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Double Dragon.jpg Phoenix Gemini

  • Date of Origin: 1978
  • Place of Origin: US
  • Interests: basketball, emulation
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North American territory.
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Elementalist-icon.png Carr Delling[edit]

ElementalistElementalist / MonkMonk

Title: Skillz (1)
Title: Seeker of Wisdom (1)
Title: Treasure Hunter (1)
Title: Tyrian Trailblazer (80%)
Title: Canthan Pathfinder (70%)
Title: Elonian Explorer (60%)
Title: Sunspear Castellan (8)
Title: Adept Lightbringer (2)
Title: Risky Delver (4)
Title: Slayer of Nightmares (3)
Title: Not Too Annoying (5)
Title: Adventurer of the North (1)

Mini-history: Character name taken from "The Sorcerer's Crown" (1986) written by Morris Simon. Carr Delling is the name I used for the first Dungeons and Dragons character I played in the early '90s.

Currently in: Lion's Arch

Inferno.jpg Inferno is Carr Delling's favorite skill.
User Gemini-Carr01.jpg


Necromancer-icon.png Fantom Night[edit]

NecromancerNecromancer / RitualistRitualist

Mini-history: Character name based on the comic book "The Coven" (1997) by Ian Churchill.

Currently in: Kaineng Center

Grenth's Balance.jpg Grenth's Balance is Fantom's favorite skill.
User Gemini-Fantom01.jpg


Elementalist-icon.png Sylea Stormstar[edit]

ElementalistElementalist / MonkMonk

Mini-history: Character name based on the game "Champions of Norrath".

Currently in: Lion's Arch

Fireball.jpg Fireball is Sylea's favorite skill.
File:User Gemini-Sylea01.jpg


Warrior-icon.png Alamar Keldon[edit]

WarriorWarrior / MonkMonk

(my brother's character)

Title: Commander (1)
Title: Seeker of Wisdom (1)
Title: Treasure Hunter (1)
Title: Tyrian Trailblazer (80%)
Title: Canthan Pathfinder (70%)
Title: Sunspear General (7)
Title: Adept Lightbringer (2)
Title: Delver (1)
Title: Slayer of Nightmares (3)
Title: Not Too Annoying (5)

Mini-history: The name Alamar comes from a character from "The Pirates of Dark Water." The name Keldon comes from a Magic: The Gathering card.

Currently in: Lion's Arch

Dragon Slash.jpg Dragon Slash is Alamar's favorite skill.
User Gemini-Alamar01.jpg

Guild: Servant of the Secret Fire [SF][edit]

Created: July 2005
Guild Hall: Frozen Isle


Not much, but I like the gallery I added to the Divine Aura page


My User Page At GuildWiki

Testing -- [[User:Gemini|Gemini]] [[Image:User_Gemini-ico.gif]] 31 Month 2008

Testing -- Gemini User Gemini-ico.gif 31 Month 2008

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