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User information in a snap![edit]

Personal Info GW Player Stats Campaigns Owned and Other Other 2 Accomplishments
Ursan Strike.jpg This user hates when people wake them up early; BEWARE OR THEY SHALL SWAT YOU!
Elementalist-tango-icon-200.png This user is an Elementalist by nature.
GWW-shield.png This user plays all GW campaigns: Core, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North, and Beyond.
User Lensor CanthaMissionIcon.png This user is a Canthan at heart!
Wikinoob-icon.png This user is new to writing things on GuildWarsWiki.
Main Wiki.png This user prefers PvE.
Rebel Yell.jpg This user will be a Human in Guild Wars 2.
Miniature Fungal Wallow.png This user likes Fungal Wallows.
North America 70x40.png This user plays in the
North American territory.
RP This user is a Role Player.
Lightbringertitle.jpg This user is a title hunter
User Lensor gw2.jpg This user has preordered Guild Wars 2
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Guilt This user has spent 4227 hours in Guild Wars in 69 months (2 h/day).
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User Tender Wolf paint palette.png This user is an artist!
Book of Secrets.png This user likes to make personal stories for their characters.
User Karuro Requiem Icon.jpg This user reads the Guild Wars Webcomic Requiem for Sanity.
.docx This user is a writer (or wants to be one).
User Gem harder PvE.png This user wants PvE to be balanced.
Vampirism.jpg This user's mind is in the gutter.
Female.png This user has been mistaken for a girl before~Tango-heart-icon.png =^-^=
Balanced Stance (large).jpg Balanced teams or gtfo. This means you PvX builds!
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Prepared Shot.jpg This user likes girls who play Guild Wars.
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Kurzicks by donating/earning 4,878,090 faction and not using any discord, sabway, Pvx team builds, or FFF with any alliance/guild. Only PvP and vanquishing and quests/books were used.

This User has achieved savor of the
Luxons by donating/earning 5,344,774 faction and not using any discord, sabway, or Pvx team builds. Only PvP, FFF, Vanquishing, and quests/books were used.

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Most favorite line in GW with my response:[edit]

61x54 "Its Madness I tell you, Madness!" Me: This isn't Madness! This is Cantha!


en-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of English.

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I'm Yumiko Ishida (old Guildwiki user name: Hirohito Ishida), though my guild mates either call me by my elementalist's first name, Yumiko or Dave which is short for my real name, David.

I lost my password to my previous GWWiki account and also am unable to retrieve a new one because my email account used to make it was disabled or destroyed by Hotmail staff. I'm now known as this.

I've been a player in Guildwars for nearly 5 years, but due to many times of inactivity, it is more like two or less.

My account is 5 years old but none is older than 2 years. Yumiko will be two in July. I used not to care about minis, but now I do. I collected 38 minis so far. and I have almost all year one two and three minis except for the unique ones for those respective years.

I am very PvE oriented and I tend to be in American districts or on rare occasions, Japanese districts to be alone or free of lag.

I am very deadly with my ele and will put never ending burning pain on the both Kurzicks and Luxons in Factions. I have no real loyalties, this is because I rather vanquish all maps for my title tracks rather than be with any FF ally. Allies suck unless they work on HM stuff and are high end and help one another!

I am very old school in play style so don't expect me to us use discord or Sabway. I will yell at you if you try to suggest to me in game that I should use them. I also believe in playing the game from start to end with no runs or freebies. I will accept gifts, but only if you mean well and are insistent. I am also a solo player and I will only ask for help when 7-heroes play is impossible. I will help others, but only if I have the time to do so. I am a busy person, don't expect me to be there for you every minute of the day.

I have a 50/50 Hall of Monuments now. Be sure to check me out. My GWAMM track is 29 out of 30 titles.


  • Age: 26
  • Location: Florida, USA
  • GuildWiki UserName: Yumiko Ishida or Hirohito Ishida(old)
  • Sex: Male


order of creation unknown

Prophesies Characters

  • E/A 20 Yumiko Ishida (Primary Character) {snake}
    • She was created three times. First when I started out, she was E/N 20 and never ascended then I had her remade as a lv. 1 but never used her at that time (inactive), then the final time as she is currently.
  • W/R 10 Hirohito Ishida (mule)
  • Me/Mo 18 Baron Hikaru Ishida my LDoA attempt #3.
  • Mo/x 8 Chastity Anderson (Perma Pre)

Factions Characters

  • A 5 Zurik Simer (mule)
  • N/A 20 Hikari Ishida Legendary Survivor!!!

Nightfall Characters None.

PvP Characters

  • E/any Hikari The Kawaii (mule/takes Yumiko's place in pvp)


  • Rt 6 Spirits Love Me Too
  • N/A 20 or W 1 Susume the Bloody
  • Me 2 Ayumi Nishii (mule)
  • D 1 Hikaru The Holy (mule)
  • Rt 2 Takako the Lofty
  • R/Rt 20 Hihumi Kizuki

There are more than these... but I can't remember their names or what campaign they are from.

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About Me


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My wiki for my book series


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