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Paragon Nivawk The Gaurdian

User Nivawk Gaurdian.jpg

About Her

Yes, I do realize I managed to misspell her name, much to my embarrassment. As you might be able to guess she makes use of the "Imbagon" build. In my defense it is very fun.

Armor Sets:

  • It's a nice mix of the following:


Elite Skills


  • None
"There's Nothing to Fear!".jpg Nivawk The Gaurdian's favorite skill is "There's Nothing to Fear!".

Titles and Honors:


Mesmer Norgu No   Warrior Koss No   Paragon General Morgahn No   Warrior Jora No   Dervish Kahmu No
Warrior Goren No   Monk Dunkoro No   Ranger Margrid the Sly No   Ranger Pyre Fierceshot No   Mesmer Gwen No
Monk Tahlkora No   Elementalist Acolyte Sousuke No   Assassin Zenmai No   Assassin Anton No   Ritualist Xandra No
Necromancer Master of Whispers No   Dervish Melonni No   Necromancer Olias No   Necromancer Livia No   Elementalist Vekk No
Ranger Acolyte Jin No   Elementalist Zhed Shadowhoof No   Ritualist Razah No   Paragon Hayda No   Monk Ogden Stonehealer No
        Paragon Keiran Thackery No           Dervish M.O.X. No        

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