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Warrior-icon.png Warrior

Ranger-icon.png Ranger

Monk-icon.png Monk

Axe Mastery
NoAxe Twist Axe Twist
NoEviscerate Eviscerate (elite)
NoPenetrating Blow Penetrating Blow
Hammer Mastery
NoBackbreaker Backbreaker (elite)
NoBelly Smash Belly Smash
NoCrude Swing Crude Swing
NoCrushing Blow Crushing Blow
NoEarth Shaker Earth Shaker (elite)
No"I Will Avenge You!" "I Will Avenge You!"
No"I Will Survive!" "I Will Survive!"
NoBull's Charge Bull's Charge (elite)
NoDefy Pain Defy Pain (elite)
NoDolyak Signet Dolyak Signet
NoDwarven Battle Stance Dwarven Battle Stance (elite)
NoFlourish Flourish (elite)
NoGriffon's Sweep Griffon's Sweep
NoProtector's Strike Protector's Strike
NoRush Rush
NoWarrior's Endurance Warrior's Endurance (elite)
NoGalrath Slash Galrath Slash
NoPure Strike Pure Strike
No"Fear Me!" "Fear Me!"
No"To the Limit!" "To the Limit!"
No"Victory is Mine!" "Victory is Mine!" (elite)
NoBonetti's Defense Bonetti's Defense
NoDeadly Riposte Deadly Riposte
NoDeflect Arrows Deflect Arrows
NoDesperation Blow Desperation Blow
NoDisciplined Stance Disciplined Stance
NoGladiator's Defense Gladiator's Defense (elite)
NoRiposte Riposte
NoShield Stance Shield Stance
NoWary Stance Wary Stance
No Attribute
NoFlurry Flurry
NoSkull Crack Skull Crack (elite)
Beast Mastery
YesBestial Pounce Bestial Pounce
NoBrutal Strike Brutal Strike
YesCall of Protection Call of Protection
YesEdge of Extinction Edge of Extinction
YesFeral Lunge Feral Lunge
NoFertile Season Fertile Season
YesMelandru's Assault Melandru's Assault
YesOtyugh's Cry Otyugh's Cry
YesPredator's Pounce Predator's Pounce
YesPredatory Season Predatory Season
YesRevive Animal Revive Animal
YesSymbiosis Symbiosis
YesSymbiotic Bond Symbiotic Bond
YesTiger's Fury Tiger's Fury
YesDodge Dodge
NoMarksman's Wager Marksman's Wager (elite)
NoOath Shot Oath Shot (elite)
YesPoint Blank Shot Point Blank Shot
NoPracticed Stance Practiced Stance (elite)
NoCrippling Shot Crippling Shot (elite)
YesPenetrating Attack Penetrating Attack
NoPunishing Shot Punishing Shot (elite)
Wilderness Survival
NoDryder's Defenses Dryder's Defenses
YesDust Trap Dust Trap
NoFrozen Soil Frozen Soil
NoGreater Conflagration Greater Conflagration (elite)
YesHealing Spring Healing Spring
YesIgnite Arrows Ignite Arrows
NoIncendiary Arrows Incendiary Arrows (elite)
NoMelandru's Arrows Melandru's Arrows (elite)
YesMelandru's Resilience Melandru's Resilience (elite)
NoMuddy Terrain Muddy Terrain
NoPoison Arrow Poison Arrow (elite)
YesSerpent's Quickness Serpent's Quickness
YesWinter Winter
Divine Favor
NoAura of Faith Aura of Faith (elite)
YesBlessed Aura Blessed Aura
YesContemplation of Purity Contemplation of Purity
YesDivine Healing Divine Healing
YesDivine Spirit Divine Spirit
NoPeace and Harmony Peace and Harmony (elite)
NoUnyielding Aura Unyielding Aura (elite)
YesWatchful Spirit Watchful Spirit
Healing Prayers
YesDwayna's Kiss Dwayna's Kiss
YesHeal Area Heal Area
YesHeal Other Heal Other
NoHealing Hands Healing Hands (elite)
YesLive Vicariously Live Vicariously
YesRestore Life Restore Life
YesVigorous Spirit Vigorous Spirit
Protection Prayers
YesAmity Amity (elite)
YesLife Attunement Life Attunement
NoLife Barrier Life Barrier (elite)
NoMark of Protection Mark of Protection (elite)
YesMend Condition Mend Condition
YesPacifism Pacifism
YesProtective Bond Protective Bond
NoRestore Condition Restore Condition (elite)
NoShield of Deflection Shield of Deflection (elite)
YesVital Blessing Vital Blessing
Smiting Prayers
YesBalthazar's Spirit Balthazar's Spirit
YesHoly Strike Holy Strike
YesHoly Wrath Holy Wrath
YesScourge Sacrifice Scourge Sacrifice
YesShield of Judgment Shield of Judgment (elite)
YesSmite Smite
YesSymbol of Wrath Symbol of Wrath
No Attribute
YesEssence Bond Essence Bond
YesLight of Dwayna Light of Dwayna
YesSuccor Succor
YesVengeance Vengeance

Necromancer-icon.png Necromancer

Mesmer-icon.png Mesmer

Elementalist-icon.png Elementalist

Blood Magic
NoAwaken the Blood Awaken the Blood
NoBlood Renewal Blood Renewal
NoBlood Ritual Blood Ritual
NoDark Fury Dark Fury
NoLife Transfer Life Transfer (elite)
NoMark of Subversion Mark of Subversion
NoOffering of Blood Offering of Blood (elite)
NoOrder of the Vampire Order of the Vampire (elite)
NoShadow Strike Shadow Strike
NoSoul Leech Soul Leech (elite)
NoTouch of Agony Touch of Agony
NoVampiric Touch Vampiric Touch
NoWell of Power Well of Power (elite)
NoDesecrate Enchantments Desecrate Enchantments
NoEnfeeble Enfeeble
NoFeast of Corruption Feast of Corruption (elite)
NoInsidious Parasite Insidious Parasite
NoMalaise Malaise
NoPlague Sending Plague Sending
NoPrice of Failure Price of Failure
NoShadow of Fear Shadow of Fear
NoSoul Barbs Soul Barbs
NoSpinal Shivers Spinal Shivers
NoSpiteful Spirit Spiteful Spirit (elite)
NoWither Wither (elite)
Death Magic
YesAnimate Bone Horror Animate Bone Horror
NoAura of the Lich Aura of the Lich (elite)
NoConsume Corpse Consume Corpse
NoDeathly Chill Deathly Chill
NoInfuse Condition Infuse Condition
NoMalign Intervention Malign Intervention
NoNecrotic Traversal Necrotic Traversal
NoVerata's Aura Verata's Aura
NoVerata's Gaze Verata's Gaze
NoVerata's Sacrifice Verata's Sacrifice
NoVirulence Virulence (elite)
NoWell of Suffering Well of Suffering
Domination Magic
NoArcane Thievery Arcane Thievery
NoBlackout Blackout
NoChaos Storm Chaos Storm
NoGuilt Guilt
NoPanic Panic (elite)
NoPower Block Power Block (elite)
NoPower Leak Power Leak
NoShame Shame
NoShatter Delusions Shatter Delusions
NoSignet of Weariness Signet of Weariness
NoWastrel's Worry Wastrel's Worry
Illusion Magic
NoDistortion Distortion
NoEthereal Burden Ethereal Burden
NoFevered Dreams Fevered Dreams (elite)
NoIllusion of Weakness Illusion of Weakness
NoIllusionary Weaponry Illusionary Weaponry (elite)
NoIneptitude Ineptitude (elite)
NoMigraine Migraine (elite)
NoPhantom Pain Phantom Pain
NoSympathetic Visage Sympathetic Visage
Inspiration Magic
NoChanneling Channeling
NoElemental Resistance Elemental Resistance
NoEther Lord Ether Lord
NoInspired Enchantment Inspired Enchantment
NoInspired Hex Inspired Hex
NoKeystone Signet Keystone Signet (elite)
NoMantra of Concentration Mantra of Concentration
NoMantra of Recall Mantra of Recall (elite)
NoMantra of Signets Mantra of Signets
NoPhysical Resistance Physical Resistance
NoSpirit of Failure Spirit of Failure
No Attribute
NoSignet of Midnight Signet of Midnight (elite)
Air Magic
NoChain Lightning Chain Lightning
NoGlimmering Mark Glimmering Mark (elite)
NoLightning Javelin Lightning Javelin
NoMind Shock Mind Shock (elite)
NoShock Shock
NoThunderclap Thunderclap (elite)
NoWhirlwind Whirlwind
NoWindborne Speed Windborne Speed
Earth Magic
NoCrystal Wave Crystal Wave
NoEarthquake Earthquake
NoEruption Eruption
NoGrasping Earth Grasping Earth
NoIron Mist Iron Mist
NoKinetic Armor Kinetic Armor
NoMagnetic Aura Magnetic Aura
NoWard Against Elements Ward Against Elements
Energy Storage
NoEther Prodigy Ether Prodigy (elite)
NoEther Renewal Ether Renewal (elite)
Fire Magic
NoFlame Burst Flame Burst
NoIncendiary Bonds Incendiary Bonds
NoLava Font Lava Font
NoMark of Rodgort Mark of Rodgort
NoMeteor Shower Meteor Shower
NoPhoenix Phoenix
NoRodgort's Invocation Rodgort's Invocation
NoSearing Heat Searing Heat
Water Magic
NoArmor of Frost Armor of Frost
NoArmor of Mist Armor of Mist
NoFrozen Burst Frozen Burst
NoIce Prison Ice Prison
NoMist Form Mist Form (elite)
NoShard Storm Shard Storm
NoSwirling Aura Swirling Aura
NoWard Against Harm Ward Against Harm (elite)
NoWater Trident Water Trident (elite)
No Attribute
NoGlyph of Concentration Glyph of Concentration
NoGlyph of Energy Glyph of Energy (elite)
NoGlyph of Renewal Glyph of Renewal (elite)
NoGlyph of Sacrifice Glyph of Sacrifice