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Character Profile Documentation
Generic Code
Variable Parameter Example Notes
Name name Mr. Guild Wars
Charcter Type pv PvE PvE or PvP
Gender gender male male or female
Level level 20
Account Titles accounttitles User:Troy Frostwind/Account titles If unset, defaults to 'User:{{Your Username}}/Account titles'. This page, if it exists, should follow User:Troy Frostwind/CharacterProfiles/Account titles setup. This allows one page to update all account titles for all of your characters.
Primary Profession primary Mo
Secondary Profession secondary Me
Campaign campaign Prophecies
Armor armor Elite Judge Sets of armor. Leave blank for starter armor.
Pet Level petlevel 16 Requires Primary/Secondary Ranger
Pet Species petspecies Wolf Requires Primary/Secondary Ranger
Pet Name petname Bobby Requires Primary/Secondary Ranger
Variable Parameter Example Notes
Image File image User Troy Frostwind Mr Guild Wars.jpg Leave blank to show armor set render for your character.
Variable Parameter Example Notes
Beat Prophecies beatprophecies yes Any value other than 'no' denotes 'yes'. If left blank or 'no', the end-game icon for that campaign remains faded.
Beat Factions beatfactions yes
Beat Nightfall beatnightfall no
Beat Eye of the North beateotn no
Profession Parameter 1 (Primary) Parameter 2 Parameter 3 Parameter 4 Parameter 4
Warrior strength axemastery hammermastery swordsmanship tactics
Ranger expertise beastmastery marksmanship wildernesssurvival
Monk divinefavor healingprayers smitingprayers protectionprayers
Necromancer soulreaping curses bloodmagic deathmagic
Mesmer fastcasting domination illusion inspiration
Elementalist energystorage airmagic earthmagic firemagic watermagic
Assassin criticalstrikes daggermastery deadlyarts shadowarts
Ritualist spawningpower channelingmagic communing restorationmagic
Paragon leadership command motivation spearmastery
Dervish mysticism earthprayers scythemastery windprayers
Title Parameter Values Notes
Champion champion 1...12
Gamer gamer 1...8
Gladiator gladiator 1...12
Codex codex 1...12
Hero hero 1...15
Lucky lucky 1...6
Unlucky unlucky 1...7
Zaishen rank zaishen 1...12
Drunkard drunkard 1...2
Maxed titles rank maxedtitles 1...6 Note parameter!
Party Animal partyanimal 1...2
Survivor survivor 1...3
Sweet Tooth sweettooth 1...2
Treasure Hunter treasurehunter 1...7
Wisdom wisdom 1...7
Tyrian Cartographer exploretyria 60...100 Note parameter and values. Values can have decimals (66.1, 99.9, etc)
Canthan Cartographer explorecantha 60...100 Note parameter and values. Values can have decimals (66.1, 99.9, etc)
Elonian Cartographer exploreelona 60...100 Note parameter and values. Values can have decimals (66.1, 99.9, etc)
Guardian of Tyria guardiantyria 0...1
Guardian of Cantha guardiancantha 0...1
Guardian of Elona guardianelona 0...1
Protector of Tyria protectortyria 0...1
Protector of Cantha protectorcantha 0...1
Protector of Elona protectorelona 0...1
Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter tyriaskillhunter 0...1 Note parameter
Canthan Elite Skill Hunter canthaskillhunter 0...1 Note parameter
Elonian Elite Skill Hunter elonaskillhunter 0...1
Tyrian Vanquisher tyriavanquisher 0...1
Canthan Vanquisher canthavanquisher 0...1
Elonian Vanquisher eloniavanquisher 0...1
Defender of Ascalon defenderofascalon 0...1
Kurzick rank kurzick 0...12 Note parameter
Luxon rank luxon 0...12 Note parameter
Lightbringer rank lightbringer 0...8
Sunspear rank sunspear 0...10


Mr. Guild Wars
Level: 20
Gender: Male
Professions: Monk Monk / Mesmer Mesmer
Homeland: Ascalon (Prophecies)
Allegiance: Kurzick
Yes, I wear Elite Judge armor.
Campaigns Finished
User Troy Frostwind BeatProphecies.jpgUser Troy Frostwind NeedFactions.jpgUser Troy Frostwind NeedNightfall.jpgUser Troy Frostwind NeedEoTN.jpgMedal of Honor.pngWedding Headpiece f.pngImperial Dragon's Tear.png
Divine Favor: 12
Healing Prayers: 12
Smiting Prayers: 0
Protection Prayers: 0
Domination: 0
Illusion: 0
Inspiration: 3
Sentinel of the Kurzicks (5)
Ally of the Luxons (4)
Mighty Hero (3)
Legendary Survivor (3)
Source of Wisdom (7)

Working towards the Koabd title
About Me
Let me teach you!
Word of Healing.jpg
Word of Healing
Purge Signet.jpg
Purge Signet
Healing Breeze.jpg
Healing Breeze
Cure Hex.jpg
Cure Hex
Draw Conditions.jpg
Draw Conditions
Heal Other.jpg
Heal Other
Mantra of Concentration.jpg
Mantra of Concentration
{{User:Troy Frostwind/CharacterProfiles
|name=Mr. Guild Wars
|armor=Elite Judge
|titlenote=Working towards the Koabd title
|aboutme=''Let me teach you!''
|skillone=Word of Healing
|skilltwo=Purge Signet
|skillthree=Healing Breeze
|skillfour=Cure Hex
|skillfive=Draw Conditions
|skillsix=Heal Other
|skillseven=Mantra of Concentration