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The limping animation of a crippled character (click to view)

Condition. While suffering from this injury, you move 50% slower.

Concise description: You move 50% slower.

— In-game description

Related skills[edit]

Skills that cause crippling[edit]

Skills that benefit from cripple[edit]

Skills that prevent crippling[edit]

Skills that remove cripple[edit]

See also: List of condition removal skills

Skills that mimic the crippled effect[edit]

See also: Snare (tactic)


Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki also has an article on Crippled.
  • The Crippled condition, like other snares, has several uses, mostly dealing with getting away from an enemy or preventing them from getting away. The most common way of applying this condition is through an attack skill, but there are a small number of spells and chants that (indirectly) inflict the crippled condition.
  • Crippled is a condition that makes a character move half as fast as normal. The visual indication of crippled is that a character moves with a noticeable limp in forward and strafing directions. Walking backwards the character only shows to be walking 50% slower.
  • Because most sources of crippled are attacks, protection from attacks will usually protect you from getting crippled. As a character that needs to be fast, like a flag runner, it's often a good idea to bring a condition removal in case you get crippled.
  • Certain skills refer to this condition as Crippling, instead of Crippled.
  • Crippling upgrade components for weapons increase the crippled duration by 33%.
  • A Rune of Restoration and the inscription "Swift as the Wind" can be used to reduce the duration of crippled by 20%.

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