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Rhonwyn Danea Katlinel Gwendydd Chichibu Zulaya Zauditu Masara Abechi Taytu Anhrefnus Llyfrgellydd Mynach Mynedfa Saeth
Lady Katlinel
A warrior who loves to fight beside her bear.
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  • Tyrian Female Warrior/Ranger
  • Pet: A hearty black bear, called Ursa Major
  • Created: October 28th, 2005
  • Experience:
2.763.482, which would translate to a level 195 character
  • Armor:
  • Heroes:


  • HoM Statues:
  • Goals:
  • none
  • Titles in Progress:
  • HoM Statues to get:
  • Heroes to get:
  • No Heroes left to get
  • Titles:

Favourite Skill Bar:

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The name Katlinel is from a book series by Julian May, called The Saga Of The Pliocene Exiles. Ursa Major is also called the Big Dipper and is a constelation in the sky, a bear hunted by Orion.

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