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When you learn new skills, gain new weapon components, or find new runes you will receive a message that tells you that you have unlocked that skill/component/rune. Not only does this mean that your character can make use of that which you have unlocked, it also opens the unlock across your entire account making it usable on any PvP character that you create from that point forward. Should you decide to compete in PvP, you can also earn faction that allows you to unlock further skills, components, and runes for you account.

Tablet of Wisdom

In the game, the term unlock means to make available for all PvP-only characters and heroes on a game account to use. Skills, upgrade components, runes, heroes, and charmable animals can be unlocked. This gives PvP-only characters a greater flexibility, as they have access to anything any character on the account has unlocked.

Anything, except for charmable animals, can be unlocked by exchanging Balthazar faction with a Priest of Balthazar, provided the account has the required campaign. All charmable animals can be unlocked by exchanging Zaishen Coin and gold, or Balthazar faction with Helena, provided the account has the required campaign. Skill Unlock Packs, Pet Unlock Pack, PvP Access Kit, and PvP Item Unlock Pack can be bought. It is also possible to unlock anything through PvE play by:

With a few exceptions, unlocking does not benefit roleplaying (PvE) characters who must learn their skills, and obtain all items and heroes individually, regardless of what has been unlocked. PvE-only skills cannot be unlocked.

Benefits of skill unlocks for roleplaying characters[edit]

While unlocks chiefly benefit PvP-only characters, there are some benefits of unlocking skills for roleplaying characters:

  • Unlocked non-elite skills are available from all skill trainers of the appropriate campaign (except Halbrik in pre-Searing), allowing you to buy the non-elite skill earlier than if relying on each skill trainer's default set.
  • Roleplaying characters can learn any unlocked non-elite or elite skill by using a skill tome.
  • Unlocked skills are available for heroes, so having a skill unlocked will allow the character to use it on their heroes in PvE.



If an account has access to Nightfall or Eye of the North, heroes can be unlocked via PvE quests or for Balthazar faction.

Name Balthazar faction
Acolyte Jin, Acolyte Sousuke, Anton, Dunkoro, General Morgahn, Gwen, Hayda, Jora, Kahmu,
Koss, Livia, Melonni, Norgu, Olias, Ogden Stonehealer, Pyre Fierceshot, Vekk, Xandra, Zenmai
Goren, Margrid the Sly, Master of Whispers, Tahlkora, Razah, Zhed Shadowhoof 6,000
Keiran Thackeray 7,777

Heroes were previously used in the PvP game-mode called Hero Battles (which was removed in the October 22, 2009 update), but heroes currently have no use in PvP (with the exception of Training Arena). Unlocking a hero also unlocks their default skills. Miku and Zei Ri cannot be unlocked via Balthazar faction.


Some items in the list are not considered core and will not be available to accounts without at least one of Factions, Nightfall or Eye of the North.

Name Balthazar faction
Insignia 1,000
Common rune 1,000
Minor rune of <attribute> 1,000
Major rune of <attribute>1 1,500
Superior rune of <attribute>1 2,000
Weapon upgrade2 1,000
Inscription2 1,000

1 Superior and major runes can only be unlocked with faction after unlocking the lesser versions. Identifying runes in PvE, will unlock only that specific level of rune, and it cannot be created for PvP equipment without first unlocking all lesser runes of that attribute. Only when each degree of lesser quality rune is unlocked (in any order), will the higher level rune be available in the PvP Equipment panel.

2 Many weapon upgrades and inscriptions have degrees of quality that use the same entry in the list (ie: a perfect/maximum and a less than perfect/maximum level). The perfect/maximum will only appear in the list once the lesser degree has been unlocked. For weapon upgrades and inscriptions, only the highest quality unlocked will be available in the PvP Equipment panel.


Name Balthazar faction
Non-elite skill 1,000
Elite skill 3,000


Tier unlock Coins1 Balthazar faction1   Animal unlock Coins1 Balthazar faction1
1 → 2 1 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 1,000 Each common animal 1 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 1,000
2 → 3 1 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 1,000 White Moa2, Racing Beetle4 1 Gold Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 10,000
3 → 4 2 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 1,500 Jingle Bear2, White Jingle Moa4 2 Gold Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 20,000
4 → 5 2 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 1,500 Black Moa3, Phoenix3 3 Gold Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 30,000
5 → 6 3 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 2,000 Black Widow4, Moss Spider4 5 Gold Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 50,000
6 → 7 3 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 2,000 Rainbow Phoenix2, Panda4 15 Gold Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 80,000
- - - Hound of Balthazar4 20 Gold Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 100,000
1Pay either with coins or with Balthazar faction       2Prestige Tyrian Animal   3Prestige Canthan Animal   4Prestige Exotic Animal


  • UAS refers to an account or character that has Unlocked All Skills.
  • UAX means that everything has been unlocked on an account.