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Hello and welcome to my userpage!

Main Wiki.pngIntroMain Wiki.png[edit]

  • Thank you for reading this!
    • I am an aspiring Slovenian Guild Wars addict, who enjoys PvE.
    • The story behind my name is that, originally, I wanted the name "Bounty Hunter" for my assasin, but since it was taken (/doh), I deleted Hunter and for no apparent reason chose Hammer, which resulted in Bounty Hammer, the assassin. Everybody started calling me Bounty and since it was catchy, I included Bounty in all my PvE character's names.
    • I am a founding member and officer of Tukaj Je Slovenija [SLO] and an active poster on our guild's forum.
      • NOTE: Tukaj Je Slovenija [SLO] is an all-Slovenian guild. All Slovenians welcome! We are looking for an alliance; for invites whisper our guild leader Gapy The Ranger.

Main Game.pngGuild Wars InformationMain Game.png[edit]

I love Guild Wars; my aspiration is to be a ArenaNet employee! I don't usually use PvX wiki; only for PvP.
Here is some information about my Guild Wars characters(LAST UPDATED: 16. 03. 2009)


Monk-tango-icon-200.pngAcolyte Bounty: Male Canthan Monk; level 20[edit]

Healing/Protection based; CoF runner-in training; MY MAIN CHARACTER
User Leo1993 MONK.png

Assassin-tango-icon-20.pngBounty Hammer: Female Canthan Assassin; level 20[edit]

MS Solo Assasin(I invented it myself)/Permaformer
User Leo1993 Assassin.png

Ranger-tango-icon-20.pngNature Bounty Boy: Male Ascalonian Ranger, level 20[edit]

Personal LA-Ascalon Runner build/ (private; for a run or build, PM me, I have a price for both) Ranger build with Prepared Shot
User Leo1993 RANGER.png

Warrior-tango-icon-20.pngBounty Striker: Female Ascalonian Warrior; level 17[edit]

Axe Mastery build (Triple Chop)
User Leo1993 WARRIOR.PNG

Elementalist-tango-icon-20.pngElemential Bounty: Female Canthan Elementalist; Level 15[edit]

User Leo1993 Construction.pngBuild under construciton.

Dervish-tango-icon-20.pngHoly Bounty: Female Istani Dervish; Level 4[edit]

User Leo1993 Construction.pngBuild under construction.
User Leo1993 Holx bounty.png
Main PvP.png I also have 2 PvP storage character slots.

Disambig icon.pngGameplay screenshotsDisambig icon.png[edit]

User Leo1993 MONK EATEN.png My monk ended up in this position, when I saw the potential.
User Leo1993 Abbysall.png What happened when I got
User Leo1993 Kisu.png I wish someone would post how I can get Adobe Photoshop that can be installed without problems!
User Leo1993 togo.png I hope someone uses these pictures!

Warning-Logo.pngWarning-Logo.pngAdditional InformationWarning-Logo.pngWarning-Logo.png[edit]

I thank Seru for these awesome sandboxes!
Monk-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Monk by nature.
Death Penalty.jpg This user hates Death Penalty.
Simple Thievery.jpg This user steals userboxes that he thinks are cool.
User That Sounds Risky 7Heroes.jpg This user wanted seven Hero teams and got it!
Mission icon HardMode Expert large.png This user wishes to complete all missions in Hard Mode!
User Lensor gw2.jpg This user plans to buy Guild Wars 2
User Adi Xfire.png This user's Xfire username is Bounty1993.
User Saxxon gwen.jpg This user plays the Eye of the North expansion.
Guild Wars logo.png This user's favorite game is Guild Wars.
Headbutt.jpg This user is Hard-Headed
"Dervish Balthazar Avatar" concept art.jpg This user's patron god is Balthazar.
Air Attunement.jpg This user has created 2 of boxes of the userboxes on this page.
Crème Brûlée.png This user wishes to obtain the Connoisseur of Confectionaries title!
User Leo1993 Abbysall - Kopija.png This user once got a Abysall tonic and played with

Sight Beyond Sight.jpg Predictions Sight Beyond Sight.jpg & Sight Beyond Sight.jpg Speculations Sight Beyond Sight.jpg[edit]

  1. CLASS: Serius
    1. There will be a button that allows you to talk to other people (through microphone of course).
    2. Siege devourers will be a mount.
    3. The Crystal Desert is a direct reference to Babylon.
    4. The Fortune-Teller that convinced Shiro Tagachi he is in danger was a pawn of Abbadon. She will be a "Oh, so that's what they meant!", like Shiro Tagachi and the Envoys in the end-game cinematic of Factions, when they said:"We definetly haven't seen the last of you." and he re-apears in Nightfall in Abbadon's Realm of Torment.
    5. Mursaat will be friendly in Guild Wars II.
    6. The Great Giants are an extinct form of Desert Titans.
    7. Palawa Joko will be involved in the initial lore; e.g. his soldiers will be attacking the starting area and you have to defeat some of them in quests.
    8. The Undead Great Giants will be the bulk of Palawa Joko's future army!
    9. The Great Destroyer's forces will be replaced with a newer generation of destroyers, made by a better general or by Primordus himself!
    10. Primordus will try to take over Kormir's power!
    11. Ventari will be the Godfather of the Sylvari.
    12. The Sunspears will retreat to Tyria. In the starting area you will be their or the Shining Blade's recruit.

  1. CLASS: Joke
    1. Primordus will be the size of a Smurf.
    2. The full name of Guild Wars 2 will be: Guild Wars II: The Sequel.
    3. Palawa Joko is gay.
    4. Norgu will be very important.
    5. Primordus is Abbadon's weekend dad!
    6. Gadd will be ressurected by Palawa Joko as a miniature sex toy!
    7. Trolls will be a playable race.
    8. Yetis will be a playable race.
    9. Every time a Norn will jump an Asura will die.
    10. You will have to kill Primordus by climbing into the sewers and launching ancient Canthan Fireworks up his anal entry!
    11. There will be a Rune of Minor Chuck Norris that gives +50000000000 Energy and +100000000000000 Health!
    12. There will be a Rune of Major Chuck Norris that gives +50000000000000000000000 Energy and +10000000000000000000000000000000000 Health!
    13. There will be a Rune of Superior Chuck Norris thats gives +500000000000000000000000000000000 Energy and +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Health!
    14. There will be a Rune of Chuck Norris thats gives you the passive skill Invulnerability like the Kurzick/Luxon Base Defenders!
    15. There will be a rune combo of Rune of Chuck Norris+Rune of Ice-T which grants you use of the skill Kill.
    16. Afflicted will be a playable race.
    17. Mursaat will be a playable race.
    18. The Asura will have an Shortness attribute.
    19. Kormir is lesbian.

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Please read the following:


I didn't have much experience with creating wiki pages (last updated 04.03.2009), so I would like to ask a few questions as to how to create the things in the right corner. I would also like to know if it is possible to make text bigger, coulorful etc. If you have any solutions or suggestions, please post them.


Please post any issues in the talk section before editing.
The funniest thing I ever heard![edit]

Youtube!; at around 1:50.