Belt Pouch

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Belt Pouch
Belt Pouch.png
Rarity Common
Type Container
Value 5 Gold or 50 Gold
Stackable No
Campaign Core
Belt Pouch.jpg

Holds 5 items

— in-game description

A Belt Pouch is an equipment that provides 5 additional inventory slots. A character may only wear one at a time. They are not visible to other players. They can be upgraded by a Rune of Belt Holding for 5 additional inventory slots.


Belt Pouches may be purchased for 100 Gold from merchants, for 80 Gold from faction merchants, or traded from a collector. Some campaigns have a quest that rewards a Belt Pouch.



  • Empty Belt Pouches can be moved into inventory or storage, but, as with any container, they cannot be unequipped until you remove all their inventory items.
  • Pouches, like most other inventory containers, can only be dyed with single colors.
    • It will not have an effect on the appearance of the character, because it will only have an effect on the pouch in the inventory.
  • Belt Pouches have two different values:
    • 5 Gold, if acquired through collectors, quest rewards or in pre-Searing Ascalon;
    • 50 Gold, if purchased at a merchant.

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