Don't Fear the Reapers

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Don't Fear the Reapers
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Halloween
Prophecies or Nightfall
Given by Mad King's Steward
in Lion's Arch or
Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Preceded by Something Wicked This Way Comes
Followed by Stemming the Skeletal Tide
Type Festival quest
(Difficulty: Master)
(Solo Quest)
Don't Fear the Reapers map.jpg
You start at the green dot. Refer to Walkthrough.

In Don't Fear the Reapers one must run across most of the Underworld to talk with all the Reapers.

Quest information[edit]





You must have used one Transmogrifier Tonic or its everlasting counter part, or the Voice of Grenth will reject you.


During this mission, you are an Agent of the Mad King and have 600 Health, 40 Energy, 4 Energy regeneration,

Sugar Rush (Agent of the Mad King)
Sugar Rush (Agent of the Mad King)
Sticky Ground
Sticky Ground
Sugar Shock
Sugar Shock
The Mad King's Influence
The Mad King's Influence

The Reapers can be recruited in almost any order, but there are ways to make the run most efficient. The Reaper of the Labyrinth and Reaper of the Forgotten Vale should be done at the same time. Reaper of the Spawning Pools, Reaper of the Chaos Planes, and Reaper of the Bone Pits should be done in that order or in reverse (Pits, Planes, Pools). Reaper of the Twin Serpent Mountains can be recruited on the way there or going back to the Chamber. Reaper of the Ice Wastes should be gotten last so that you can go straight to King Frozenwind for the reward.

  • Unlike previous years, dying only sends you back to the UW entrance with a 15% death penalty and no progress in the quest is lost.
  • Use Sticky Ground to slow down groups of mobs that are close together, remember they are still dangerous if you get close to them.
  • Use Sugar Shock to deal with stray mobs that come close to you, or to interrupt casters such as Coldfire Nights.
  • Use The Mad King's Influence when you have large amounts of foes around you or as a last resort if you get stuck in a group of mobs or a corner.
  • Hexes from popup Mindblade Spectres, Dead Threshers, and Dead Collectors are particularly deadly, so make sure you knock them down or use The Mad King's Influence on them.
  • If you use The Mad King's Influence when surrounded by enemies, get to a safe spot; they can still patrol and find you.
  • Wise use of The Mad King's Influence is important in getting to Reaper of the Bone Pits without getting hexed. When you know the enemies' paths, it takes 4 activations to get in and the same number (or 3 and 2 Sugar Shocks) to get out.
  • It's possible to finish this quest using only The Mad King's Influence and Sugar Rush.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Mad King's Steward

Mad King Thorn appreciates your recent efforts on his behalf in the Underworld. However, he finds the report the tiniest bit suspect. I would never cast doubt on the word of King Frozenwind, but my master, the Indelible Fright, uses names like "fruitcake" more freely. He is certain that Dhuum was dealt with quite finally last year. He insists on a second opinion...or seven. The Mad King also insists on Chef Culwich's pie, but that's my problem, not yours.

I wish to make use of your talents once again. While I shoulder the burden of pastry delivery, all you must do is travel to the Underworld and seek out the Reapers. Inquire of each Reaper their assessment of these dark stirrings. Be polite and diplomatic; Reapers respond well to courtesy. Report back to me when you have the information the Mad King seeks. As before, you will use a Transmogrifier Tonic to change yourself into an emissary of the Mad King. Once transformed, you may speak to the Voice of Grenth, who will send you to the Underworld. Of course, my lord will generously reward those who do his bidding. May the Mad King's luck be with you!

Yes Accept: "Here I go again on my own."
No Decline: "I just remembered that I have to be somewhere far, far away from here."
Ask Ask: "The Voice of Grenth will recognizes you as an emissary of the Mad King only if you are under the effects of a Transmogrifier Tonic. The Voice will send you to the Underworld. There you shall petition all seven Reapers for information and assistance."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Voice of Grenth

If not affected by Avatar of Sweetness:

I was told an Agent of the Mad King was coming. You don't look much like one...

If affected by Avatar of Sweetness:

An agent of Mad King Thorn wishes to enter the Underworld alone? You are fortunate that the Reapers have the situation under control, for now. Grenth's blessings be upon you.
Yes Let us do this! (sent to The Underworld)
No Sorry, I don't do deja vu.

When in range of Reaper of the Twin Serpent Mountains:

[Character name]: "Withered and fabulous Reaper of the Twin Serpent Mountains! I bring you cordial best wishes from Mad King Thorn. My liege requests your guidance. "
Reaper of the Twin Serpent Mountains: "Greetings, colorful candy creature. What guidance may I provide your lord?"
[Character name]: "The Mad King senses a disturbance in this realm. Watcher of the Cursed Brothers, do you know the cause and possibly the counteraction? "
Reaper of the Twin Serpent Mountains: "Your deference pleases me. Tell the Grim Japer that the disturbance is Dhuum. I shall travel to the Hall of Judgment to discuss with my fellow Reapers what remedy we may possibly hope for, though I think there be none. "

When in range of Reaper of the Spawning Pools:

[Character name]: "I bear greetings from Mad King Thorn to you, most excellent of all Reapers, custodian of the glorious picturesque Spawning Pools. My lord has need of your vast knowledge and peerless wisdom."
Reaper of the Spawning Pools: "Spare me your empty flattery, candy man. The deranged spirit you call master seeks knowledge of Dhuum, does he not?"
[Character name]: "Dhuum was the one thing he had previously ruled out, but I believe he’ll find that knowledge invaluable now. How did you know what I sought?"
Reaper of the Spawning Pools: "Hmph! I know all that transpires in the Underworld. You intend to ask me to meet with King Frozenwind and my fellow Reapers, do you not? Save your words, for already I depart for the Hall of Judgment."

When in range of Reaper of the Chaos Planes:

[Character name]: "Salutations, dour one, sentinel of the Chaos Planes. I bring you best regards from Mad King Thorn. He desires your counsel on grim activity that may or may not be the return of Dhuum. "
Reaper of the Chaos Planes: "Quiet! Do you hear that...? It is the sound of the Void, calling to us. I thought him dead, but the Song of Dhuum heralds his coming."
[Character name]: "I'm sorry, but I don't hear anything except your confirmation of Dhuum’s rise. Will you attend a summit with King Frozenwind and your Reaper brethren? They gather even now at the Hall of Judgment."
Reaper of the Chaos Planes: "That noise...both deafening and silent. It is the sound of Death beyond Death... I will travel to the Hall of Judgment, emissary, but I fear it may be too late."

When in range of Reaper of the Bone Pits:

[Character name]: "Hail, noble servants of Grenth, sentry of the Bone Pits. I bring greetings from Mad King Thorn, who has heard grim rumblings from the bowels of the Underworld."
Reaper of the Bone Pits: "I hear the same, but I can give them name: Dhuum's minions roam the Underworld with impunity, and in great numbers."
[Character name]: "You are most certain it is Dhuum? Knowing this, if you would deign to travel to the Hall of Judgment to offer King Frozenwind your counsel, Mad King Thorn would be eternally grateful."
Reaper of the Bone Pits: "It is certain, sprite; as certain as Dhuum brings endless night. I shall go."

When in range of Reaper of the Labyrinth:

[Character name]: "Greetings, O ancient and decrepit lord of the Labyrinth. I come on behalf of Mad King Thorn, who has sent me to learn what troubles these lands."
Reaper of the Labyrinth: "Your master cannot read the signs? It is Dhuum, candy man. Death Inevitable. The Ender of All. The Mouth at the Edge of Darkness..."
[Character name]: "Please forgive my interruption, wise Reaper. Perhaps I could hear the rest of Dhuum's many names some other time? I will relay this to the Mad King. Perhaps you travel to the Hall of Judgment to determine the gravity of our situation with King Frozenwind and your fellow Reapers."
Reaper of the Labyrinth: "I will go and assess the threat posed by Dhuum, who some call the Omega Death... The Voice in the Void... The Final Judge..."

When in range of Reaper of the Forgotten Vale:

[Character name]: "Greetings, O gaunt and mighty Reaper. I come on behalf of Mad King Thorn, who seeks to greater understand the threats to Grenth’s realm."
Reaper of the Forgotten Vale: "Hail, emissary of the Autumn Lunatic. I know of what you speak."
[Character name]: "My master does not yet believe, but I imagine you will tell me it is Dhuum. If this is so, I beseech you to leave the Forgotten Vale and take counsel with King Frozenwind at the Hall of Judgment so we may judge the severity of the threat."
Reaper of the Forgotten Vale: "What the Antic Harrower believes matters little in this place. I will travel to the Hall of Judgment, for it is Dhuum, and his threat is always grave."

When in range of Reaper of the Ice Wastes:

[Character name]: "I salute you, O grand and frostbitten watcher of the Ice Wastes. Mad King Thorn has sent me to have his visions confirmed and clarified. Have you seen any troubles and do you know their root?"
Reaper of the Ice Wastes: "Strange sights have I seen. Ominous portents have I heard on the chill winds. The hour of Dhuum may be at hand."
[Character name]: "Wise Reaper, we have need of you. Please travel to the Hall of Judgment and meet with King Frozenwind and your peers."
Reaper of the Ice Wastes: "I shall go."

In the Hall of Judgment after visiting each Reaper:

[Character name]: "Gathered Reapers, King Frozenwind, what may I relay from this conference to my lord?"
Reaper of the Chaos Planes: "Tell the Mad King that Dhuum, subdued or awake, draws strength from each death in the Underworld. The ancient enchantments Grenth created to bind Dhuum to this place are weakening once again and soon may fail entirely. "
[Character name]: "Have you something I can present to the Mad King as evidence of this threat?"
Reaper of the Bone Pits: "The word of the Reapers is enough."
King Frozenwind: "Didn’t I tell you it was Dhuum? I did. I’ll say it again: it’s Dhuum."
[Character name]: "Is there nothing we can do? Surely Dhuum's return is not inevitable!"
Reaper of the Ice Wastes: "As inevitable as death itself."
Reaper of the Labyrinth: "Go now, emissary of Mad King Thorn. Tell your master to prepare for the coming of the Ender of All, the Final Judge, Emperor of Oblivion, Master of Nothingness..."
[Character name]: "Thank you, mighty King Frozenwind. And my thanks to you, wise Reapers. If you'll excuse me, I must return to the Mad King's steward [sic] with this fateful news."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Mad King's Steward

You have returned, and with grave tidings. I shall return to the Mad King and convey this certitude from our Underworld allies. Dhuum's reawakening is serious enough to interrupt pie time. I have a feeling we shall have need of your skills again soon. Until then.


  • For 2009's objectives and dialogue of this quest, see here.
  • Dying in the Underworld during this quest does not stop progress on the Survivor title.
  • The enemies don't appear to drop any loot during this quest.
  • You don't need to talk to the reapers in the same order as the quest tells you to, but you need to talk to all of them to complete the quest.
  • You will be sent back to the earliest town or outpost of the starting campaign of your character when this quest is attempted after the end of the Halloween festival. The effect of the Transmogrifier Tonic is lost in this process. If started during the next Halloween, you can do the quest, but it will count for that year.
  • There is a short video tutorial of the Bone Pits section at [1].
Bug Bug.In the German translation, all words are capitalized.
Bug Bug.In the French translation, Reaper of the Labyrinth's dialogue doesn't make sense, speaking about the first step of the quest (using a Transmogrifier Tonic and speaking to the Voice of Grenth).
Bug Bug.The door to the inside of the Hall of Judgment is visible but does not collide with other objects. You can walk through it to see the inside. This is useful if you are interested in seeing Dhuum's lair but can't be bothered with the illimitable prerequisites.