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Identification reveals the hidden properties of an item, which are defined when the item is dropped.

Identification Kits[edit]

Identifying an item requires an identification kit. There are two types, purchasable from merchants:

Kits aren't stackable, and can't be refilled. Once the kit has no uses left, it is automatically destroyed.

To use an Identification Kit, double-click on its inventory icon, then click on the inventory icon of the item to be identified. Even items that do not display "Unidentified" can be identified with good results, and don't worry about wasting a use; the game gives a message preventing redundant identifications.

Effects of identifying[edit]

Once identified, the item description changes. If the item had an "Unidentified" quality, it disappears. If the item has any other properties, they are revealed:

Effect on value[edit]

Some items have fixed value (the amount a merchant will pay for it), but weapons, salvage items, and upgrade components usually increase in value when identified. It is a good idea to identify anything you plan to sell; the gross extra income usually ends up paying for the cost of the kit.

  • Identifying white (common) items is recommended when the unidentified value is 25Gold or more.
  • Salvaging identified upgrades is recommended when the item's value is below 10Gold, because these upgrades, when salvaged, can almost always be sold for more than 10Gold. Note that some modifiers (such as Show Me the Money) increase an item's value and shouldn't be salvaged.
  • Since there is a minimum 50% chance of retaining an item, it is recommended to salvage upgrades, runes, and insignias when the merchant or rune trader offers more than half of the item's value for its upgrade(s).


Identifying items that hold upgrade components will unlock those upgrades for use in PvP. A notification appears whenever a character identifies an item with an upgrade the account doesn't have unlocked.

Pre-identified items[edit]

Some types of items are counted as identified upon acquisition, and the identifiable items can be identified only once (even if the successful identification gave no visible results). If an attempt of identification was unsuccessful, the error message That item is already identified is shown on the screen and the resource of the kit remains unchanged.

Items that cannot be identified:


Anomaly Anomaly.Identifying certain items with no merchant value (i.e. Backpacks, miniatures, storybooks, and weapons, such as Serrated Shield) has no effect besides consuming one use of a kit.

List of consumables
Identification Identification Kit.png Identification Kit Superior Identification Kit.png Superior Identification Kit
Salvage Salvage Kit.pngSalvage Kit Expert Salvage Kit.pngExpert Salvage Kit Charr Salvage Kit.png Charr Salvage Kit Superior Salvage Kit.png Superior Salvage Kit Perfect Salvage Kit.png Perfect Salvage Kit