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User SuperPudz SuperPudz.jpg
Affiliation Kurzick
Type God
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 20
Campaigns Prophecies
Eye of the North

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Factions, Guild Wars Nightfall and Guild Wars Eye of the North.


SuperPudz is the son of Melandru and is to be the human god of Support, Mercy and Charity. On his 100th year of creation he was to be announced but on his 18th year instead he asked to be just human to prove himself as not a being made powerful but earned his power. Melandru not understanding where or what brought this on discussed the proposal with the other gods. After a long and difficult talk it was agreed that the gods would bind him to a mortal body and the gods requested Master Togo to train him. Togo accepted this honour and agreed to treat SuperPudz like all the other students. He developed extraordinarily well, probably because of the continuous training with Balthazar and through continuous training made an excellent Ranger. The main reason he was interested in the ranger profession was the fact it focuses on nature which his mother focuses on. When he first became a ranger he went through a number of missions with Master Togo and Brother Mhenlo he and his allies were able to overcome a disaster created by Shiro Tagachi and save all of Cantha. It was found that through the growing up with all of the gods he attained attributes from each of them (his mother mostly though), but despite this developed a somewhat love for helping and working together which he cherishes all too dearly; it is through this that Melandru and the other gods were to create SuperPudz the God of Support, Mercy and Charity.

SuperPudz good deeds did not stop there; he was able to, help with the Undead problem, cease White Mantle control over Kryta, destroy masses of Mursaat leaving them at critical numbers and most importantly, saving Tyria from Titan invasion and fulfilling the Flameseeker Prophecies. With that achievement he was able to rest again and start to help the everyday with small tasks and make the place a much easier and safer place.

Through walking through town and the talking with people that he realised that Elona was in need of help, but before he could go Melandru's Watcher stopped him and explained that the threat for Elona is not for SuperPudz and he is not to go there under any conditions. Though SuperPudz was confused and curious to why he obeyed his mother's wishes and did not travel there. He later heard what happened and how there was a new god in the mix; he smiled and his mind was at rest with the issue and continued to help others.

After sometime of doing odd jobs for everyone there suddenly an emergence of a hole which continued his legacy and upon entering the hole with his comrades, he uncovered a group of Dwarves and their leader Ogden with his unlikely companion Vekk an Asura who was helping to protect against destroyers. The group introduced to other and made out of a troubling position which led them to the Eye of the North where they met and organized a plan to help with the destroyer threat. Through much work the Ebon Vanguard, Norn, Asura and Dwarves were able to work together and save Tyria from a deadly threat.

SuperPudz remembered being told by Livia that Kryta is under civil war and needs help and with SuperPudz help the war was ended and his legend remained but only problem remained; SuperPudz forgot to talk to his mother. So he ran to a shrine with comrades and finally could see and talk with her. Melandru told him that she is proud of him and he can rejoin the gods but SuperPudz he would like to become a god but not now and also not to be known to any so that way he can look after his new wife Chiyo. Melandru hesitated this but noticing how happy he was with her she gladly accepted this and it was done.

SuperPudz lived and travelled around Tyria incase the winds bring any more unwanted change. He said he will return along with Chiyo to help if there is any need for them. Although the other gods do not like this idea they trusted SuperPudz once and it worked out, another time would more likely see the same result. At his death he was greated by the gods and finally met Kormir but he could not find Chiyo anywhere and when questioned his mother he found out that Chiyo and SuperPudz are two seperate beings and they can not be together and a night of thinking he found conjured a solution. He confronted his mother and the other gods and asked for his power to be separated for the SuperPudz and Chiyo to be the gods of Support, Mercy and Charity. All were shocked with Dwayna shedding a tear and so it was done and Chiyo were together for all time.

SuperPudz has been hailed a hero but admits that his efforts would have been minimal without his avatars Blessings of Pudz and Helper of SuperPudz and his friends Soul Judicator, The Toast Thief, Destructive Ancient, the Dragons of the Rose [DOTR] guild , and other friends. Without their company all would have most likely been lost and because of that he is currently still in their debt to them."

Why He Is Unknown[edit]

He is unknown to tyria for some reasons.

1. When the gods announced themselves SuperPudz did not exist yet.
2. The 100th year rule was created prior to his creation.
3. He does not want to be known and wishes his work to remain secret and only revealed to those who have earned it.
4. Melandru still being a parent and all did not want her childs feelings getting hurt.

The Six Gods Advice[edit]


Balthazar: I have always known you were different from the rest of us and I feel no surprise when you came upon this idea. If you are doing this to prove yourself to us then do not do this, but if you want to prove it to yourself then you have my blessings. I have taught you how to wield a bow and you have done okay with it making you perfectly inconspicuous to the humans. I will be watching and I hope you will not disappoint.

Dwayna: When I was creating life I made each life unique and special in their own way. I ask this of you, cherish the lives of others whether it is friend or foe and you will learn what your life truely means. I made your life for your mother and that you had some of the traits she had and some traits she desired. Never forget that we all will be watching and ready to welcome you back upon your success.

Grenth: Upon your journey you will die and it is not a bad thing, it is not a good thing either. Death is something I want you to cherish yet despise. I do not want to see you until you die naturally not at the end of a sword. I hope that if l do see you early that you have a good excuse and some good stories to tell. Dwayna created some evil lives, it your job to send them to me so that I shall judge them accordingly.

Lyssa: As you adventure and knowing you with people you will be judged on your approach to life. I will gladly help you whenever you like but if you are truely a hero that I hope you are then I will trust you do this by yourself. I know you have been training with Balthazar and I know you will become a god we will all be proud of. I have placed a surprise on Tyria and I think you will love the gift and it will change your life forever.

Melandru (mother): My darling son, I am so proud of you and I know that when you embark on this mission that you will face great challenges and will be tempted to perform some wicked tasks; remember that I love and will always be watching and I know you will make the correct decisions. Master Togo is a great teacher and headmaster, treat him respectfully and listen to him and he will help you on your path to greatness. You will have to prove yourself on many levels before you can rejoin us. You are not guaranteed a spot with us when you die. You will be judged equally with the rest of the souls that come before Grenth but if you help as many people as you can prove yourself of the title of the god of support, mercy and charity. I love you so much and I will be glad to talk to you whenever you are to kneel at the ressurection shrines."

Favourite Skills[edit]

Broad Head Arrow.jpg Broad Head Arrow is SuperPudz's favorite elite skill.

Marksman's Wager.jpg Marksman's Wager is SuperPudz's favorite elite skill.

... And This Is How I use The Above Skills[edit]

1. Marksman's Shout

Brutal Strike.jpg
Brutal Strike
Marksman's Wager.jpg
Marksman's Wager
"Finish Him!".jpg
"Finish Him!"
"You Move Like a Dwarf!".jpg
"You Move Like a Dwarf!"
Call of Haste.jpg
Call of Haste
Pain Inverter.jpg
Pain Inverter
Whirling Defense.jpg
Whirling Defense
Comfort Animal.jpg
Comfort Animal

2.All Spell's That Ends Not So Well

Disrupting Shot.jpg
Disrupting Shot
Broad Head Arrow.jpg
Broad Head Arrow
Apply Poison.jpg
Apply Poison
Summon Naga Shaman.jpg
Summon Naga Shaman
Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support.jpg
Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
Pain Inverter.jpg
Pain Inverter
Lightning Reflexes.jpg
Lightning Reflexes
Troll Unguent.jpg
Troll Unguent

Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 70-80 Piercing damage 70-80 Slashing damage 70-80
Cold damage 90-100 Earth damage 90-100 Fire damage 90-100 Lightning damage 90-100


SuperPudz in Deldrimor War Camp

Dragons of the Rose [DOTR]


Not currently asking for anything

Random Quotes[edit]

"Don't worry too much about death, I will talk to my mum about saving you all
"I remember a small boy getting chased by Bladed Aatxe and getting saved by Grenth himself. Grenth told me off and told my mother, Melandru"
"Speaking of cold, I have walked in the far shiverpeaks in my underwear and yet even that is nothing compared to standing next to Grenth"
"Speaking of hot, I remember Dwayna telling me whenever she walked into Balthazar's room it would get uncontrollably hot"
"I remember showing my mum when I was six of picture of a person being born from a tree but they looked like humans. She was really impressed, gave me a kiss and showed dwayna. I always knew I was a great artist."
"I love being a kurzick for one reason; because they have white tigers"
"It feels like I have been walking 500 miles, but I suppose I could walk 500 more"
"When we fight, we fight together, but never with each other"
"Thanks for the company, you don't know how much this means to me"
"Heartbreak is helping a friend out only find him a few days later a monster and being told that you have to kill him. I'm sorry Yijo."
"If we die, we die with honour. May the gods protect us all."
"If all goes well I become a god, if all goes well you go to paradise. Who has the better deal?"
"Together we stand, dived we fall."
"Master Togo once said that a lone hero is often a dead hero. His words are true although I don't ask you to join me for protection but rather company"
"Great work, EVERYONE"
"I would rather die than any of you because I care."
"Cynn has such a crush on Mhenlo but the guy is just too slow when it comes to relationships."
"You know, if we can't find anything challenging in this world we could always go to the underworld"
"Lyssa is so nice to me but she has not forgiven me for drawing a moustache on a portrait of her."
"Abaddon should be the god of tempers and cry babies"
"Anyone want some candy? You can have green, blue or red. The red one is my favourite"
"Anyone wanna go hit Droknars Forge and have a few drinks after this?"
"One Wintersday, me and and some of Grenth's Grentch's attacked Dwayna's Base full of Snowmen. I will never forget the day she found out and punished me"
"Don' mess with Dwayna or you will find yourself getting smacked across continents. That isn't a joke, she actually will smack you across continents."
"When I was told the meaning of life I was so me, life is life."
"I know a dwarf that will gladly give us some ale for free and all you have to do is a bit of singing. After many ales, it gets easier"

Battle Quotes[edit]

"This is for you, mother"
"Say 'hi' to Grenth for me"
"You are some sort of ugly"
"Dwayna protect us, Balthazar destroy them"
"My friend Dwayna told me to cherish the life of friend and foe so I understand why you must die and my friends live on"
"Pew, pew, pew"
"Don't worry, these arrows will improve your face"
"The god of war and fire taught me how to fight, top that!"
"Lyssa said your fat and ugly and no one likes you"
"Soooooooo bored"
"Don't worry about life getting you down, its my arrows which will do that job"
"Damn I'm good"
"Come get some"
"Hail to the cane, baby"
"Your face, your arse, what's the difference?"
"It's time to kick arse and chew bubblegum, I'm all out of gum"
"Piece of cake"
"Let our powers combine!"
"You look a little........dazed"
" attack us and expect yourself to comeout of this alive?
"I'm addicted to the kills"
"You're kill is a million and something rather. Dammit! I lost count!
"For Tyria!!"
"Run a little, make it challenging"
"Please! Stop attacking us and join us. We can teach you how to fight"

Just Who Were His Team Mates?[edit]

Destructive Ancient: Master of the Sword and a friend to all who came to him. He loved to wield the sword and axe and slice his victims. He met SuperPudz in the Monastary and got helped by SuperPudz on how to weild a sword and get an extra 20% chance of a critical hit. He was so impressed that they stuck together on many battles along with Blessings, Helper and Judicator. Destructive had a love of inflicting as much damage you can but when asked why he responded "The quicker we kill them, the shorter their suffering". After destroying the lich with SuperPudz, he started to celebrate but then noticed a sharp pain and upon examination noticed a large wound on his side and passed out. Blessings of Pudz noticed this and with Ogden tried to heal him but it was no use. He was brought to Bergen Hot Springs and given much attention, praise from many of the children of kryta and much care for. Later in the evening he passed away a hero and was buried in Shing Jea Monastery as a lesson to future warriors of the life of a hero.
Soul Judicator: Despite being a ritualist found much love in the spell casting of it and did not like the idea of binding spirits because in his words "Demeaned the dead and especially so if they were once a very loving person". Master Togo gave a private lesson where he was able to utilize his skills to create a spell called Judicators Justice which causes foes in the area to get knocked down and stuck with lightning. Accompanying SuperPudz he helped warn them of other hostile spirits within compass range. He talked with SuperPudz after the battle with Shiro and organized himself to be a worker of Grenth to assist with the transportation of souls to eternal paradise. Soul Judicator using his skills as a ritualist heals all that need healing and assists others with weapon spells. He has also helped fix the problem that caused many souls to be transported to the underworld in a very dangerous location.
Helper of SuperPudz: Long time friend of SuperPudz he has been one of the closest humans apart from Chiyo to ever get close to (in a friendship way of course). Their teamwork was inspiring when SuperPudz shot a Broad Head Arrow he would instantly assist by continously hitting and prevent any spell being cast. Through many adventurers he started getting the name Helper of SuperPudz and preferred it over his actual Markis Doogalmyer. So it was settled and they travelled together everywhere and throught that friendship SuperPudz revealed his true identity and asked him to be his assist in which he honourably accepted.
The Toast Thief: Travelling with a good friend of his Ascalonian Redeemer they travelled to Kryta in search for a better life and found many things along the way including SuperPudz and his friends. Together they went and had taken on the whole of Tyria and succeeded on all fronts. One day during a battle with a friend of his he got so frustrated with her that they stared having a huge argument and somehow got together afterwards. He and his wife resided in Longeye's Ledge and passed away having three child Bruce, Reece and Colin.
Blessings of Pudz: Travelled with SuperPudz and like Helper also had a shocking name Wie Wie Pants. Ashamed about it he heard how he was a blessing towards SuperPudz and had taken the idea and made it a nickname. After a long life helping SuperPudz and all of his friends he settled down and decided to teach up teaching upcoming Monks the way of healing, protection and also giving a sword a swing or two. Through his life and research was able to create a skill called Exhausting Recovery which removed Exhaustion for a target ally for 25e. He eventually passed away and in the Mists and his body laid to rest near Destructive Ancient. In the underworld Blessings meet SuperPudz and organized him to be a student under Dwayna and work for her to help others on another level.
Ascalonian Redeemer: Hero of Ascalon he spent his years bringing peace to his people and with much success. He was seen by his people as a saviour with the skill to help all that asked for it. During a quest by SuperPudz he noticed him working with some of his people and noticed their common goal. They worked together on many missions mainly during the destroyer threat when SuperPudz felt like a certain to help. So he helper against the destroyer threat and during an extended battle with the Great Destroyer he perished in the lava leaving behind a great legacy and very sorrowful party.
Farmer Or Sum: Hearing about SuperPudz he decided to follow his trail and ended up meeting him and after a long session of talking he agreed to letting him learn and take advice from him. Farmer Or Sum has a mindset of not dealing damage but assisting his allies and the only way he kills his enemies is by degeneration. SuperPudz understood this and gave him a way of doing that and helping his allies killing effectively. He spent his time after SuperPudz left upon completing his mission teaching other mesmers the ways of assisting but not killing and died married with a daughter name Kooleo Kiz


SuperPudz's and Chiyo's Miniatures
Miniature Siege Turtle Miniature Jungle Troll Miniature Temple Guardian Miniature Jade Armor Miniature Hydra Miniature Necrid Horseman
Miniature Whiptail Devourer Miniature Fungal Wallow Miniature Aatxe Miniature Mandragor Imp Miniature Elf Miniature Juggernaut
Miniature Koss Miniature Thorn Wolf Miniature Heket Warrior Miniature Abyssal Miniature Irukandji Miniature Cloudtouched Simian
Miniature Raptor Miniature Cave Spider Miniature Celestial Rabbit Black Moa Chick - -


SuperPudz has 1 blessing known as User SuperPudz Teamwork.jpeg Teamwork and a unique team blessing known as User SuperPudz Unity2.jpeg Unity.
Teamwork gives a moral boost to the party for every kill achieved for 2 minutes.
Unity spreads the damage across the whole team (minimum 4 damage).

Special Note[edit]

A good friend of mine is a fantastic writer and I invite YOU to look at her page because it is seriously amazing :D

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