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Miniature Water Djinn.png The Water Djinn is Mizuki's favorite miniature.

Navbar layout inspired by Rappy and Lilo among others.

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My collection so far:

Category Minis unlocked
White (1st) (complete)

Fungal Wallow, Hydra, Jade Armor, Jungle Troll, Necrid Horseman, Siege Turtle, Temple Guardian, Whiptail Devourer

White (2nd) (complete)

Aatxe, Fire Imp, Harpy Ranger, Heket Warrior, Juggernaut, Mandragor Imp, Thorn Wolf, Wind Rider

White (3rd)

Abyssal, Cloudtouched Simian, Forest Minotaur, Roaring Ether, Mursaat,

White (4th)

Abomination, Desert Griffon, Krait Neoss, Kveldulf, Terrorweb Dryder,

White (5th)

Fire Drake, Ophil Nahualli, Scourge Manta, Siege Devourer,


Burning Titan, Charr Shaman, Christmas Elf, Kirin, Koss, Palawa Joko, Freezie, Nornbear, Ooze, Candysmith Marley,


Asura (Magazine promo for GW:EN), Ceratadon (MMOZine#1 promo), Celestial Pig (Canthan New Year 2008), Celestial Rat (Canthan New Year 2008), Celestial Ox (Canthan New Year 2009), Celestial Rabbit (Canthan New Year 2011), Gray Giant (magazine promo), Pig (Canthan New Year 2007) temporary trade-in for Celestial Pig, Prince Rurik (1st bday), Water Djinn (2nd bday),


Bone Dragon, Gwen (2nd bday), Varesh (NF CE), Black Moa Chick,


Please note that all miniatures which I have spare are undedicated, and I will only trade for other undedicated miniatures of similar worth.

Please send me a PM ingame, or a message on my talk page if you would like to trade.




  1. Treasure Hunter - ~1600/10,000
  2. Wisdom - ~1700/10,000
  3. Lucky / Unlucky - rank 5 afk not going to advance this further
  4. Allegiance rank r10/5mil - 1 vanquish/day, should hit max Kurzick by end of year
  • Farm / buy hero armor remnants - Need 4x Ancient, 7x Primeval, 8x Deldrimor
  • Mock up pages for my main characters, add title / region related userboxes to each character
  • Take 3rd account through all campaigns & EotN (Proph 100%, NF 50%, Factions 15%, EotN 0%)

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Projects to follow[edit]