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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars.
Monk-icon.png Nova Hates Pve
Zealous Benediction.jpg Zealous Benediction is Nova Hates Pve's favorite skill.
User Tr33zon PvENew.jpg "Denizens of the evil corridors of darkness, just try to strike us!"
Level 20, Elonian Monk Female.png
  • "From Cavalon to the Jade Sea, the tales of Nova Hates Pve shall be spread far and wide celebrating the destruction of Kanaxai and his oni, causing the downfall of the Nightmare Horde. Let all who see this remember."
Height: 5;1"
Age: 29
History: She makes her home in the Far Shiverpeaks. When she is not protecting others with her magic, she is traveling the world.
Born in Elona, she traveled to the Far Shiverpeaks and was initially shocked by the freezing conditions but soon grew fond of them. She spends most of her days helping others with the usage of Protection spells.

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