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A Skill tome is a consumable that allows the character who reads it to learn one skill that is already unlocked on the account. PvE-only skills are never unlocked and thus cannot be learned.

Skill tomes exist in twenty different kinds, as each of the ten professions has both an elite and non-elite variant. The name of the tome reflects this, for instance a tome to unlock an elite monk skill will be named "Elite Monk Tome".


Skill tome interface.jpg

Skill tomes stack with other tomes of the same type (elite/non-elite) and profession and can only be used while in a town or outpost.

Unlike skill trainers or Hero skill trainers it does not cost money, skill points nor hero skill points to learn a skill using a skill tome.

If trying to use a tome without the corresponding profession as primary or secondary profession, a message "You cannot use the <Tome's name> because you are not a <Profession>" will appear, otherwise it will open a selection window with all available skills.

Clicking on "Learn" while selecting an unknown skill will make that skill known to the character (adding it to the skillbar if there is an empty slot, potentially leading to several elites on the skillbar), close the window and one tome will be consumed. Skills that are already known by the character are greyed out and the "Learn" button will be disabled when selecting them.

If the tome (or the stack it belongs to) is moved or traded (but not if the stack is split) while the window is still opened, the window will automatically close.

Skill tome[edit]

A non-elite skill tome allows to learn one non-elite skill associated with that tome's profession. It is often called a normal or regular tome.

<Profession> Tome
Uses remaining: 1
Double-click to learn any non-elite <Profession> skill that is already unlocked on your account while in a town or outpost.

— in-game description

Elite skill tome[edit]

An elite skill tome allows to learn one elite skill associated with that tome's profession. Learning a skill that way will count towards the Skill Hunter title. Unlike Signet of Capture, this does not grant experience.

Elite <Profession> Tome
Uses remaining: 1
Double-click to learn any elite <Profession> skill that is already unlocked on your account while in a town or outpost.

— in-game description


Source Tomes Elite tomes
Chests Zaishen Chest, and Locked Chests in Hard mode
(one tome per creature, Hard mode only)
Non-boss foes of corresponding profession Bosses of the corresponding profession
Zaishen Coin collectors Pokhe: one non-elite tome for 1 Silver Zaishen Coin 50 Gold Jessie Llam: one elite tome for 1 Gold Zaishen Coin 100 Gold


Non-elite tomes have silver detail, and elite tomes have gold detail on the covers.

  Warrior Ranger Monk Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist Assassin Ritualist Paragon Dervish
Non-elite Warrior Tome.png Ranger Tome.png Monk Tome.png Necromancer Tome.png Mesmer Tome.png Elementalist Tome.png Assassin Tome.png Ritualist Tome.png Paragon Tome.png Dervish Tome.png
Elite Elite Warrior Tome.png Elite Ranger Tome.png Elite Monk Tome.png Elite Necromancer Tome.png Elite Mesmer Tome.png Elite Elementalist Tome.png Elite Assassin Tome.png Elite Ritualist Tome.png Elite Paragon Tome.png Elite Dervish Tome.png


  • The selection window will even pop up when you have no more skills to learn with the tome.
  • Skill tomes a Locked Chest can drop is not determined by the foes in the area (e.g. an Elite Ranger Tome can drop from a Locked Chest in Griffon's Mouth, which does not have ranger foes).
Bug Bug.On rare occasions, if multiple players are in the party, Locked Chests can drop 2 or 3 elite skill tomes at once, but other party members might then lose their turn in opening that particular chest.
  • If you use an elite tome in an outpost and have an empty space in your skill bar, the elite skill will end up there even if you already have an elite. However, all elites but one are removed when changing zone.