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I am an addict. Guild Wars is my drug. It's a hard life. What can I say. I can't say I'm like..uber elite and have been playing for 4+ years like some...*looks over at Daniel with an evil grin*, but I'm a gamer at heart, and I'm in love with this game. I run a small guild with my boyfriend, (Daniel, AKA Nerasitia Manashi in-game) and we call it home.

[VaNe] was made on March 16 2009, with just 2 members, Necrotic Emotion(Guild Leader), and Nerasitia Menashi(First Officer). It stayed that way for some time. It has since started to grow slowly, with a dozen or so members to date.

GWs is very diverse, and has so much to do and see in it. The possibilities are endless. The members of the guild make sure to experience that diversity every day they can. Currently, they are spending alot of time doing UWSC, FoWSC, DoA, SoO, RA, TA, AB, farming, and festival events. [VaNe] members really do have their toes into everything.

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They have Ventrilo and a guild forum/website, both up and running smoothly.

[VaNe] is NOT looking for Officers. So don't even bother wasting your time asking. They have perfect ones already. In addition, it has already been stated that [Vane] is a very small guild, so please do not join, just to see there's only a dozen people, and then leave right away. If all the leavers would stay, there would be over 100 people by now. Come and help make this little guild a place to call home. The Officers have many years of GWs under their belts, and can help with anything you need. They are friendly to all 3 campaigns, and GW:EN. Think you can show em up? Come prove it! They're waiting for you!

We are here to play the game, have fun, and make some friends along the way. With the hopes of finding the rest of the end-game content somewhere along the path as well, hehe. ;)

I'm bored and just trying to figure this template thing bear with me. Once I get it figured out in the next few days, this will all be changed. Shouldn't take me too long to figure out this crazy coding...

Cheers all and thanks for taking the time to read my mess of a page. Hope you got a good laugh out of it somewhere. :P