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Account Titles
10,211,000 faction transferred
790,000 faction transferred
2,624 identified
1,568 opened
252,478tickets won
64,106 games of chance lost
2,395 points
4,071 Gamer points
147 Victory points
484 points
Festival Hats

Charr Hat.png Demonic Horns.png Divine Halo.png Festive Winter Hood.png Furrocious Ears.png Grentch Cap.png Ice Shard Crest.png Imperial Dragon Mask.png Lion Mask.png Mirthful Dragon Mask.png Reaper's Hood.png Rudi Mask.png Sinister Dragon Mask.png Skeleton Face Paint.png Snow Crystal Crest.png Stylish Black Scarf.png Stylish Red Striped Scarf.png Stylish White Striped Scarf.png Tengu Mask.png Tricorne.png Spectercles.png Zombie Face Paint.png


Grenth's Regalia.png Dwayna costume.png Shining Blade costume.png White Mantle costume.png Lunatic Court Finery.png Raiment of the Lich.png Agent of Balthazar.png Disciple of Melandru.png Ravenheart Witchwear.png Vale Wraith.png

Other Account Achievements