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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars.
Assassin-icon.png Nova Ketsueki
Moebius Strike.jpg Moebius Strike is Nova Ketsueki's favorite skill.
User Tr33zon KetsuekiNew.jpg "If you can't kill them with paper, you can't kill them with steel."
Level 20, Canthan Assassin Male.png
  • "Let it be known, near and far, that Cantha's legends pay tribute to the honorable Nova Ketsueki, savior of the Emperor Kisu, who sent the traitor Shiro Tagachi to his rightful doom."
Height: 5;9"
Age: 18
History: A being forever cloaked in darkness, he wields his daggers for the highest bidder and will hone his skills for eternity.
When he was only seven years of age and living in Wajjun Bazaar, his parents were assassinated by the Am Fah. He has honed his own abilities as an Assassin ever since for two reasons; one is to find out why his parents were targeted. The other is to seek and destroy the ones responsible. He will not rest until he has uncovered the truth. For the time being, he hones his skills by offering his 'services' to the highest bidder but is not opposed to helping people in need.

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