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Useless Skill[edit]

A Useless Skill is a type of skill that benefits the user significantly less than other skills with similar mechanics. This skill-type is included in all professions, and according my my predictions, it will remain this way for another 250 years or so.

Gelbrekt, Master of Useless Skills

Skill type. A useless skill is a type of skill that is never used by serious players. This can come as a direct result of the skill's incredibly weak effect, or simply due to the fact that other similar skills are vastly superior. Useless Skills are available to all professions, exist in all four campaigns and include both normal, elite and PvE-only skills. Since the Thursday, July 10, 2008 update, which affected the last viable Smiting Prayers skill, all skills linked to Smiting Prayers and Deadly Arts are Useless Skills. Additionally, since the release of Guild Wars Nightfall, every skill linked to the Paragon profession is a Useless Skill (with the noteable exceptions of "Fall Back!" and Song of Concentration).

Particularly In PvP, players who use Useless Skills on their skill bar are often frowned upon by their teammates. Many players, especially in Heroes' Ascent and Random Arenas, will immediatley resign and/or go afk when detecting a teammate activating a Useless Skill.

Players who intentionally place Useless Skills on their skill bar should attempt solving this issue by reading pages like Guide to making a build or Guide to PvE on the Guild Wars wiki. If the problem persists, uninstalling the Guild Wars game-client permanently is an effective final solution to the problem.

List of useless skills[edit]


  • The Useless Skills in the Deadly Arts and Smiting Prayers attributes, as well as the Useless Paragon skills can be found on their respective pages and are not listed above due to the fact that all skills in these attributes are considered Useless Skills.


  • Arenanet could easily buff many of the Useless Skills without causing imbalance in the Metagame; making the game more dynamic and interesting using minimal effort. However, this will never occur as they have thrown their entire budget on the abomination Guild Wars 2, killing the game series Guild Wars completely in the process.