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Every skill has a skill type. This classification determines what other skills may interact with it. For instance, some skills affect only signets. Additionally, skills of the same type shares many characteristics, though this is by design rather than a game mechanic. As an example, Enchantment Spells always target allies and have an effect over time.

Skill types form a hierarchy, and subtypes will be affected by skills that affect skills with a skill type higher up in the hierarchy. But this is not true for all characteristics, so for instance, while Spells always have an instant effect, and there exist spells that affect both friend and foe, Hex Spells always have an effect over time and can only target foes.

Some skill types share a slot on the list of skills a creature is under effect of, so that they may only ever be under the effect of one skill of that type.

Skill types[edit]

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