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The "Red Plague"

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars.
Assassin-icon.png Vortex Daggers
Assault Enchantments.jpg Assault Enchantments is Vortex Daggers's favorite skill.
User Haunted Shadow Paracas Infernal9.jpeg "Curiosity killed the cat remember? Well, in this case, IM curiosity!"
Level 20, Cantha Assassin Male.png
  • "Let it be known, near and far, that Cantha's legends pay tribute to the honorable Vortex Daggers, savior of the Emperor Kisu, who sent the traitor Shiro Tagachi to his rightful doom."
  • "Let all assembled know of the deeds of Vortex Daggers, as he fought against impossible odds to defeat the great evil of The Great Destroyer and it's kin!"
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