Profile.PNG Spoiled to the Core.
  • Profession
  • Level
  • Place of Birth
  • Experience:
Approx. 1,817,000
  • Weapons:
Zealous Dead Sword of Fortitude
  • Armor:
Dread Mask
Keht's Aegis
  • Pet:
  • Miniatures:
  • 1st Year Birthday Present.png=Miniature Hydra.png
  • 2nd Year Birthday Present.png=Miniature Wind Rider.png
  • 3rd Year Birthday Present.png=Miniature Forest Minotaur.png
  • Titles:
  1. Protector of Cantha (1)
  2. Spearmarshal (9)
  3. Defender of the Kurzicks (7)
  4. Daring Delver (6)
  5. Shadow Agent (5)
  6. Slayer of Wurms (5)
  7. Not Too Annoying(5)
  8. Mighty Lightbringer (4)
  9. Ally of the Luxons (4)
  10. Collector of Wisdom (2)
  11. Indomitable Survivor (2)
  12. Lucky (2)
  13. Adventurer of the North (1)
  14. Hapless (1)
  15. Commander (1)
  • Other Achievements:
Rank 1 Survivor
Rank 2 Survivor
Completing Nightfall
Completing Eye of the North
Completing Prophecies
Completion of my Armor Collection
Completing Factions
  • Goals:
Rank 3 Survivor
  • Trivia
  • Previous warrior attempts proved futile, as I wanted entirely too many different weapons, builds, armors, and titles. I've decided to create this character purely for the purpose of armor and weapon collection. Armors crafted after the current basic-max set will not be runed (thus saving oodles of money), and some helmets may be omitted. List of wanted and acquired armor/weapons listed below.
  • Name is a reference to Shizuma from the anime Strawberry Panic!, with the hair giving some slight resemblence. (Footnote) Character personality also slightly based off of the Anime character.

Rage of the Ntouka.jpg This user is a Grand Master Brute.
Steady Stance.jpg This user is a Grand Master Tactician.
Hundred Blades.jpg This user is a Grand Master Swordsman.


I, as a writer and fictional historian, refuse to use the term "lesbian" when referring to midevial storylines as it was born out of a derogatory nature. It is also too modern of a term to use accurately so my readers will see similar terms such as "woman-lover" or similar phrases with a similar insinuation. That being said, let us get to Shizuma.

Her name throws many for a loop, often confusing her with a possible Canthan. She is however, Elonian at birth. Vabbian, to be exact. Born into privelaged and rich family, one could say Shizuma led a wonderful first few years of life.
This was all warped in a course of a week when her mother's frustrations against her father overflowed slightly to what one could describe as an attempted-murder. Shizuma was very young at this time and never quite understood the motives, except for her mother's obvious disdain for men. After the father healed up and left for Istan to get as isolated as he could, their noble home and estate went through some radical changes. Shizuma's mother banned all men from entering the estates and demanded an all-female staff were hired in place of the now "laid-off" men. I do not have a timeline in front of me but let's just say Shizuma was approximately five years old.
Obviously she grew up with some warped ideas that only evolved into an obvious "preference" for women. In a society where this is not a common mindset (or least of all, a very hidden one), her mother was proud of this.

I said above that I refuse to use terms that are too modern for where this all takes place but I'm forced to use one here.

Shizuma "came out" (grumble grumble) to her mother around twelve years old. Even though she grew up in an all-female noble house, she still ventured out and discovered it was generally normal for a man and woman to be together and nothing else. But her fears of this were quickly subsided when her mother offered gentle reassurances and, we can assume some veiled insults to the male gender.

With the first and most obvious personality quirks explained, Shizuma took after her mother and became somewhat of a Diplomat. Not a political one as much, but more of a worthy public speaker. She has a way with words and has a beautiful and seductive aura about her, one that she uses to her full advantage when speaking to others. She suited many different odd jobs that included diplomacy, merchant, messanger, and many other things in a similar field.

All, however, is not well. Shizuma ventured too close into the realm of madness and spent a couple days in longer than she should have and she came out with her personality slightly amplified from what it was before.
This however worked for the Vanguard's advantage. As explained below, the Vanguard often make their recruiters as eccentric as possible so that recruits know what they're getting into.

And that, as they say, is that.

Affiliation with the Vanguard[edit]

Shizuma was found and dubbed the current Vanguard Recruiter for the agents in tyria. They felt that her abrasive nature was a good starting point for all recruits to learn how eccentric and off-the-wall people in the Vanguard can be, so the recruits know what they're getting into. They often recruit demons for the same purpose, perhaps "Shock value". Vanguard recruits in Tyria are often referred to either Shizuma or H (and they sometimes refer each other) for enlisting or general work.


Stuff I am collecting on this character alone.


Donations of any kind are welcome but paybacks not guaranteed.


Donations of any kind are welcome but paybacks not guaranteed (I have limited funding so the crappier the mods and higher the requirements, the better (cheaper). I prefer the damage to be at least max'd so I can mod and use later the future as I want. If not, that's fine. I'm in it for the skins.

Broadsword (Rajazan's Fervor would work, too)
Cerulean Edge
Charr Sword - Bonus Mission Pack
Crystalline Sword
Dadao Sword - Collector.
Dead Sword - Bought.
Deldrimor Sword - Stole from my main's Koss.
Emerald Blade
Etched Sword - Collector, but displeased with its size
Fellblade - Dropped in CoF, shockingly enough.
Forgotten Sword - Stole from my main's endgame.
Icy Dragon Sword - Gifted / Fiery Dragon Sword - Drop / Vampiric Dragon Sword - Bought
Igneous Blade - Bought.
Katana - Crafted.
Tormented Sword


Less here because most axes look the same, or like shit.

Ancient Axe
Celestial Axe
Gemstone Axe - Donation
Chaos Axe - Bought, currently being used on Nikki


Adamantine Shield

  • Not the the best of shields but I like it because it was free (collector) and you can dye it to match almost anything. So I've kept it.

Ancient Shield - Drop, but my ritualist is using it
Bladed Shield
Darkwing Defender - Aegis of Terror (Donation)
Draconic Aegis
Enameled Shield - Donated. Wyn, expect my marriage proposal in the mail.
Outcast Shield - Keht's Aegis (Bought)
Plated Shield - Drop, but unuseable due to Motivation req.
Vabbian Bastion - Drop.

Compilation of Acquired PvE skills:[edit]

Warrior Vanguard Shizuma's PvE Only Skills[edit]

Sunspear-logo-48.png Sunspear Rebirth Signet Whirlwind Attack Never Rampage Alone Seed of Life Necrosis Cry of Pain Intensity Critical Agility Vampirism "There's Nothing to Fear!" Eternal Aura
Yes Yes No No No No No No Yes No Yes
Kurzick.png Luxon.png "Save Yourselves!" Triple Shot Selfless Spirit Signet of Corruption Ether Nightmare Elemental Lord Shadow Sanctuary Summon Spirits Spear of Fury Aura of Holy Might
Yes No No No No No No No No Yes
Asuran-logo-48.png Air of Superiority Asuran Scan Mental Block Mindbender Pain Inverter Radiation Field Smooth Criminal Summon Ice Imp Summon Mursaat Summon Naga Shaman Summon Ruby Djinn Technobabble
Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No No No Yes
Deldrimor-logo-48.png "By Ural's Hammer!" "Don't Trip!" Alkar's Alchemical Acid Black Powder Mine Brawling Headbutt Breath of the Great Dwarf Drunken Master Dwarven Stability Ear Bite Great Dwarf Armor Great Dwarf Weapon Light of Deldrimor Low Blow Snow Storm
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
User Wynthyst V icon.png Deft Strike Ebon Battle Standard of Courage Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom Ebon Escape Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support Signet of Infection Sneak Attack Tryptophan Signet Weakness Trap Winds
Yes No No No No Yes No No No No No Yes
Norn-logo-48.png "Dodge This!" "Finish Him!" "I Am The Strongest!" "I Am Unstoppable!" "You Are All Weaklings!" "You Move Like a Dwarf!" A Touch of Guile Club of a Thousand Bears Feel No Pain Raven Blessing Ursan Blessing Volfen Blessing
Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No

Random Shit[edit]

I think I'll just dedicate this section to the various stuff regarding Shizuma.
Images, click to see 'em bigger n' better.

Stand proud, Shizuma. Stand proud.
User Vanguard Shizuma Vabbi.PNG

I lol'd at this. I need moar r00m.

User Vanguard Shizuma NeedMoarRoom.PNG