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Welcome to the Quick 600 Guide.

This is a guide to build a 600 monk (Spirit bonder) for use in UW/FoW/ToD with a smiter. This guide will allow you to have the lowest AL (5) with all the skills.

This guide will follow in chronological order. If you find a quicker way of doing things. Please put it in the talk pages.

This guide will cover the skill acquisition as well as gaining all skill points.

This guide does NOT cover using skill tomes. It is obviously faster using tomes, however assumes you have those skills unlocked.

End Goal[edit]

The end goal is to have a monk with lowest AL armor (5) to play the role of 600 and/or spirit bond farmer. The builds are discussed in more detail here :

The core skills we'll be covering in this guide are :

We will Cover Elite Skills that can be used with this build further down. We will also cover how to get max attribute points


Create a new monk character in prophecies. You will start in pre-searing with starter armor (AL 5). You will need to perform some quests.

A few things to note.

  • Do NOT upgrade or remove your starter armor. This is the lower Armor level in the game and will be used for your 600 monk.
  • You are free to select any second profession, however keep in mind the builds you might want to use.
  • Might be a good idea to get a Tapestry Shred. It's only available in pre-searing.
  • You don't have to do The Blessings of Balthazar, however it's soonest you can get it.
  • you will need all three campaigns to access all the skills in this guide.

Quest list[edit]

Follow the primary quests as given. you can do side quests, but this will of course slow down your progress. Do the secondary quest of your choice.

The quest Tithe for Ashford Abbey is not part of the Primary quests, however it gives you an additional skill point. Only take the quest The Path to Glory once you have finished everything you want to do in pre-searing. you will not be able to come back to pre-searing once you accept this quest.

These are the quests you have to finish before moving on :


You have successfully moved over into post searing and we can start getting the skill together. Below you will find a list of skills and where they can be acquired.

Retribution The Blessings of Balthazar (Ashford Abbey - Pre-Searing) or Sir Bertran (Ascalon City)
Balthazar's Spirit Firstwatch Sergio (Lion's Arch)
Shield of Absorption Tohn (Kamadan, Jewel of Istan)
Protective Spirit Tohn (Kamadan, Jewel of Istan)
Blessed Signet Michiko (Kaineng Center)
Spirit Bond Michiko (Kaineng Center)
Blessed Aura Signet of Capture : Marnta Doomspeaker (Snake Dance)


  • I Highly recommend you get Hero's in Nightfall as they will make doing this guide alone much easier. Hero's are obtained via Battle Preparations
  • If you have GWEN, get Vekk and Ogden there as they will be Level 20 Hero and takes very little time to get.
  • Get the quest in LA as it's easer than the other two . Keep in mind you need to be L10 to get to GWEN. (Sadly this is not longer so .. so you need to be L20 for GWEN)
  • You might need Skill Points to buy all the skills. Just level up a few levels.

The Quick Way[edit]

Ascalon City -> Lion's Arch

Beacon's Perch -> Droknar's Forge

Lion's Arch -> Kamadan via Sunspears in Kryta obtained from Lionguard Figo

Lion's Arch -> Kaineng Center via Mhenlo's Requestobtained from Firstwatch Sergio


Skills Acquisition[edit]

The Skill Cap[edit]

To get the last skill you need a Signet of Capture. This can be unlocked via the quest Malaquire's Test, however you need to take a pre-requisite quest called Orrian Excavation from Malaquire before he gives you the skill cap quest. So do Orrian Excavation and then you'll eb able to get Malaquire's Test

Once you get the quest Malaquire's Test you will also get a Signet of Capture which you can now use to go cap Blessed Aura. Go to Camp Rankor it's an outpost you went through while on the run to Droknar's Forge. Read up on the Boss Marnta Doomspeaker To get a map of where he is to get the skill.

Elite Skills[edit]

Here we will cover some Elite Skills that can be used with this build in Solo and Team builds.


The most common solo build using spirit bonding is centered around the elite skill Shield of Judgment. Shield of Judgment Also just happens to be one of the most difficult skill to get to since it's only available in Mineral Springs.

Attribute Points[edit]

To get the most out of your skills you need to have the more attribute points to use. There are two attribute quests to gain an additional 30 points.

Attribute quests[edit]

Forgotten Wisdom requires that you finish the quest The Forgotten Ones first.

The Hero's Challenge requires that you must having defeated the Doppelganger. You also need to have a secondary profession other than the one you started with in pre-searing or complete at least one of the following profession path quests:

Your current primary and secondary profession path's will not be accessible in this list.