Phoenix (pet)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Phoenix, a charmable animal of Guild Wars Factions. For the Guild Wars Prophecies skill of the same name, see Phoenix. For the charmable animal of a similar name in Guild Wars Eye of the North, see Rainbow Phoenix.

Phoenix (pet).jpg
Affiliation Kaineng City wildlife
Type Charmable animal
Level(s) 5
Campaign Factions
Phoenix locations in Divine Path.jpg
Locations in Divine Path
"Phoenix" concept art.jpg
Concept art by Katy Hargrove.

The Phoenix is a charmable animal that can only be found in the Divine Path, which you enter after completing the last Factions mission, the Imperial Sanctum. One phoenix is at the start of the area, with Suun, the other is further along the path, with the ministers. Two adult phoenixes next to Emperor Kisu cannot be charmed.





  • This creature more closely resembles the fenghuang of Chinese mythology rather than the phoenix of European lore.