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About Me[edit]

Apocalypse Riser
PvX This user plays PvE and PvP.
From USA
Age 14 years old
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Eye of the North
Alliance Kurzick
Best Title Legendary Skill Hunter

I am a member of the Guild We Need Therapy [NOW], part of the Kurzick Vamp Alliance. I'm mainly PvE centered although often times I can be found in AB or occasionally RA. My primary character is my Dervish, Apocalypse Riser, but I also have all other professions except a Rit and a Mesmer. I'm currently title grinding while waiting anxiously for the release of GW2. I hope to achieve rank 3 KOaBD by the release. I'm almost finished with Skill Hunting, which should put me at 10/15. I'll then finish the campaigns in HM, which will put me at 14/15. Finally, I'll finish off with Elonian Cartographer. Depending on how long til the GW2 release after all that, I may have time to go for r4 KOaBD.


  • Apocalypse Riser: Lvl 20 Dervish, farms GoK for Orr Emblems on festivals, solos UW, has fun owning in PvE, finding new builds and farms, and title grinding.
  • Hells Loyal Guard: Lvl 20 Warrior, my first character and what got me really started on Guild Wars, though over the years he has fallen to disuse.
  • Hells Loyal Sniper: Lvl 20 Ranger, specializes in b/p Tombs runs, trapping, AB, and sometimes totem axe farming.
  • Avenged Darkling: Lvl 20 Elementalist, nukes? Not much else to say. >.< I'll probably delete him once he reaches 2 years.
  • Fires Of Wrath: Lvl 14 Pre-Searing Fire Ele, I am going for Defender of Ascalon on this guy. My brother has his twin, Fires Of Glory.
  • Hells Loyal Ninja: Lvl 20 Assasin, specializes in solo-farming Graven Monoliths and using a critical barrage build.
  • Sunshine Demon: Lvl 20 PvP Elementalist, uses a Searing Flames build.
  • Grenths Doctor: Lvl 20 Monk, mostly found 55ing undead outside Bergen Hot Springs, smiting/600ing UW.

Things you should know about working with me[edit]

  • I am happy to take runs, but point blank refuse to pay anything up front. Partial payment before the end is fine, but I dont like being scammed.
  • I don't like people who, when they decide that the are not interested in a trade after all simply ignore anthing I say to them. A simple "sorry, not interested" would be fine.
  • Respect me, and I'll respect you.
  • In my opinion, a friendly team is a successful team, and as long as we are having fun, it's all that matters.
  • If you ever need help, just ask.



Apocalypse Riser

Apocalypse Riser's Hall of Monuments[edit]


  • Miniature Celestial Rat
  • Black Moa Chick
  • Miniature Thorn Wolf
  • Miniature Aataxe
  • Miniature Fire Imp
  • Miniature Wind Rider
  • Miniature Juggernaut
  • Miniature Harpy Ranger
  • Miniature Heket Warrior
  • Miniature Koss
  • Miniature Siege Turtle
  • Miniature Jungle Troll
  • Miniature Burning Titan
  • Miniature Shiro
  • Miniature Prince Rurik
  • Miniature Kirin
  • Miniature Jade Armor
  • Miniature Hydra
  • Miniature Whiptail Devourer
  • Miniature Charr Shaman
  • Miniature Cloudtouched Simian


  • Ogden Stonehealer
  • Gwen
  • Vekk
  • Livia
  • Pyre Fierceshot
  • Animal Companion
  • Black Moa
  • Imperial Phoenix


  • Eternal Hero of Tyria
  • Eternal Hero of Cantha
  • Eternal Hero of Elona
  • Kind of A Big Deal
  • Eternal Conqueror of the Underworld
  • Eternal Conqueror of the Fissure of Woe
  • Eternal Conqueror of Sorrow's Furnace
  • Eternal Protector of Tyria
  • Eternal Protector of Cantha
  • Eternal Protector of Elona
  • Eternal Canthan Skill Hunter
  • Eternal Elonian Skill Hunter
  • Eternal Tyrian Skill Hunter
  • Eternal Skill Hunter
  • Eternal Spearmarshal
  • Eternal Slayer
  • Eternal Savior of the Kurzicks
  • Eternal Lightbringer

Dervish Primeval armor m.jpg Dervish Norn armor m.jpg Dervish Asuran armor m.jpg

*Thanks to all who helped with these!

Trying to get...[edit]


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