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Avalons Wraiths [AW]
Avalons Wraiths [AW]
Guild Avalons Wraiths cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader Ranger/Ritualist Diva Ceryn (Jenniffer)
Faction Faction (Luxon).jpg Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 322
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Discord
Time zone Central Standard

About Us


Avalons Wraiths [AW] is now in Guild Wars 2. Check our Guilds Facebook page for all the info you need for contacts for joining and GW2 game play. We are a Tier 6 Guild in the top 3 Guilds on our server Stormbluff Isle fully upgraded just waiting for release of Guild Halls now. We do Story Lines, Dungeon's, Mapping, WvW, sPvp/PvP all crafting traits most everything in the game. We have Guild Team's for most everything. You can pm Diva Ceryn, Dohrin Rhine, Victoria Everwood or Buffal Bruiser for an Invite or Info. Most of the information on this page refers to our Guild Wars 1 Guild however the Officer and Guild requirements do apply and are the same in our Guild Wars 2 Guild.

We are a growing rapidly, friendly Luxon Guild formed in 2008 and are now recruiting Officers and Members. We are working on building a good Alliance of which we now have 10 Guilds all of which are growing daily is growing. After switching to Luxon we have already went all the way to taking and owning #1 Cavalon. When we were Kurzick [AW] Aliance held #1 House Zu Heltzer and #2 Altrumm Ruins for 2 years with [AW] maintaining 10 million faction and [AW] Alliance maintaining 90 million. Our Guild currently maintains 8.2 Million faction with alliance maintaining 80 Million Faction and is the #1 Luxon Alliance owning Cavalon. We are now a PvE / PvP Guild and Alliance working to achieve various titles in the Guild War realm, working on HoMs and Titles in preparation of the coming release of GW2 along with raising the PvP / GvG rank of the Guild. Our Guild Hall is located on the beautiful Isle of Meditation near the Temple of Balthazar and the Zaishen Menagerie. We are looking to recruit members for Officers and build alliance's. We aren't interested in what level or profession you are as we can help you level and explore as well as give you items such as crafting materials for armor, better weapons and upgrades to improve your character. And with different professions in the Guild it makes it more fun doing Missions, Quests and everything else.

We do expect you to play well with others and enjoy playing after all it is a game and is supposed to be fun for everyone. In other words no quitting in the middle of a mission or quest just because it's not going well and it's hard or you keep dying, that's part of the game. When other players are counting on you for your part in it and your skills, when you do quit the party, it makes it much harder on everyone else to succeed in finishing it. No arguing with other guild members and NO attacks on other players in the game as this not only makes you look bad but it also makes our Guild look bad. Just go with the flow and have fun.

We now have a full alliance that is not only fun and funny but wonderful players but we are also always on the lookout for bigger better Guilds also. We hope you enjoy doing things with us. We do constant VQ's short for Vanquishs and MQSC. We also sync Jade Quarry or JQ Alliance Battles or AB HM Misions and help Guildies and Ally members with Mission to get them through the games. We also do the daily Zaishen Combats, Vanquishes, Missions, Zelite and Bounties. I know a few of you are lower levels so if you get in a jam and need some help just look to see if one of us is on and ask the Guiild or Alliance someone is always willing to help.. Hope to see some of you get involved in some of the upcoming events in July like The Dragon Festival. You can get with me in the game most likely LOL.

We play all 4 campaigns, Prophecies, Eye of the North, Nightfall and Factions. We completed Factions today and defeated Shiro 6/17/2009. Completed Eye of the North today 7/17/2009. Completed Prophecies 7/31/09. We are willing to help new Guild members level and obtain titles and work with alliance's we make to achieve greater titles, earn Faction points and obtain Elite Skills and Elite or Ancient Armor. As of now we have mapped almost all of Tyria and Kamadan and are working on Factions, EOTN. We love playing PvE, GvG Battles, AB, JQ, FA, Title Hunters and PvP. We play almost daily, usually around 35 hours per week, doing Missions, Quests, Farming seeking out the Traveler each week for his gifts not to mention Treasure hunting.

We are working towards getting enough Luxon Faction points so that our Guild can takeover a Town or Outpost for the Luxons. It may take us awhile but I believe we will accomplish it. And we achieved this finally in 2010 when we were in DARK Alliance. Shortley after DARK Guild wanted to go PvE so they held a Guild Leader Meeting and AW was voted Alliance Leader unanamousliy By the other 9 Guild Leaders. Next AW became the #3 Kurzick Alliance and owen Amatz Basin. All our great Allie Guilds worked hard with us as a team, which is what an Alliance is, and we made it to #2 Kurzick Alliance and owned Altrumm Ruins, we held it for almost 2moths with constant battles to hold it. Now we go back and forth every few days between Amtaz Basin and Altrumm Ruins be cause it is a battle for faction to hold it.

We are looking for recruits to make Officers and people who like to play on a regular basis. We also welcome people who are trying to max their Kurzick Title and then go back to their regular guild. We, as a Guild will participate in all the special events sponsored by Guild Wars, like the recent Birthday Celebration and the Canthan New Year. We will do high level farming prior to these events, the next on coming up is The Dragon Festival, in order to pass out blue, gold and purple weapons as well as other things newer players or lower level players need to improve their character and gaming experience for free. We want to become an outstanding Guild that everyone comes to know and respect. We now have almost all available heroes that are all level 20 several times over with weapons upgrades and elite skills for each, and we're well educated on flaging and controling them. We also have almost all available pets which are also all lvl 20 also.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining our Guild. We love to play and want members that love to play. Everyone will get a Guild Cape with our Guild Emblem, which we change for holidays and game events, and have access to our Full Guild Hall which includes a Xunlai Chest & Agent, Merchant, Weaponsmith, Rune Trader, Skill Trainer, Festival Hat Keeper, Priest of Balthazar, Skill Trainer, Material Trader, Rare Material Trader, Scroll Trader,Dye Trader, Canthan Ambassadorand a Guild Emblemer, we have a full Guild Hall. For more information you can go to my user page or my 1st Officers user page by clicking on our names, or any of the Guild Members names listed. That will give you a general idea of who we are and what we all have accomplished in the game so far.

Guild Avalons Wraiths emblem.png
Guild Leader

Leader:Ranger/Ritualist    Diva Ceryn & Prince Polar    
Guild Avalons Wraiths group.jpg

Guild Leader Diva Ceryn Ranger/Ritualist

Guild Avalons Wraiths emblem.png

I would like to welcome all the new members, and the new members to come, into our Guild. Also our great Alliance you guys are good, funny and great. We are mainly a PvE Guild now but we also do some Faction as we have members working on Lxson Titles. My main character Diva Ceryn is a Ranger/Ritualist I use Diva Ariel a Monk/Mesmer Diva Tao which is a Paragon/Warrior that I run Imbagon on but also a Paragon/Monk. I have a Necromancer/Ritualist and an Elementalist/Monk. I hope you all enjoy it and have fun. We all look forward to doing battle with you working at our side's. We have contests for all guild members. We also hold recruiting contests for the Officers that members are also welcome to participate in. Also we host events for in game Festivals and Events as a Guild or Alliance. We organize events daily such as HM Missions, VQ, Teach MQSC and groups for dungeons. I am excited about getting to do some things with you, watch your Alliance chat for teams forming for VQ's, MQSC, Fort Aspenwood, Jade Quarry AB Alliance Battle Urgoz, FoW, UW, DoA, The Deep and everything else!!

Guild Avalons Wraiths emblem.png

Guild Officers & Pages

You can contact any of the following Officers in game for information about joining our Guild.

  • Warrior/Paragon   Officer Buffalo Bruiser W/P
  • Elementalist/Monk   Officer Snoring Beauty E/Mo
  • Assassin/Monk   Officer Xorion Myst A/Mo
  • Assassin/Any   Officer Graywolf Mctavish A/Any
  • Elementalist/Any   Officer Champ E/Any
  • Ranger/Any   Officer Victoria Everwood R/Any
  • Mesmer/Any    Officer Johnnyjuana Me/Any
  • Mesmer/Any   Officer Van Morda Me/Any

Skill Trainer icon.png Promotion

It is very rare that members get promoted to officers just like that. To be considered for an officer spot you must be in the guild an active for at least 30 days. There are certain aspects and qualities that the leader and officers look for if they are considering promoting, there are a few rules too.

What the leader and officers will look for in someone who is considering promotion.


  • Officers are required to recruit at least a minimum 2 new members a week.
  • Prepared to put the members and Guilds needs first. So ask members if they need anything.
  • Check our Guilds Site regularly for announcements GW2 updates and other things.
  • Help group and organize Teams for World Boss train, Meta, Mission's or Living Story Events, WvW / PvP, Mapping, Farming, Festivals or anything that's happening with the Guild.
  • Have completed majority or ALL of the maps so you are able to help with missions. Also help lower level members get Guild Mission Areas unlocked so they can participate too.
  • Must have Guild Chat on and use it so you know if someone needs help or if there is a problem.
  • Help out Guildies when possible.
  • Friendly and polite towards other members of the guild.
  • Have a good form of communication
  • Officer meeting once a week to plan what we are going to do next and discuss any problems. Make plans for upcoming events and plan out what we as a Guild need to prepare and do for it.
  • Be active. (we will demote if you have been off for a week without notification)

These are just a few of the many qualities we look for. It is a responsibility! So basically the outline is, if you prefer to do your own thing... Don't apply to be an Officer. (Of course you can do your own thing when your not busy) Diva will be quite happy to demote you if your not pulling your weight!

An Officers inactivity length is shorter than that of a member, If an officer is inactive for 1 week or more (without notification), they will be demoted and someone put in their place.

Sometimes for what ever reason, an officer will step down and be demoted to a member, in which case temporary officers will be needed, this works in the same way as applying for officer status. If the temp officer proves to be an effective officer he/she will be considered carefully to remain as an officer permanently.

Guild Avalons Wraiths emblem.png

Guild Members & Pages

Our wonderful fun and funny Guild members. Without them we wouldn't be the Guild that we are. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!

Not all members are listed once you have been with the Guild and active for 30 days you will be listed in the members section.

Guild Avalons Wraiths emblem.png
Requirements of the Guild and Officer's

Recruting people for Officers and members and looking to build alliance's with other Guilds. You can contact us either through our Guild page, in the game while playing or by email.

Rules Of Our Guild and Officer's


  • 1. All members and Officers of [AW] are asked to try to help Guild members. Ask and call World Bosses for teams for, dailys and monthlys, wvw/pvp, living story and meta events, mapping, if a lower level member needs map areas unlocked for Guild Missions when you have a few free mins start running to some of the maps they need this will help level them too. If your able to teach then try to when you can and be patient. If your able to help and teach any dungeon or fractal try to take members of the Guild that need it and teach it to others. Help with storylines if they need it and ask.
  • 2. No arguments or personal attacks on other Guild members or anyone playing. Show respect for your Guild and your character. We DO NOT allow abusive or vulgar language in guild chat or TS. Racial and Sexist remarks or comments of any kind WILL NOT be tolerated. We want to help people and make our Guild stand out and get noticed. Remember there are young players that haven't learned the right game attitude yet(remember when you started playing?). If there is a problem bring it forward at the next Guild Meeting and we will work it out as a group or to one of the Guild Leaders.
  • 3. Must be willing to help lower level players in the Guild in leveling their character teaching them how to adjust their builds to what works best for them and how to change it around to benefit them as they level. Help out by donating upgraded or better weapons to lower level players to help them build their characters xp.
  • 4. Joking around with Guild members is fine as long as it is made clear it is joking.
  • 5. Officers are required to Recruit at least a minimum of 2 New Members a week, this isn't hard there is a recruit announcement on the page you can copy here and paste in chat in game. And be clear to them on our 50/50 rep time,
  • 6. Joking around with Guild members is fine as long as it is made clear it is joking.
  • 7. Any one that is being considered to be kicked from the Guild will be discussed first with the Guild Leader. Guild Leader will have the final say after everything is presented
  • 8. All Officers will be required to recruit for 30 mins twice a week. Officers are also required to help out Guildies if you are a guildie and someone asks and you are able to help please do.NO EXCEPTIONS TO THESE RULES FOR OFFICERS OR MEMBERS.
  • 9. All Officers are 100% Rep other than a storage Guild to keep their Officer spot there are no exceptions to this.

  • Have fun and happy gaming.

Guild Avalons Wraiths emblem.png
Contact and Recruitment Information

For Recruitment Information

You can contact me by posting on our discussion board tab click on the discussion tab at the top of the page then click the + sign next to the edit and it will open the box for you to put the topic and then post your question or comment or requests to join our Guild ( please leave your game characters name so we can look for you while playing the game) and we will get back to you asap. If you like you can message one of us in the game or by email if you would like to join our Guild and play with us or if you just want to inquire about our Guild.

Guild Avalons Wraiths emblem.png
Alliance Information

GH guild emblemer icon.jpg Alliance Information

  • [AW] is currently in the #1 Luxon Alliance

Avalons Wraiths [AW]

  • The requirement to join the Alliance is to have a minimum of 2 mil after daily tax as a guild and with the Alliance.
  • In the Alliance there are currently 10 Guilds. We are always looking for others that are bigger and better. As you know things in the game change daily.
  • If you wish for more info on the Alliance you can contact me on our discussion page here (please leave you Character name and Guild name and sign comment with 4 tides ~) or in game.

Guild Avalons Wraiths emblem.png
Guild Hall     Isle of Meditation

Isle of Meditation icon.jpg    Isle of Meditation map.jpg

Our Guild Hall is based on the Shing Jea island, this large guild hall is the largest of all available guild halls and was added with the addition Factions. We think it is one of the nicest Guild Halls available. Beautiful scenery, surrounding islands, a dock and we now have it almost fully equipped.

The hall consists of one base themed to look like the Shing Jea Monastery and the other which resembles Tsumei Village. Two main paths connect the two bases (Click on the map to enlarge it), a bottom path along the beach which contains the Tower Flag Stand statues which will fire fireballs at the team that does not control the Obelisk Flag Stand. The obelisk flag stand can be found inside an enclosed compound on the upper path on the top of a bluff surrounded by three gates. The northernmost gate can be opened from the outside while the two gates closest to each base can only be opened by operating the gate lever inside the enclosed compound. The path to the northernmost gate is covered in Miasma from both sides which causes temporary but un-removable Health degeneration that spreads like Disease.

Our Beautiful Guild Hall
User Wynthyst Isle of Meditation.jpg
Isle of Meditation
Services Added Costs
Xunlai Agent icon.png Xunlai Agent Yes 10Platinum
Dye Trader icon.png Dye Trader Yes 50Platinum
Material Trader icon.png Material Trader Yes 100Platinum
Rare Material Trader icon.png Rare Material Trader Yes 100Platinum
Rune Trader icon.png Rune Trader Yes 25Platinum
Scroll Trader icon.png Scroll Trader Yes 50Platinum
Skill Trainer icon.png Skill Trainer Yes 100Platinum
Priest of Balthazar icon.png Priest of Balthazar Yes 10Platinum
Merchant icon.png Merchant Yes 25Platinum
Weaponsmith icon.png Weaponsmith Yes 10Platinum
Guild Emblemer icon.png Guild Emblemer Yes 10Platinum
Canthan Ambassador icon.png Canthan Ambassador Yes 10Platinum
Festival Hat Keeper icon.png Festival Hat Keeper Yes 10Platinum

Avalons Wraiths Alliance
Leader Avalons Wraiths
Members Unknown • ----