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Some concepts[edit]

2 Primary attributes accessible only for the class selected and are exclusive to each other(picking one would prevent to invest point into other one).
3-4 Secondary attributes.
3 types of armor :

  • Light/normal : +0 AL, 0% ims, +20 energy, +2 energy regen, +0 health.
  • Reinforced : +10 AL, -15% ims, +5 energy, +1 energy regen, +10 health.
  • Heavy/Plated : +20 AL, -25% ims, 0 energy, +0 energy regen, +25 health.

NB : Skills put under each category are just to give a clue of the general behavior of the attribute branch.

Warrior Warrior[edit]

Primary attributes :

  • Strength (for each rank add armor 1% armor penetration, +5 max hp and negate 2% of armor ims penalty)

Mainly Self buff
Sprint Sprint
Endure Pain Endure Pain

  • Tactics (for each rank add 1% to block and add 1% ias)

Skills that improve combat effectivness
Shield Bash Shield Bash
Disciplined Stance Disciplined Stance
Defensive Stance Defensive Stance
Secondary attributes

  • Melee mastery (swords, maces, axes, daggers, bare hands, ...)

Mixing all weapons into one melee weapon class would allow warriors to switch weapons more frequently and during combat.
Sever Artery Sever Artery Deals +1...7...8 damage. Inflicts Bleeding condition (5...21...25 seconds). Requires a slashing dmg weapon.
Heavy Blow Heavy Blow Deals +15...23...25 damage and causes knock-down if target foe is Weakened. Requires a blunt dmg weapon.

  • Ranged weapon mastery (bows, crossbows, javelins, ...)

Merciless Spear Merciless Spear
Called Shot Called Shot

  • Polearm Mastery (lances, scythes, staves, etc..)

Impale Impale Deals +9...25...29 damage if target foe's health is below 50%. Requires a piercing dmg weapon.

  • Guerilla (shouts, traps and preparations)

Apply Poison Apply Poison
Flame Trap Flame Trap

Not equipping a shield would mean that weapon is 2 handed(if can be) and rise the base damage by 50%.
You could have a weapon in each hand but dual wielding would lower base damage by 50% also increase ias by 33%.
Shields would have a fixed 5-20% chance to block(depending on size of shield) ONLY if requirement is met.
Blocking double the armor provided by the shield, it doesn't cancel the damage. Total block rate can't exceed 35%.

Elementalist Elementalist[edit]

Primary attributes :

  • Energy Management (for each rank add 4 points to max energy and gives 2% energy back when you cast a spell)

Energy recuperation and glyphs
Aura of Restoration Aura of Restoration
Elemental Attunement Elemental Attunement
Energy Boon Energy Boon
Glyph of Restoration Glyph of Restoration
Glyph of Sacrifice Glyph of Sacrifice
Glyph of Swiftness Glyph of Swiftness

  • Elemental Attunement (for each rank add +1% damage and reduce 1% of elemental damage taken for every 2 ranks)

Increase effectivness of elemental skills
Air Attunement Air Attunement Increase lightning damage you deal by 5...18...21%
Fire Attunement Fire Attunement Increase fire damage you deal by 5...18...21%
Earth Attunement Earth Attunement Increase earth damage you deal by 5...18...21%
Water Attunement Water Attunement Increase cold damage you deal by 5...18...21%
Master of Magic Master of Magic
Secondary attributes :

  • Fire Magic
  • Water Magic
  • Earth Magic
  • Air Magic

Monk Monk[edit]

Primary attributes :

  • Fanatism (when you cast a spell all adjacent foes take 2 holy damage and the damage you take from undead foes is reduced by 1 for every 2 ranks of fanatism)

Holy Wrath Holy Wrath
Retribution Retribution
Reversal of Damage Reversal of Damage
Judge's Intervention Judge's Intervention
Zealot's Fire Zealot's Fire Enchantment for 5...11...12 seconds, each time you take damage adjacent foes are struck for 1...7...8 fire damage.

  • Mysticism (for each rank your monk prayers last 2% longer and return 1 energy point for every 2 ranks when they end)

Increase effectivness of Monk skills
Holy Haste Holy Haste
Blessed Aura Blessed Aura
Healer's Boon Healer's Boon
Secondary attributes :

  • Healing Prayers

Healing Breeze Healing Breeze
Word of Healing Word of Healing
Orison of Healing Orison of Healing

  • Protection Prayers (damage mitigation, damage prevention, remove conditions, ...)

Protective Spirit Protective Spirit
Shielding Hands Shielding Hands
Mending Touch Mending Touch
Reversal of Fortune Reversal of Fortune

  • Combat Prayers (combat buff, auras, and include some forms?)

Strength of Honor Strength of Honor
Aura of Thorns Aura of Thorns
Armor of Sanctity Armor of Sanctity
Mystic Twister Mystic Twister
Balthazar's Aura Balthazar's Aura Create a ward that last 5...17...20 seconds. Undead creatures in this ward take 5...18...21 fire damage every second.
Banish Banish Target undead creature takes 55...87...95 holy damage. (No effect if target is not undead).

  • Exorcism Prayers (hex removal and spell protection)

Scourge Healing Scourge Healing
Scourge Sacrifice Scourge Sacrifice
Smite Hex Smite Hex
Withdraw Hexes Withdraw Hexes
Divert Hexes Divert Hexes
Peace and Harmony Peace and Harmony
Purifying Veil Purifying Veil
Spell Shield Spell Shield For 5...11...12 seconds, target other ally cannot be the target of ennemy hex.
Holy Veil Holy Veil Hex against target other ally miss, you lose 10...4...3 energy.
Spell Breaker Spell Breaker

Necromancer Necromancer[edit]

Primary attributes :

  • Spawning Power (for each rank add +10% to minion/spirit life. Add +1 to spirit/minion cap for every 2 ranks.)

Improve summoned creature quality
Boon of Creation Boon of Creation
Blood of the Master Blood of the Master
Dark Bond Dark Bond
Infuse Condition Infuse Condition

  • Soul Absorbsion (for every 4 ranks, creatures dying around give you 1 energy point and 5 health points)

Convert souls to energy, exploit corpses to create wells
Feast of Souls Feast of Souls
Soul Feast Soul Feast
Soul Leech Soul Leech
Consume Soul Consume Soul
Well of Blood Well of Blood
Well of Suffering Well of Suffering
Secondary attributes :

  • Death Magic (rise minions and spirits, when a minion/spirit dies the owner recieve 1 energy point back. Add +1 to spirit/minion cap)

Animate Bone Horror Animate Bone Horror
Pain Pain
Animate Bone Minions Animate Bone Minions
Death Nova Death Nova
Feast for the Dead Feast for the Dead
Putrid Bile Putrid Bile
Putrid Explosion Putrid Explosion

  • Blood Magic (sacrifices and life stealing, life degen)

Blood Renewal Blood Renewal
Blood Ritual Blood Ritual
Dark Aura Dark Aura
Dark Fury Dark Fury
Life Siphon Life Siphon
Unholy Feast Unholy Feast

  • Curses (requires an action from the target to be triggered, remove enchants, debuffs)

Desecrate Enchantments Desecrate Enchantments
Enfeebling Blood Enfeebling Blood
Insidious Parasite Insidious Parasite
Mark of Pain Mark of Pain
Spiteful Spirit Spiteful Spirit

  • Dark Rituals (weapon spell, etc...)

Ancestors' Rage Ancestors' Rage
Spirit Rift Spirit Rift
Splinter Weapon Splinter Weapon

Mesmer Mesmer[edit]

Primary attributes :

  • Fast Casting (for each rank reduce the recharge time of skills by 3% and descrease the casting of skills by 1%)

Reduce recharge and cast time of skills.
Mantra of Recovery Mantra of Recovery
Mantra of Resolve Mantra of Resolve
Mantra of Signets Mantra of Signets
Persistence of Memory Persistence of Memory

  • Mind Twisting (for each rank hexes cast on you expire 3% faster and for every 4 ranks you get 1 point of energy when they end)

Mainly anti hexes branch.
Lyssa's Aura Lyssa's Aura
Revealed Hex Revealed Hex
Shatter Hex Shatter Hex
Expel Hexes Expel Hexes
Hex Breaker Hex Breaker
Hex Eater Vortex Hex Eater Vortex
Secondary attributes :

  • Illusion Magic (Failure to cast spells, Failure to hit, Increase casting/recharge time...)

Distortion Distortion
Clumsiness Clumsiness
Diversion Diversion
Arcane Conundrum Arcane Conundrum
Illusion of Haste Illusion of Haste
Illusion of Weakness Illusion of Weakness
Illusion of Pain Illusion of Pain
Frustration Frustration
Confusing Images Confusing Images

  • Domination Magic (Control mind of ennemies, Prevent cast/attack, interrupts...)

Amity Amity
Pacifism Pacifism
Blackout Blackout
Power Block Power Block
Complicate Complicate
Guilt Guilt
Shame Shame
Empathy Empathy
Wastrel's Worry Wastrel's Worry
Imagined Burden Imagined Burden

  • Energy Denial (Energy steal, Adrenaline denial, Signet denial...)

Energy Tap Energy Tap
Energy Burn Energy Burn
Drain Enchantment Drain Enchantment
Ether Lord Ether Lord
Ether Feast Ether Feast
Channeling Channeling Enchantment for 20...36...40 seconds, each time you cast a spell, you steal 1 energy point to all nearby foes.
Aneurysm Aneurysm
Mind Wrack Mind Wrack
Price of Pride Price of Pride
Spirit Shackles Spirit Shackles
Sympathetic Visage Sympathetic Visage
Soothing Images Soothing Images
Ignorance Ignorance

  • Mimic Magic (echo,...)

Echo Echo
Arcane Echo Arcane Echo
Arcane Larceny Arcane Larceny
Arcane Mimicry Arcane Mimicry
Arcane Thievery Arcane Thievery
Mirrored Stance Mirrored Stance
Inspired Enchantment Inspired Enchantment
Inspired Hex Inspired Hex

Cool Links[edit]

What profession are you ?

User box templates [[1]]

Skill bar template :

link="Let%27s Get %27Em!"
"Let's Get 'Em!"
Words of Comfort.jpg
Words of Comfort
link=Smiter%27s Boon
Smiter's Boon
Holy Haste.jpg
Holy Haste
Drain Enchantment.jpg
Drain Enchantment

Every day, we challenge you with different objectives, all over the world, running the gamut from missions to bounties to PvP. Take our daily challenges and get big rewards, including Zaishen Coins! Both challenge quests and Zaishen Coins were introduced in our Fourth Anniversary Update.

The Zaishen post their challenges each day on signs in the Great Temple of Balthazar. Click the signs to read the quest details and accept the challenge. Please note that, although you can finish them whenever you like, your Quest Log can only hold up to three of each type of Zaishen Challenge Quests.

Three quest types are offered each day:

  • Mission completion. Finish certain missions that the Zaishen deem high priority.
  • Bounties. Protect the innocent and kill those evil bosses!
  • Combat. Battle it out in different arenas and triumph over other players.

4th anniversary content update

In Embark Beach, a new signpost for daily quests allows you to take on Zaishen Vanquishes. Each day a new area will offer a quest, providing extra incentives and rewards for vanquishing that map. You can hold up to three vanquish quests in your log, and all zones that can be vanquished are part of the quest rotation.

Destination: Embark Beach

Zaishen Challenge Quests are quests that are given out daily at 16:00 UTC (8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time) at Embark Beach or Great Temple of Balthazar. There are four different types of quests available: Mission, Bounty, Vanquish, and Combat; and all quests give rewards that include Zaishen Coins, Experience, Gold, and Faction rewards.

Quest overview[edit]

If your browser does not update the available quests, you can refresh the list.

Date Zaishen Mission Zaishen Bounty Zaishen Combat Zaishen Vanquish Single reward
(Copper Zaishen CoinCopper Zaishen Coins)
19 February 2020 Borlis Pass Zoldark the Unholy Fort Aspenwood Icedome 74 + 140 + 105 + 250 = 569
20 February 2020 Imperial Sanctum Korshek the Immolated Heroes' Ascent Minister Cho's Estate 150 + 70 + 350 + 50 = 620
21 February 2020 Moddok Crevice Myish, Lady of the Lake Alliance Battles Mehtani Keys 100 + 70 + 175 + 150 = 495
22 February 2020 Nolani Academy Frostmaw the Kinslayer Guild Versus Guild Sacnoth Valley 74 + 140 + 350 + 250 = 814
23 February 2020 Destruction's Depths Kunvie Firewing Codex Arena Iron Horse Mine 140 + 70 + 175 + 150 = 535
24 February 2020 Venta Cemetery Z'him Monns Random Arena Morostav Trail 100 + 140 + 105 + 250 = 595
25 February 2020 Fort Ranik The Greater Darkness Fort Aspenwood Plains of Jarin 74 + 210 + 105 + 150 = 539
26 February 2020 A Gate Too Far TPS Regulator Golem Alliance Battles Sparkfly Swamp 140 + 140 + 175 + 250 = 705
27 February 2020 Minister Cho's Estate Plague of Destruction Jade Quarry Kessex Peak 74 + 140 + 105 + 150 = 469
28 February 2020 Thunderhead Keep The Darknesses Codex Arena Mourning Veil Falls 150 + 140 + 175 + 150 = 615
more dates
The listed rewards are those you will get when you do the quests once with all bonus objectives.

Summary of quests[edit]

You can get the rewards from Zehnchu at the Great Temple of Balthazar or Embark Beach.

PvE quest lists[edit]

Zaishen Combat quests[edit]

Name Gold Faction Campaign / Expansion Copper Zaishen Coin Copper Zaishen Coins
Base 1st bonus 2nd bonus Total
Alliance Battles 1,000 7,500 Imperial Factions 25 50 100 175
Codex Arena 1,000 6,000 Balthazar Core 25 50 100 175
Fort Aspenwood 500 5,000 Imperial Factions 15 30 60 105
Guild Versus Guild 1,500 9,000 Balthazar Core 50 100 200 350
Heroes' Ascent 1,500 9,000 Balthazar Core 50 100 200 350
Jade Quarry 500 5,000 Imperial Factions 15 30 60 105
Random Arena 500 3,000 Balthazar Core 15 30 60 105


  • The different objectives in all quests can be fulfilled separately and in any frame of time. That means, for example:
  • Each character is limited to 3 active quests per challenge type.
  • The Zaishen Challenge Quests are available for one day according to a set rotation: Mission quests repeat every 69 days, Bounty quests every 66 days, Vanquish quests every 136 days, and Combat quests follow a 28-day rotation.
  • You can keep any quest for as long as you want before doing it, but you will not be able to take it again until completing it.
    • If you keep a Zaishen Mission, Bounty or Vanquish quest for the whole rotation and complete it on the day it repeats, it will not be offered again on that day.
    • Zaishen Combat quests can be repeated on the same day.
  • You will get the expected benefits for turning in Zaishen Mission, Bounty, and Vanquish quests during certain weekly bonuses: double Sunspear and Lightbringer points during Elonian Support and double Eye of the North reputation points during Northern Support.
  • Consider completing Zaishen Mission, Bounty, and Vanquish quests before their corresponding double Copper Zaishen Coins weekly bonus and waiting until that week to turn them in.
Bug Bug.A character will lose the opportunity to take a quest the next time it appears in the rotation if after accepting the quest reward and before the next time that quest appears in the rotation that character does not change districts, zone. This bug does not affect Zaishen Combat quests.
Bug Bug.Unlike other quests:
  • Zaishen Challenge Quests with all objectives completed are not indicated with a "(Completed)" beside the quest name in the Quest Log.
  • The chat window does not display the usual "You receive <number> gold." message after accepting the reward for a Zaishen Challenge Quest.
Bug Bug.Trying to auto-run to one of the three signposts may cause you to run between them until you change direction. There's a small bit of space marked as pathable, but which is too small to actually move through.

Nicholas the Traveler