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class CollapsibleTables.js

This class allows to make tables collapsible and adds a show/hide button to affected tables. Tables which class attribute contains collapsible or expandable are affected by this class and can be collapsed; the latter automatically hides the content of all sections.
Header rows are used to divide the table into sections which can be collapsed separately. By default the first row of the table is interpreted as a header row, however this can be overwritten by adding collapsible to the class attribute of header rows. You can also hide a section individually by default when in collapsible mode by using expandable as the row's class name instead.

This is the official test page of the CollapsibleTables javascript class.

Basic example[edit]

This is a typical navigation template. (example content)
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Below are some examples of existing navigation templates.

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Dasha VestibuleDzagonur Bastion Grand Court of Sebelkeh Jennur's Horde Tihark Orchard
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