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Zerpha The Improver/Sandbox
Section Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Not specified
Type Secondary quest


{{ Quest infobox
| id =
| name =
| section =
| image =
| elite =
| master =
| minimission =
| solo =
| repeatable =
| required hero =
| given by =
| given at =
| region =
| campaign =
| required =
| required2 =
| required3 =
| required_all =
| type =
| profession =
| primary =
| secondary =
| nationality =
| part of =
| preceded by =
| followed by =
| map =
| map2 =
| map3 =
| map4 =
| map5 =
| map1text =
| map2text =
| map3text =
| map4text =
| map5text =
| acceptance reward =
| experience reward =
| completion reward =


The internal ArenaNet identification number of the quest. Mandatory.
The quest name. Optional as it defaults to the page name.
The Quest Log section this is sorted under. The word "quest" should not be included. Mandatory.
A representive screenshot from the quest. Optional.
Specify "y" if this quest is a elite difficulty quest. Omit otherwise.
Specify "y" if this quest is a master difficulty quest. Omit otherwise.
Specify "y" if this quest is a Mini-mission. Omit otherwise.
Specify "y" if this quest is a solo quest. Omit otherwise.
Specify "y" if this quest is a repeatable quest. Omit otherwise.
required hero 
The hero required to be in the party. Omit if inapplicable.
required hero2 
The second hero required to be in the party. Omit if inapplicable.
given by 
Link to the NPC that offers this quest. Defaults to "Not specified".
given at 
Link to the location where this quest is offered. Optional.
The region where this quest is offered. Optional. Leave empty if the quest can be acquired in multiple regions.
Where this quest belongs. Can be a campaign, expansion, special event, Beyond chapter or storyline. Defaults to "Core". For a list of possible parameters, see Template:Infobox campaign row.
Note: this parameter is named campaign for backwards compatibility.
Specify the campaigns or expansions required. This is usually auto-detected from the campaign parameter, do not set unless needed! See Template:Infobox requirements row for autodetection logic.
Related to required/required2/required3 above. Specify "n" if either of the listed campaign is sufficient for the quest. Defaults to "y", all listed campaigns are required.
One of "Primary", "Secondary", "Festival", "Mini-game", or "Mini-mission". Defaults to "Secondary".
Name of profession for profession-specific quests. Omit otherwise.
Specify "y" if this quest is limited to a specific primary profession. Omit otherwise.
Specify "n" if this quest can also be undertaken by those having no secondary profession. Omit otherwise.
One of "Tyrian", "Elonian", "Canthan", "non-Tyrian", "non-Elonian", or "non-Canthan" if the quest is limited to characters of a specific nationality. Omit otherwise.
part of 
Link to the parent quest for nested quests. Optional.
preceded by 
Link to the prerequisite quests and/or missions, if any. Optional.
followed by 
Link to the subsequent quests and/or missions that will become available upon completion of this quest, if any. Optional.
Include a map or image from the quest where practical to do so. Optional.
As above. For an additional map. Optional.
As above. For an additional map. Optional.
As above. For an additional map. Optional.
As above. For an additional map. Optional.
Text for the first map. Optional.
As above. For map 2. Optional.
As above. For map 3. Optional.
As above. For map 4. Optional.
As above. For map 5. Optional.
acceptance reward 
The reward for accepting the quest.
experience reward 
The amount of experience awarded for completing the quest.
completion reward 
Special reward for completing the quest.


  • map, given by, preceded by, and followed by require manual wiki-links. The other parameters will link as appropriate.
  • The infobox automatically categorizes the quest by section, campaign and by region. It also auto-categorizes primary quests and repeatable quests.


Further Adventures
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Haversdan
in Lakeside County
(Ascalon (pre-Searing))
Preceded by Warrior Test,<br\>Ranger Test,<br\>Monk Test,<br\>Necromancer Test,<br\>Mesmer Test, or<br\>Elementalist Test
Followed by Unsettling Rumors
Type Primary quest
Further Adventures Map.jpg
(Click to enlarge)
{{ Quest infobox
| id = 54
| name = Further Adventures
| campaign = Prophecies
| region = Ascalon (pre-Searing)
| type = Primary
| nationality = Tyrian
| given by = [[Haversdan]] 
| given at = [[Lakeside County]]
| preceded by = [[Warrior Test]],<br\>[[Ranger Test]],<br\>[[Monk Test]],
<br\>[[Necromancer Test]],<br\>[[Mesmer Test]], or<br\>[[Elementalist Test]]
| followed by = [[Unsettling Rumors]]
| map = [[Image:Further Adventures Map.jpg]]
| experience reward = 250

The Jade Arena
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Arena Master Portus
in Archipelagos
(The Jade Sea)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
The Jade Arena map.jpg
(Click to enlarge)
{{ Quest infobox
| id = 369
| name = The Jade Arena
| campaign = Factions
| region = The Jade Sea
| repeatable = y
| given by = [[Arena Master Portus]]
| given at = [[Archipelagos]]
| map = [[Image:The Jade Arena map.jpg|250px]]

Breaking the Broken
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Keeper Jinyssa
in Gate of Torment
(Realm of Torment)
Followed by The Troubled Keeper
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)
{{ Quest infobox
| id = 686
| name = Breaking the Broken
| campaign = Nightfall
| region = Realm of Torment
| master = y
| given by = [[Keeper Jinyssa]]
| given at = [[Gate of Torment]]
| preceded by =
| followed by = [[The Troubled Keeper]]
| map = 

Vision of the Raven Spirit
Section Primary Norn Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Olaf Olafson
in Olafstead
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Part of Northern Allies
Preceded by Curse of the Nornbear
Followed by A Gate Too Far
Type Primary quest
Vision of the Raven Spirit map.jpg
(Click to enlarge)
{{ Quest infobox
| id = 814
| name = Vision of the Raven Spirit
| campaign = Eye of the North
| section = Primary Norn
| region = Far Shiverpeaks
| type = Primary
| repeatable =  n
| given by = [[Olaf Olafson]]
| given at = [[Olafstead]]
| part of = [[Northern Allies]]
| preceded by = [[Curse of the Nornbear]]
| followed by = [[A Gate Too Far]]
| map = [[File:Vision of the Raven Spirit map.jpg|250px]]

The Tengu Accords
The Tengu Accords loading screen.jpg
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Bonus Mission Pack
Given by Durmand
in Lion's Arch
Kaineng Center
Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Type Mini-mission
The Tengu Accords map.jpg
(Click to enlarge)
{{ Quest infobox
| id = 922
| name = The Tengu Accords
| image = [[File:The Tengu Accords loading screen.jpg|225px]]
| campaign = Bonus Mission Pack
| section = Shing Jea Island
| minimission = y
| type = Mini-mission
| given by = [[Durmand]]
| given at = [[Lion's Arch]]<br>[[Kaineng Center]]<br>[[Kamadan, Jewel of Istan]]
| map = [[image:The Tengu Accords map.jpg|200px]]

Zinn's Task
Section Zinn's Task Quests
Campaign Core
Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall
Given by Image of Zinn
in Golem Tutorial Simulation
Required hero M.O.X.
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)
{{ Quest infobox
| name = Zinn's Task
| campaign = Core
| required = Prophecies
| required2 = Factions
| required3 = Nightfall
| section = Zinn's Task
| master = y
| required hero = M.O.X.
| given by = [[Image of Zinn]]
| given at = [[Golem Tutorial Simulation]]

Riverside Assassination
Section Kryta Quests
Storyline Beyond: War in Kryta
Prophecies and Eye of the North
Given by Princess Salma
in Lion's Arch Keep
Part of The War in Kryta
Preceded by Wanted: Inquisitor Bauer,
Wanted: Inquisitor Lashona,
and Wanted: Inquisitor Lovisa
Followed by A Little Help From Above
Type Secondary quest
{{Quest infobox
| id = 1154
| name = Riverside Assassination
| section = Kryta
| given by = [[Princess Salma]]
| given at = [[Lion's Arch Keep]]
| part of = [[The War in Kryta]]
| preceded by = [[Wanted: Inquisitor Bauer]],<br> [[Wanted: Inquisitor Lashona]],<br> and [[Wanted: Inquisitor Lovisa]]
| followed by = [[A Little Help From Above]]
| region = Kryta
| campaign = War in Kryta
| required = Prophecies
| required2 = Eye of the North
| type = Secondary