Shing Jea Sherman

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Shing Jea Sherman
Canthan farmer m.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Eye of the North

Shing Jea Sherman shouts various quotes about the titles that nearby characters have achieved. In Alcazia Tangle, you can choose to have him follow you by talking to him. He will only observe and comment.



Tarnished Haven
"Oh, hello. What are you doing lollygagging in town? Shouldn't you be out there slaying beast and breaking a sweat? My deadline is almost here!"
Alcazia Tangle
"Oh, hello. I bet you're wondering what such a famous personality is doing all the way out here. No, no. I don't do autographs. That would just cheapen the mood.
I'm working on a new piece for the Monastery Gazette. A sexy exposé on all things adventurous. I can tell by your smell that you're on a mission...or out of soap. How I would love to follow you on your exploits. Watch you destroy your enemies with ruthless impunity; witness how you scrub those tough-to-clean blood stains off your armor. Allow me the privilege to tag along and observe, would you?"
YesSure. Tag along.
NoNo thanks.
After inviting the Sherman to follow the player character after a party wipe [verification requested]
"Hey. Alright, then. You work on the killing and I'll work on my fawning."
"Come on, you can do better!"


Voice responses[edit]

Tarnished Haven[edit]

Whenever a character moves within the area of Sherman, he will randomly use one of the following quotes depending on the displayable titles that player has acquired. If there are multiple players, the selection appears to be random.

Prophecies titles
"See the wilds of Tyria with an expert guide! Follow <Character name>, <Tyrian Exploration rank>, from the Ice Caves of Sorrow to Abaddon's Mouth for the low, low price of ..."
"<Character name> is one bad adventurer. I mean, who else has saved Tyria in Hard Mode and earned the title Guardian of Tyria."
"I thought it not possible, but <Character name> has proven me wrong. This Legendary Defender of Ascalon has reached the summit of physical and spiritual training. You are an inspiration to us all."
"<Character name>, Protector of Tyria. That has a nice ring to it."
"Psst! <Character name>, aren't you the Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter? Spare any skills for a man down on his luck?"
Factions titles
"Is there anything you can't do <Character name>? Share your secrets on the Canthan Elite Skill Hunter title."
"<Character name> is someone who really gets around. Clap your hands for this <Canthan Exploration rank>."
"Quickly, someone lay rose petals before <Character name>, Guardian of Cantha!"
"Ladies and gentlemen, please step aside! Make way for <Character name>, Protector of Cantha!"
Nightfall titles
"Why bother bringing a map when <Character name>, the <Elona Exploration rank>, is in your party?"
"Don't mess with <Character name>. This Elonian Skill Hunter has got looks that kill and skills to pay the bills."
"Attention, everyone. <Character name> has completed all primary and secondary objectives in Hard Mode, earning the title Guardian of Elona. How about a round of applause?"
"Mighty, brave <Character name>. Your <Lightbringer rank> aura burns so hot I've got to wear a Ritualist's head shade."
"Never let it be said that <Character name>, Protector of Elona, doesn't finish the job. Pump your fists for <character name>!"
"Salutations, <Sunspear rank>. So tell me, <Character name>, how many things did you have to kill to reach that rank?"
Eye of the North titles
"Hey, look out everybody. <Character name> is <Asura rank>."
"Let it be known that <Character name>, <Deldrimor rank>, is a true friend of the Dwarves!"
"Psst! <Character name>! Over here! Your <Ebon Vanguard rank> status with the Ebon Vanguard is our little secret."
"From the looks of you, <Character name>, I bet you've got animal heads on your wall. Doesn't everyone with the title of <Norn rank>?"
Other character-based titles
"Whew! What's that smell? Oh, why it's <Character name> the <Drunkard rank>. Hide your ale, people."
"Adventurer. Explorer. Completist. These words and more describe the Legendary Cartographer. Need directions? Go bug <Character name>."
"<Character name>, Legendary Guardian. That has a nice ring to it."
"Three cheers for <Character name>, Legendary Skill Hunter! And you thought you were hardcore..."
"<Character name>, you look as if you've been to the Mists and back! No wonder you bear the <Survivor rank> title."
"That Legendary Vanquisher is one bad mother... Shut my mouth! But I'm talkin' 'bout <Character name>. Can you dig it?"
"<Character name>, do you have anything to say to your legions of fans? "<Maxed titles rank>." There you have it from the mouth of a big deal."
"<Character name> is in the house! Give it up for the <Party Animal rank> and shed your armor, people. It's a Canthan toga party! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!"
"Egads, <Character name>! Look at those teeth! I've seen better choppers on a moa bird! You've earned every bit of your <Sweet Tooth rank> title."
Account-based titles
"<Character name>, as <Allegiance rank> you must be musically inclined. Play us a number, won't you?"
"First rule of Luxon Club is: you do not talk about Luxon Club. Isn't that right, <Character name>, <Allegiance rank>?"
"<Character name>, I see you've earned the title of <Champion rank> in guild-versus-guild combat. Got room for another member?"
"<Commander rank>. Such a title strikes fear into the hearts of men, <Character name>."
"Ever met anyone with 1337 haxx0r skills like <Character name>, <Gamer rank>."
"Make way for a true master of combat, <Character name>, <Gladiator rank>. Be nice and you might just get an autograph."
"Your rippling muscles. Your chiseled physique. <Character name>, I am speechless before you and your <Hero rank> title."
"Word on the street says that <Character name> is <Lucky rank>. What do you say we hit the gambling tent?"
"<Character name>, your new name should be "Goldie McMoneybags." I mean, how many chests does one have to unlock to be called <Treasure Hunter rank>?"
"Um, hi there, <Character name>. Listen, could you stand somewhere else? I get nervous when next to someone as <Unlucky rank> as you."
"You've got an eye for rare antiquities, <Character name>. Ever thought of opening your own shop?"
No displayable titles
"What do you know? It's <Character name>. I expect great things from you. Keep it up!"

Alcazia Tangle[edit]

When spoken to[edit]

"Don't mind me, <Character name>. You just keep fighting and I'll let you know how you're doing."

Idle quotes[edit]

"Excuse me, you're blocking my view. Don't make me use my mighty pen on you."
""I'd like to thank my mother for this award." Nah, too sappy."
"I need a new toupee. Where's a dead raccoon when you need one?"
"I'll sure win the Golden Pen Award for this piece. In your face, scribe!"
"Man cannot live on 40 gold per day. The newspaper will hear about this!"
"Should I wear the feather boa or the skalefin shoes to dinner? I can't decide."
"Thank the gods I got out of writing for that rinky-dink penny press. My talent was going to waste!"
"What's that word I'm looking for...?"
"Who shall be the subject of my next exposé? Stay tuned..."'
"Wonderful! Magnificent! Thumbs up! Its about time! I'm commenting on my new haircut. You like?"
"You simply must give me the name of your crafter. That wardrobe is dashing."

Battle quotes[edit]

During battle[edit]
"Hit him while he's down!"
"How do the Norn spell smart? They don't! Oh, I kill me..."
"I've seen better."
"Keep fighting like this and I'll see to it they make a miniature of you!"
"Magnificent! Oh they'll love you in Cantha."
"My eyes! They burn! You call that fighting?"
"Oof! He'll feel that in the morning."
"They'll sing songs of your heroism, brave adventurer!"
"Two thumbs up!"
"Wake me when it's over."
"Yeah, kill 'em!"
"You fight like a squid."
"Your mother was a plague devourer! No, not you...him!"
After battle[edit]
"I have the sudden urge to eat red meat."
"Watching you fight gets me all tingly!"
"Well done. Not your best performance, but entertaining nonetheless."
"Were you fighting or was that some new dance step?"
"You showed those creatures who's boss."


  • Shing Jea Sherman will be healed before he can be killed; he will never die and can make a good ally to keep around as enemies will still attack him.
  • Sherman currently does not notice Zaishen and Codex rank titles.