Far Shiverpeaks

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Far Shiverpeaks
Far Shiverpeaks.jpg
Continent Tyria
Town Gunnar's Hold
Neighbor(s) Charr Homelands
Depths of Tyria
Tarnished Coast
Campaign Eye of the North
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Interactive Map
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Far Shiverpeaks signpost.

The Far Shiverpeaks is the northernmost section of the Shiverpeak Mountains that, until 1078 AE and the Destroyer threat, was unexplored and unknown to most Tyrians. It is the home of the individualistic Norn, the gigantic Jotun, and the Centaurs of the Shiverpeaks, the Modniir.

Towns and outposts[edit]



Explorable areas[edit]


Dungeon entrances[edit]



Eye of the North regions
Charr HomelandsDepths of TyriaFar ShiverpeaksTarnished Coast