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Monk-icon.png X Sloh Em Oshun X
Shield of Regeneration.jpg Shield of Regeneration is X Sloh Em Oshun X's favorite skill.
User Sloh Em Oshun character image.JPG My main character, not first, but definitely favorite.

I have witnessed the beastlyness of Sloh's monk..
- Fellow Guildie [POS]

  • Monk/Mesmer
  • Level 20, Tyrian
  • Male
  • Height: not tall, but not short
  • Age: 36 months old (X-07-XX)
  • Experience: A little over 16 million
  • Armor:
Monk Obsidian armor - (Vanquishing / Hard Mode)
Monk Labyrinthine armor - (Protection Setup)
Monk Ascalon armor - (600/Smite)
Monk Kurzick armor - (Random Set)
  • Pet:
A level 20 Rainbow Phoenix called "Moken"..
  • Heroes:
Vekk-icon.jpgOgden Stonehealer-icon.jpgGwen-icon.jpgJora-icon.jpgPyre Fierceshot-icon.jpgLivia-icon.jpgXandra-icon.jpgAnton-icon.jpgKahmu-icon.jpgGoren-icon.jpgHayda-icon.jpgRazah-icon.jpgM.O.X.-icon.jpg
  • Heroes to get:
  • Titles:
Core Titles
Title Progress Value % Maxed
Drunkard title track
1,832 18% Unchecked.png
Gamer title track
55 gamer points
55 0% Unchecked.png
Hero title track
10 fame
10 0% Unchecked.png
Lucky title track
24,930 lucky points
24,930 1% Unchecked.png
Party Animal title track 10,000 100% Checked.png
Sweet Tooth title track 10,000 100% Checked.png
Treasure Hunter title track 522 5% Unchecked.png
Unlucky title track
13,526 3% Unchecked.png
Wisdom title track 1,521 15% Unchecked.png

Title Progress Value % Maxed
Tyrian Protector 25 100% Checked.png
Canthan Protector 13 100% Checked.png
Elonan Protector 20 100% Checked.png
Tyrian Guardian 25 100% Checked.png
Canthan Guardian 13 100% Checked.png
Elonian Guardian 20 100% Checked.png
Legendary Guardian 6 100% Checked.png

Title Progress Value % Maxed
Tyrian Cartographer 100 100% Checked.png
Canthan Cartographer 100 100% Checked.png
Elonian Cartographer 100 100% Checked.png
Legendary Cartographer 3 100% Checked.png
Tyrian Vanquisher 54 100% Checked.png
Canthan Vanquisher 33 100% Checked.png
Elonian Vanquisher 34 100% Checked.png
Legendary Vanquisher 3 100% Checked.png

Skill Hunter/Allegience
Title Progress Value % Maxed
Tyrian Skill Hunter 90 100% Checked.png
Canthan Skill Hunter 120 100% Checked.png
Elonian Skill Hunter 141 101% Checked.png
Legenday Skill Hunter 3 100% Checked.png
Kurzick Title Track 10,000,000 100% Checked.png
Luxon Title Track 10,000,000 100% Checked.png
Sunspear Title Track 62,286 125% Checked.png
Lightbringer Title Track 61,158 122% Checked.png

Eye of the North
Title Progress Value % Maxed
Asura Rank 161,108 101% Checked.png
Dwarven Rank 162,564 102% Checked.png
Norn Rank 183,335 115% Checked.png
Ebon Vanguard Rank 161,296 101% Checked.png
Master of the North 1,030 103% Checked.png
Kind of a Big Deal 30 100% Checked.png

  • Other Accomplishments:
  • Goals:
Now that ive got God title, just have fun.

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Zaishen Challenge Quests

Nicholas the Traveler

My Titles Progression

Events Calender

Halloween Collectors

List of Wintersday collectors


Holy Blessing.jpg This user has achieved the title of God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals!
Bow down to this user!

My Myspace Page

Male Monk Dance.gif

My Vanquishing Build (you wont find this on PvX Wiki..)

(if you try it out, click discussion at the top of the page and leave a message on what you thought about it )

- - - - Usage - - - -

- Cast Fragility on your first target, for added damage along the fight.

- As the enemy gets closer, click the shout "By Ural's Hammer!" just as you cast

Ineptitude and Wandering eye, making sure to space them between the enemy's

attacks to inflict the full damage.

- Use Castigation Signet while they are attacking to gain energy back and inflict damage.

- When the enemy is at about 60% health, quickly spike them with "You Move Like

A Dwarf!" and "Finish Him!" for heavy damage and deep wound.

- Smite Hex is used to clean you of any hexes you acquire on top of causing

good damage to nearby foes.

- If used correctly, and with max Norn title, and all while "By Ural's Hammer!" is

active, it can put out around 585 armor ignoring damage plus Deep Wound, making it

in most situations a 60% health "Spike to Death".

Notes:: It works very well with the Discord team setup, since Fragility and

"You Move Like A Dwarf!" give the needed conditions for Discord.

0 - Vanquishing - 0

- - - - Usage - - - -

- Cast Mindbender, to make everything flow into a constant damage spam.

- Cast Summon Ruby Djinn, which adds to the damage total, and absorbs

damage that would be done to the team.

- Cast Arcane Echo, and depending on how clustered the enemy group is, use

Assassin Support, or Ray of Judgment to deal out a constand flow of high damage.

- Castigation Signet can be used to add a little extra damage, and gaining

back any needed energy if used properly.

- Scourge Healing should take down any enemy monks you may run into along the way.

- Renew Life, being a 4 second res, while under Mindbender, becomes a 2 second

res, and heals any party members nearby.

Other Builds I Use Regularly

Monk - RA - Protection Monk
Protection Prayers 12 + 1, Divine Favor 12
Reversal of Fortune.jpg
Shielding Hands.jpg
Protective Spirit.jpg
Shield of Regeneration.jpg
Glyph of Lesser Energy.jpg
Life Bond.jpg
Balthazar's Spirit.jpg
Blessed Signet.jpg

Monk - AB - Monk
Healing 11 + 1 + 1, Divine Favor 11, Protection Prayers 8
Ethereal Light.jpg
Dwayna's Kiss.jpg
Word of Healing.jpg
Protective Spirit.jpg
Shield of Absorption.jpg
Divine Spirit.jpg
Mend Ailment.jpg
Smite Hex.jpg