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The energy bar.

Energy is the main resource cost used to pay skill costs.


Tango-adrenaline.png Adrenaline cost
Tango-sacrifice.png Sacrifice cost
Tango-overcast.png Overcast cost
Tango-upkeep.png Upkeep cost
Tango-energy.png Energy cost
Tango-activation-darker.png Activation time
Tango-recharge-darker.png Recharge time

Maximum energy[edit]

All professions, regardless of level, have an innate capacity of 20 energy, and 2 pips of energy regeneration. This can be increased using armor, weapons, or in the case of elementalists, attributes. Nearly all professions' basic armor provides extra energy, and this can be further increased using Runes of Attunement and Radiant Insignias.

Energy Storage, the Elementalist's primary attribute, can also increase maximum Energy by 3 per attribute rank. Maximum energy can also be increased by a Morale Boost, consumables (i.e. Birthday Cupcake, Candy Apple, and Grail of Might), blessings (i.e. Chaotic Power and Disciple of Energy), and selective skills (i.e. Edification).

Overcast and Death Penalty decrease characters' maximum energy.

Basic armor[edit]

Profession Additional regeneration Additional energy Total regeneration Total energy
Warrior +0 0 +2 20
Ranger +1 5 +3 25
Dervish +2 +4
Paragon +0 10 +2 30
Elementalist +2 +4


Item Maximum energy bonus
Inherent Prefix Suffix Inscription
Martial weapon - - - +5
Staff +10 +5 - +5 (conditional)
+7 (conditional)
+15 (-1 energy regeneration)
Wand - - - +5 (conditional)
+7 (conditional)
+15 (-1 energy regeneration)
Focus item +6 (unconditional)
+12 (with attribute requirement)
- - +15 (-1 energy regeneration)
Shield - - - -

Regeneration and degeneration[edit]

Energy regeneration, also known as energy recovery, is the rate at which a character regains energy. Each pip of Energy regeneration generates 1 Energy every 3 seconds. All characters have a base Energy regeneration of 2, that may be modified by each profession's armor as described above. Hostile NPCs typically follow the same rule but have an additional pip of regeneration.

Some weapons and focus items cause energy degeneration as a drawback of their bonuses. Some Enchantments also cause Energy degeneration in the form of an Upkeep cost, which must be paid in order to maintain them.

Anything that changes maximum energy will also have an effect on current energy - in this way, it is possible for characters to have negative energy, although the UI will still indicate 0 energy. Energy will continue to regenerate at the same rate while it is below 0. This mechanic can be used to avoid energy denial.

Though the conditions are rarely met, there is a regeneration/degeneration cap of 10 for energy. Although there is generally no additional penalty for energy degeneration beyond 10 pips, if you are maintaining enchantments, having 11 or more pre-cap energy degeneration will cause you to lose maintained enchantments until your pre-cap degeneration is brought down to 10.

Some skills also provide additional energy regeneration or degeneration.

Maximum possible energy[edit]

It is possible for an elementalist to reach 136 maximum energy without using any skills, consumables, titles or effects; by utilizing a combination of beneficial consumables, skills, and effects, energy can reach a maximum of 214.

Maximum Energy Possible (without temporary effects)
Source Energy
Base 20 energy
10 class armor energy bonus
Rank 12 Energy Storage
Energy Storage Headgear
Rune of Superior Energy Storage
(Total Rank 16)
5 Radiant Insignias +8
4 Runes of Attunement +8
Wand inscribed with "Seize the Day"
(or comparable inherent effect)
Focus with 12 energy and
inscribed with "Live for Today"
(or comparable inherent effect)
Total Possible 136
Maximum Energy Possible (unrestricted)
Source Energy
Base 20 energy
10 class armor energy bonus
Rank 12 Energy Storage
combination of Heroic Refrain[1],
Shadow Theft[2], and Consumables[3]
(Total Rank 20)[4]
5 Radiant Insignias +8
5 Runes of Attunement[5] +10
Wand inscribed with "Seize the Day"
(or comparable inherent effect)
Focus with 12 energy and
inscribed with "Live for Today"
(or comparable inherent effect)
Chaotic Power[6] +26
Grail of Might[7] +10
Candy Apple +10
Birthday cupcake +10
Total Possible[8] 206
10% Morale Boost[9] 214
  1. ^ Heroic Refrain from an allied Paragon with ≥19 Leadership gives +4 to all attributes
  2. ^ Shadow Theft copied with Arcane Mimicry and using Signet of Illusions at ≥10 Illusion Magic gives +4 to all attributes
  3. ^ Candy Corn, Golden Egg, Grail of Might, and Lunar Blessing can be combined to grant up to +4 to all attributes
  4. ^ A combined total of +12 Energy Storage can be granted this way. The extra +4 can be used to reduce attribute requirements in Energy Storage, Illusion Magic, and/or Leadership
  5. ^ reaching 20 Energy Storage without a Superior rune allows the equipment of another Rune of Attunement
  6. ^ the additional +16 is only available during the quest Deactivating R.O.X.
  7. ^ this also gives +1 Energy Storage, but the cap of 20 has already been accounted for
  8. ^ rank 10 in Edification would grant an additional +15, but is only available in the Tarnished Coast where there are no sources for Chaotic Power.
  9. ^ The 10% bonus from a Morale Boost is 10% of (20 + 60) based on the base energy and the energy granted by Energy Storage ranks; all other sources do not get increased by 10%.


  • The "Seize the Day" inscription required for the maximum energy increase on the wand and the "Live for Today" inscription required for the maximum energy increase on the focus item both incur a -1 energy regeneration.
  • A possible alternative is to use a one-handed martial weapon (i.e. spear) in combination with the focus item, and use the "I Have the Power!" inscription, as this gives the increase of 5 energy with no conditional requirements.
  • The term Energy recovery is shown in the description of armor pieces, while the identical term Energy regeneration is used in the description of weapons and skills.


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