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Alexis is a man's name, and I'm a man!


Greetings from the contributor formerly known as, I see you've come to visit my user page.

I'm a young English student of computer science nearing the end of an Open University degree, who somehow finds time to play this old game day after day, and hopes to be able to complete various achievements before that time disappears. My primary interest, in most games, is in the lore - I adore a vast world with a rich history. So, naturally, Tyria is my favourite world to explore, both now and in 250 years.

I have no interest whatsoever in PvP.

My characters[edit]

In-game names are as given here.

Current plans[edit]


I found out about these things and I just had to grab a... uh, few...

Me and my playstyle[edit]

Male.png This user is Male.
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United Kingdom.
Book of Secrets.png This user likes to make personal stories for their characters.
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Gold.pngPlatinumGold.png This user makes money by playing normally.

Preferences and Allegiances[edit]

User Nian Melandru.jpg This user trusts in the guidance of Melandru.
Volfen Bloodlust.jpg This user embraces the Spirit of the Wolf.
User Lensor CanthaMissionIcon.png This user is a Canthan at heart!
Ascalon (pre-Searing) loading screen.jpg This user is a native of Ascalon.
Assassin.png This user is an Assassin by nature.
Ranger-tango-icon-200.png This user likes Rangers.
Shining Blade emblem.jpg This user supports the Shining Blade.
Luxon.png This user likes the Luxons but is in a Kurzick guild.
User Gwen fan.jpg This user is a member of the Gwen Fan Club.
Critical Agility.jpg Critical Agility is this user's favorite skill.
Brown Rabbit (miniature).png The Brown Rabbit is this user's favorite miniature.
/do This user's favorite
emote is the female Monk dance emote.


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Hail this Champion of the Gods!
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Eternal Conqueror of Sorrow's Furnace.jpg This user is an Eternal Conqueror of Sorrow's Furnace.
Eternal Conqueror of the Fissure of Woe.jpg This user has conquered The Fissure of Woe .
Armageddon Lord.jpg This user has completed the Titan Quests (without which Prophecies is not really done).
Bone Dragon.jpg This user slew the mighty dragon Rotscale (in hard mode).
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Wiki Activity[edit]

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