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Norn rank
Eternal Slayer.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Title type Character

Norn rank is gained per character by earning Norn reputation points. This title can be displayed in the "Honor" monument upon attaining rank 10.

Norn rank title track[edit]

Tier Title Reputation points Max health
1 Slayer of Imps (1) 1,000 +60
2 Slayer of Beasts (2) 4,000 +70
3 Slayer of Nightmares (3) 8,000 +80
4 Slayer of Giants (4) 16,000 +90
5 Slayer of Wurms (5) 26,000 +100
6 Slayer of Demons (6) 40,000 +100
7 Slayer of Heroes (7) 56,000 +100
8 Slayer of Champions (8) 80,000 +100
9 Slayer of Hordes (9) 110,000 +100
10 Slayer of All (10) 160,000 +100



Norn reputation points can be earned by:

Characters who have reached rank 8 in the title (Slayer of Champions) can no longer accumulate Norn reputation points in Normal mode except through quest rewards and receive Veteran Norn Hunting Party instead of Norn Hunting Party when they speak to a bounty NPC in Normal mode. To achieve ranks 9 and 10, the points must be earned in Hard mode or through quests. If you plan to max this title on a character, consider waiting until that character is at least rank 8 before vanquishing areas in the Far Shiverpeaks and for a Northern Support weekly bonus before turning in secondary quests that reward Norn reputation points.


Varajar Fells without The Path to Revelations[edit]

  • Don't collect additional shrine blessings until you have reached 150+ kills (the optimum points)
  • For bosses do one of the following
    • Leave the boss alone till you get 250 kills+ (you will get 300 reputation per kill)
    • Rush for the boss if someone triggers Boss Bounty
    • Wait for 250+ kills and then follow Boss Bounties that trigger to get double points of +550

Get the Norn Hunting Party from Olgana Beartamer then head north through the pass. Work your way west along the edge of the lake. Then proceed north to clear out the caves, the lake, and islands. Once you have done this, Dazehl Brainfreezer will spawn on the western edge of the lake (ready for if you hit Boss Bounty). Head to the southwest of Olafstead and eradicate the Berserking Minotaurs, Aurochs and Wendigos. Work your way along the western edge of the region towards Verdant Cascades, kill the Jotuns in the cave and continue to work east on the southern edge towards the unfrozen lake. Do your best to avoid Asterius the Mighty, the boss that patrols the center of the southwest region. Instead, try to pull mobs away to the edges.

At the lake southeast of Olafstead, clear the western shores till you get to the northern edge, turn around and clear the southern shores all the way to the edge of the region. Then clean up the eastern shore. At this point head into the eastern hills. Try luring the monsters here as they patrol and sometimes overlap.

When you come out of the hills you will be in an enclosed clearing where you will see a ring of monsters surrounding a group of allies. Don't aggro these yet. Instead work your way around eradicating the Shock Phantoms that will pop up around you. Once this is clear, carefully pull the mobs from the circle. When they are dead the allies will become hostile and you can start to kill them. Warning: this group can be tough to kill. Once done, work your way north and finally east completing the run with approximately 425 kills and 3000-4000 points.

Varajar Fells with The Path to Revelations[edit]

  • Pre-requisite: take The Path to Revelations from Kerrsh (this is non-repeatable, so remember to abandon and retake before starting a new VQ)
  • Start: Olafstead or Central Transfer Chamber
  • Don't collect additional shrine blessings until you have reached 150+ kills (the optimum points)
  • For bosses do one of the following:
    • Leave the bosses alone till you get 250 kills+ (you will get 300 reputation per kill).
    • Rush for a boss if someone triggers Boss Bounty, but only worthwhile if you have made 100+ kills.
    • Wait for 250+ kills and then follow Boss Bounties that way you get +500 (+200 from Boss Bounty, +300 from kill bonus).
    • If you can, try to have Hunt Rampage active when killing the six facets. This will double the bonus from killing them, netting you up to 600 points per kill (a total of 3,600 points).
  • It is possible to gain approximately 6,000 points for a single run.
  • Avoid tackling Dazehl Brainfreezer during a Hunt Rampage until after the facets have been defeated, lest you lose the fight (and the bonus) or not be able to return in time.
  • The quest Haunted adds an additional boss, Tanto the Grim, for additional reputation points.
  • Some find it more productive to simply fill up Hero's Handbooks and Master Dungeon Guides.

Do the same as the previous walkthrough except when you get near the darkened hill that normally has undead on it skirt round it and clear up the northern section. This allows you to continue any rampage bonuses people may have. Then come back for the bosses, you will get +300 per kill (totaling 1,800). Once done do not speak to Kerrsh unless you have no interest in doing this run again. Instead, abandon the quest and head to Tarnished Haven where you can get it again.

The Path to Revelations without vanquishing Varajar Fells[edit]

  • Immediately upon entering Varajar Fells, grab the bounty. If possible, run past the various nearby foes to the quest area. Otherwise, kill as few as possible in order to reach the spawn point as quickly as possible.
    • You get 450 points/run (at 75 points/boss)
    • With practice, you can finish a run in 5 minutes, which is about 5.4k/hour — it would take about 30 hours to max the title using this method.


  • For title skills, Norn rank translates to effective attribute rank as follows:
Norn rank 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Effective attribute rank 0 3 6 9 12 15 15 15 15 15 15

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