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Elonian Daggers (uncommon).jpg

Daggers are two-handed melee weapons that can require investment in the Dagger Mastery attribute and have a maximum damage range of 7-17. They are the preferred weapon of Assassins.


  1. Daggers of Purity deal blunt damage.
  2. Excluding double strikes.

All daggers have an inherent 2% chance of double strike that stacks with any chance granted by the Dagger Mastery attribute, so at 16 Dagger Mastery a pair of daggers have an average attack interval of 0.99 seconds.


This is a list of all the different appearances daggers may have. It is completely independent of its stats and modifiers; for example, Dirks will be as effective as Zodiac Daggers if they share the same inscription and modifiers.

Campaign Piercing damage Slashing damage Blunt damage
Core1 Peppermint Daggers Balthazar's Daggers
Decade Daggers "High Noon"
Prophecies1 Deldrimor Daggers
Wintergreen Daggers
Factions Aureate Daggers
Celestial Daggers
Ceremonial Daggers
Chromium Shards
Gilded Daggers
Golden Talons
Jade Daggers
Kris Daggers
Oni Daggers
Plagueborn Daggers
PvP Daggers1
Starter Daggers1
Zodiac Daggers
Butterfly Knives
Dragon Kamas
Hooked Daggers
Platinum Sickles
Salient Daggers
Split Chakrams
Nightfall Ancient Daggers
Bronze Daggers
Jeweled Daggers
Ruby Daggers
Steel Daggers
Wintergreen Daggers1
Elonian Daggers
Talon Daggers
Tormented Daggers1
Eye of the North Arrowblade Daggers
Crude Daggers
Demon Fangs
Golden Talons
Storm Daggers
Asuran Daggers1
Brass Knuckles1
Charrslayer Daggers1
Crescent Blades
Destroyer Daggers1
Norn Daggers1
Savage Daggers
Thunderfist's Brass Knuckles1
Beyond1 Oppressor's Daggers Alari's Double Blades
Imperial Daggers
Daggers of Purity
Bonus Mission Pack1 Mursaat Daggers
Undead Daggers
Charr Daggers
Tengu Daggers
Promotional1 Dragon Fangs    
  1. Daggers are not available as a drop.



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