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A scythe is a two-handed melee weapon that can require investment in the Scythe Mastery or Soul Reaping (in case of the Anniversary Scythe "Sufferer") attribute and has a maximum range of 9-41 slashing damage. It is the preferred weapon of the Dervish.


  1. Anniversary Scythe "Sufferer" inflicts dark damage, Banana Scythe inflicts blunt damage.
  • Scythes with a maximum less than 41 damage occasionally have a minimum of 10 damage.
  • They have a lower critical hit factor than other weapons. Maximum weapon damage is multiplied by 1.09 (2^0.125) instead of 1.41 (2^0.5 = √ 2).
  • They have an inherent ability to strike up to three adjacent foes in front of the wielder. All bonuses (and penalties) will be calculated for each successful hit, including those from attack skills.
    • For example, Vampiric scythes can steal up to 15 health per swing.
    • Some skills can cause different types of effects on each hit, e.g. Desperation Blow might cause different conditions on each foe.
  • The range of the scythe is slightly larger than adjacent and is not the same as that used by Cyclone Axe or Ancestors' Rage.


This is a list of all the different appearances a scythe may have. It is completely independent of its stats and modifiers; for example, a Bronze Scythe will be as effective as a Tormented Scythe if they share the same inscription and modifiers.

Core Prophecies2 Factions Nightfall Eye of the North Beyond2 Promotional2 Bonus Mission Pack2

Balthazar's Scythe2
Dhuum's Soul Reaper
Envoy Scythe2
Peppermint Scythe1, 2
Anniversary Scythe "Sufferer"3

Deldrimor Scythe
Wintergreen Scythe1, 2

Draconic Scythe

Ancient Scythe
Banana Scythe1, 2
Briarwood Scythe
Bronze Scythe
Crenellated Scythe
Duskblade Scythe
Elegant Scythe
Embossed Scythe
Gazing Scythe
Grim Scythe
Hooked Scythe
Nightmare Scythe
Ornate Scythe
PvP Scythe2
Razorclaw Scythe
Shadow Scythe
Starter Scythe2
Suntouched Scythe
Tormented Scythe2
Wintergreen Scythe1, 2

Asuran Scythe2
Bonecage Scythe
Charrslayer Scythe2
Clockwork Scythe
Demon Tongue Scythe
Destroyer Scythe2
Insectoid Scythe
Norn Scythe2
Raven Scythe
Saurian Scythe
Steelhead Scythe
Tentacle Scythe

Imperial Scythe
Oppressor's Scythe
Scythe of Purity


Charr Scythe
Mursaat Scythe
Tengu Scythe
Undead Scythe

  1. These scythes have 10-10 damage and no attribute requirement.
  2. These scythes are not available as a drop.
  3. Anniversary Scythe "Sufferer" requires 9 Soul Reaping and inflicts dark damage.



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