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Monumental Tapestry
Monumental Tapestry.png
Rarity Rare
Type Reward trophy
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Eye of the North
Monumental Tapestry render.jpg

Used to unlock a single monument inside the Hall of Monuments.

— in-game description


Four tapestries are given as rewards for completing certain plot points in the Eye of the North storyline.

  1. First talk to Jora outside of Boreal Station and then speak with Gwen after viewing The First Vision in Hall of Monuments
  2. Talk to Mamp in Rata Sum when completing quest The Knowledgeable Asura
  3. Talk to Captain Langmar in Grothmar Wardowns when completing quest The Missing Vanguard
  4. Talk to King Jalis Ironhammer in the Battledepths when completing quest Northern Allies


Bring Monumental Tapestry with you to the Hall of Monuments. Click on one of the pedestals and click display tapestry.


  • The "Honor" monument is already unlocked before you enter the hall.

Reward trophies (edit)
Core   Copper Zaishen Coin  Silver Zaishen Coin  Gold Zaishen Coin
Factions   Monastery Credit  Imperial Commendation  Luxon Totem  Equipment Requisition
Nightfall   Battle Commendation  Kournan Coin  Trade Contract  Ancient Artifact  Inscribed Secret

  Torment Gemstone  Margonite Gemstone  Stygian Gemstone  Titan Gemstone  Armbrace of Truth

Eye of the North   Burol Ironfist's Commendation   Bison Championship Token   Monumental Tapestry
Beyond   Confessor's Orders  War Supplies  Medal of Honor  Ministerial Commendation  Imperial Guard Requisition Order
Special event   Candy Cane Shard   Frozen Accessory Token   Ghoulish Accessory Token   Glob of Frozen Ectoplasm   Imperial Mask Token   Celestial Miniature Token   Lunar Token   Proof of Flames   Proof of Legend   Proof of Mountains   Proof of Steel   Proof of Waves   Proof of Winds   Racing Medal   Victory Token   Wayfarer's Mark
Historical   Naga Fang   Jade Wind Orb   Zaishen Medallion
Prophecies   Deldrimor Talisman
Factions   Amulet of the Mists
Nightfall   Book of Secrets
Eye of the North   Droknar's Key
Beyond   Imperial Dragon's Tear
Nightfall   Stolen Sunspear Armor   Ancient Armor Remnants   Mysterious Armor Pieces   Primeval Armor Remnants
Eye of the North   Deldrimor Armor Remnant   Cloth of the Brotherhood
Core   Birthday Present Voucher  Blessing of War  Zaishen Key