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Disambig icon.png This article is about keys to chests. For access keys that activate products on your Guild Wars account, see Access key.

A Key is an item that can be used to unlock a chest. A key will only open a chest with a matching name and may only be used once. A key may be purchased from merchants or obtained as loot. Some types of keys may be gained by collecting items, such as Equipment Requisitions, which are awarded when a quest is completed.

Keys have different values depending on the possible quality of the item which is available from the chest. The use of keys worth 600Gold or over to purchase contributes to the Treasure Hunter title.

Generally you cannot get your money back from purchasing keys by selling to the merchant the items you obtain from the chest.

Prophecies keys[edit]

  Name Cost Region or location used
Ascalonian Key.png Ascalonian 50 Gold

Ascalon (explorable areas and missions)

Steel Key.png Steel 80 Gold

Northern Shiverpeaks (explorable areas and missions)

Krytan Key.png Krytan 200 Gold

Kryta (explorable areas and missions)

Maguuma Key.png Maguuma 300 Gold

Maguuma Jungle (explorable areas and missions)

Elonian Key.png Elonian 450 Gold

Crystal Desert (explorable areas and missions)

Shiverpeak Key.png Shiverpeak 600 Gold

Southern Shiverpeaks (explorable areas and missions)

Darkstone Key.png Darkstone 600 Gold

Ring of Fire Islands (explorable area and missions)

Miner's Key.png Miner's 750 Gold

Sorrow's Furnace

Factions keys[edit]

  Name Cost Region or location used
Shing Jea Key.png Shing Jea 80 Gold

Shing Jea Island (explorable areas and missions)

Canthan Key.png Canthan 450 Gold

Kaineng City(explorable areas and missions), except Raisu Palace

Kurzick Key.png Kurzick 600 Gold

Echovald Forest (explorable areas and non-elite missions)

Stoneroot Key.png Stoneroot 1 Platinum 250 Gold

Urgoz's Warren

Luxon Key.png Luxon 600 Gold

The Jade Sea (explorable areas and non-elite missions)

Deep Jade Key.png Deep Jade 1 Platinum 250 Gold

The Deep

Forbidden Key.png Forbidden 600 Gold

Raisu Palace (explorable area and mission)

Nightfall keys[edit]

  Name Cost Region or location used
Istani Key.png Istani 80 Gold

Istan (explorable areas and missions)

Kournan Key.png Kournan 450 Gold

Kourna (explorable areas and missions)

Vabbian Key.png Vabbian 600 Gold

Vabbi (explorable areas and missions), except Nightfallen Garden

Ancient Elonian Key.png Ancient Elonian 600 Gold

The Desolation (explorable areas and missions)

Margonite Key.png Margonite 750 Gold

Realm of Torment (explorable areas and missions), except Domain of Anguish
Nightfallen Garden

Demonic Key.png Demonic 1 Platinum 250 Gold

Domain of Anguish (explorable areas and mission)

Core keys[edit]

  Name Cost Region or location used
Phantom Key.png Phantom 750 Gold

The Underworld
Ruins of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings

Obsidian Key.png Obsidian 1 Platinum 250 Gold The Fissure of Woe
Lockpick.png Lockpick 1 Platinum 500 Gold All regions
Zaishen Key.png Zaishen Key 5,000 Balthazar faction or
5 Tournament Reward Points
Isle of the Nameless


  • Droknar's Key is not technically a key to open regular chests. It is a reward from Droknar for completing the Storyline of Eye of the North and can be used to obtain an endgame unique item.
  • In normal mode you can choose whether to use the corresponding key or a lockpick to open a chest. However, in Eye of the North, all chests require lockpicks, regardless of your choice of difficulty.
  • In hard mode you need a lockpick to open a chest, as all regular chests are replaced by Locked Chests.
  • Zaishen Keys do not count towards the Treasure Hunter title.


Locked chests were not in the original release of Guild Wars, instead there were chests which could be opened for free and the chests often had a fixed spawn point. This led to chest farming so a new scheme with random chest spawns and keys was introduced.

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