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Warrior Warrior[edit]

WarriorNo Attribute Status:IncompleteNo[edit]

Skill Animation File Approved
"Coward!" "Coward!" No File:"Coward!" animation.gif No
"On Your Knees!" "On Your Knees!" No File:"On Your Knees!" animation.gif No
"You're All Alone!" "You're All Alone!" No File:"You're All Alone!" animation.gif No
Distracting Blow Distracting Blow No File:Distracting Blow animation.gif No
Distracting Strike Distracting Strike No File:Distracting Strike animation.gif No
Flurry Flurry No File:Flurry animation.gif No
"For Great Justice!" "For Great Justice!" No File:"For Great Justice!" animation.gif No
Frenzied Defense Frenzied Defense No File:Frenzied Defense animation.gif No
Frenzy Frenzy No File:Frenzy animation.gif No
Grapple Grapple No File:Grapple animation.gif No
Skull Crack Skull Crack No File:Skull Crack animation.gif No
Symbolic Strike Symbolic Strike No File:Symbolic Strike animation.gif No
Wild Blow Wild Blow No File:Wild Blow animation.gif No

Ranger Ranger[edit]

RangerNo Attribute Status:CompleteYes[edit]

Skill Animation File Approved
Antidote Signet Antidote Signet Yes File:Antidote Signet animation.gif No
Called Shot Called Shot Yes File:Called Shot animation.gif No
Dual Shot Dual Shot Yes File:Dual Shot animation.gif No
Magebane Shot Magebane Shot Yes File:Magebane Shot animation.gif No
Quick Shot Quick Shot Yes File:Quick Shot animation.gif No
Storm's Embrace Storm's Embrace Yes File:Storm's Embrace animation.gif No

Monk Monk[edit]

MonkNo Attribute Status:CompleteYes[edit]

Skill Animation File Approved
Empathic Removal Empathic Removal Yes File:Empathic Removal animation.gif No
Essence Bond Essence Bond Yes File:Essence Bond animation.gif No
Holy Veil Holy Veil Yes File:Holy Veil animation.gif No
Light of Dwayna Light of Dwayna Yes File:Light of Dwayna animation.gif No
Martyr Martyr Yes File:Martyr animation.gif No
Purge Conditions Purge Conditions Yes File:Purge Conditions animation.gif No
Purge Signet Purge Signet Yes File:Purge Signet animation.gif No
Remove Hex Remove Hex Yes File:Remove Hex animation.gif No
Resurrect Resurrect Yes File:Resurrect animation.gif No
Signet of Removal Signet of Removal Yes File:Signet of Removal animation.gif No
Succor Succor Yes File:Succor animation.gif No
Vengeance Vengeance Yes File:Vengeance animation.gif No

Necromancer Necromancer[edit]

NecromancerNo Attribute Status:completeYes[edit]

Skill Animation File Approved
Gaze of Contempt Gaze of Contempt Yes File:Gaze of Contempt animation.gif No
Grenth's Balance Grenth's Balance Yes File:Grenth's Balance animation.gif No

Mesmer Mesmer[edit]

MesmerNo Attribute Status:Complete Yes[edit]

Skill Animation File Approved
Arcane Echo Arcane Echo Yes File:Arcane Echo animation.gif No
Arcane Mimicry Arcane Mimicry Yes File:Arcane Mimicry animation.gif No
Echo Echo Yes File:Echo animation.gif No
Epidemic Epidemic Yes File:Epidemic animation.gif No
Expel Hexes Expel Hexes Yes File:Expel Hexes animation.gif No
Hypochondria Hypochondria Yes File:Hypochondria animation.gif No
Lyssa's Balance Lyssa's Balance Yes File:Lyssa's Balance animation.gif No
Shatter Storm Shatter Storm Yes File:Shatter Storm animation.gif No
Signet of Disenchantment Signet of Disenchantment Yes File:Signet of Disenchantment animation.gif No
Signet of Midnight Signet of Midnight Yes File:Signet of Midnight animation.gif No
Web of Disruption Web of Disruption Yes File:Web of Disruption animation.gif No

Elementalist Elementalist[edit]

ElementalistNo Attribute Status: Incomplete No[edit]

Icon Name Animation File
Glyph of Concentration.jpg Glyph of Concentration No Image:Glyph of Concentration animation.gif
Glyph of Elemental Power.jpg Glyph of Elemental Power No Image:Glyph of Elemental Power animation.gif
Glyph of Essence.jpg Glyph of Essence No Image:Glyph of Essence animation.gif
Glyph of Renewal.jpg Glyph of Renewal No Image:Glyph of Renewal animation.gif
Glyph of Sacrifice.jpg Glyph of Sacrifice No Image:Glyph of Sacrifice animation.gif
Second Wind.jpg Second Wind No Image:Second Wind animation.gif
Lightning Strike.jpg Lightning Strike No Image:Lightning Strike animation.gif
Lightning Javelin.jpg Lightning Javelin No Image:Lightning Javelin animation.gif
Glimmering Mark.jpg Glimmering Mark No Image:Glimmering Mark animation.gif
Gale.jpg Gale No Image:Gale animation.gif
Air Attunement.jpg Air Attunement No Image:Air Attunement animation.gif
Arc Lightning.jpg Arc Lightning No Image:Arc Lightning animation.gif
Lightning Surge.jpg Lightning Surge No Image:Lightning Surge animation.gif
Glyph of Lesser Energy.jpg Glyph of Lesser Energy Yes Image:Glyph of Lesser Energy animation.gif
Chilling Winds.jpg Chilling Winds No Image:Chilling Winds animation.gif
Ward Against Melee.jpg Ward Against Melee Yes Image:Ward Against Melee animation.gif
Blinding Surge.jpg Blinding Surge No Image:Blinding Surge animation.gif
Mind Shock.jpg Mind Shock No Image:Mind Shock animation.gif
Shock Arrow.jpg Shock Arrow No Image:Shock Arrow animation.gif
Gust.jpg Gust No Image:Gust animation.gif
Teinai's Wind.jpg Teinai's Wind No Image:Teinai's Wind animation.gif
Storm Djinn's Haste.jpg Storm Djinn's Haste No Image:Storm Djinn's Haste animation.gif
Lightning Hammer.jpg Lightning Hammer No Image:Lightning Hammer animation.gif
Blinding Flash.jpg Blinding Flash No Image:Blinding Flash animation.gif
Lightning Orb.jpg Lightning Orb No Image:Lightning Orb animation.gif
Conjure Lightning.jpg Conjure Lightning No Image:Conjure Lightning animation.gif
Whirlwind.jpg Whirlwind No Image:Whirlwind animation.gif
Ride the Lightning.jpg Ride the Lightning No Image:Ride the Lightning animation.gif
Shock.jpg Shock No Image:Shock animation.gif
Lightning Touch.jpg Lightning Touch No Image:Lightning Touch animation.gif
Flame Burst.jpg Flame Burst Yes Image:Flame Burst animation.gif
Water Trident.jpg Water Trident No Image:Water Trident animation.gif
Flare.jpg Flare Yes Image:Flare animation.gif
Star Burst.jpg Star Burst No Image:Star Burst animation.gif
Ether Renewal.jpg Ether Renewal Yes Image:Ether Renewal animation.gif
Mind Freeze.jpg Mind Freeze No Image:Mind Freeze animation.gif
Glowing Gaze.jpg Glowing Gaze No Image:Glowing Gaze animation.gif
Chain Lightning.jpg Chain Lightning No Image:Chain Lightning animation.gif
Ether Prodigy.jpg Ether Prodigy Yes Image:Ether Prodigy animation.gif
Breath of Fire.jpg Breath of Fire Yes Image:Breath of Fire animation.gif
Bed of Coals.jpg Bed of Coals Yes Image:Bed of Coals animation.gif
Icy Shackles.jpg Icy Shackles No Image:Icy Shackles animation.gif
Ward Against Harm.jpg Ward Against Harm No Image:Ward Against Harm animation.gif
Invoke Lightning.jpg Invoke Lightning No Image:Invoke Lightning animation.gif
Kinetic Armor.jpg Kinetic Armor Yes Image:Kinetic Armor animation.gif
Liquid Flame.jpg Liquid Flame No Image:Liquid Flame animation.gif
Stone Sheath.jpg Stone Sheath Yes Image:Stone Sheath animation.gif
Double Dragon.jpg Double Dragon Yes Image:Double Dragon animation.gif
Fire Storm.jpg Fire Storm Yes Image:Fire Storm animation.gif
Savannah Heat.jpg Savannah Heat No Image:Savannah Heat animation.gif
Mist Form.jpg Mist Form No Image:Mist Form animation.gif
Glyph of Energy.jpg Glyph of Energy Yes Image:Glyph of Energy animation.gif
Teinai's Heat.jpg Teinai's Heat No Image:Teinai's Heat animation.gif
Shockwave.jpg Shockwave Yes Image:Shockwave animation.gif
Searing Flames.jpg Searing Flames No Image:Searing Flames animation.gif
Fire Attunement.jpg Fire Attunement Yes Image:Fire Attunement animation.gif
Energy Boon.jpg Energy Boon Yes Image:Energy Boon animation.gif
Windborne Speed.jpg Windborne Speed No Image:Windborne Speed animation.gif
Master of Magic.jpg Master of Magic Yes Image:Master of Magic animation.gif
Lightning Bolt.jpg Lightning Bolt No Image:Lightning Bolt animation.gif
Ether Prism.jpg Ether Prism Yes Image:Ether Prism animation.gif
Enervating Charge.jpg Enervating Charge No Image:Enervating Charge animation.gif
Thunderclap.jpg Thunderclap No Image:Thunderclap animation.gif
Mind Burn.jpg Mind Burn No Image:Mind Burn animation.gif
Searing Heat.jpg Searing Heat No Image:Searing Heat animation.gif
Unsteady Ground.jpg Unsteady Ground Yes Image:Unsteady Ground animation.gif
Fireball.jpg Fireball Yes Image:Fireball animation.gif
Elemental Attunement.jpg Elemental Attunement Yes Image:Elemental Attunement animation.gif
Aura of Restoration.jpg Aura of Restoration Yes Image:Aura of Restoration animation.gif
Obsidian Flesh.jpg Obsidian Flesh Yes Image:Obsidian Flesh animation.gif
Mirror of Ice.jpg Mirror of Ice No Image:Mirror of Ice animation.gif
Mind Blast.jpg Mind Blast No Image:Mind Blast animation.gif
Sandstorm.jpg Sandstorm Yes Image:Sandstorm animation.gif
Glyph of Restoration.jpg Glyph of Restoration Yes Image:Glyph of Restoration animation.gif
Aftershock.jpg Aftershock Yes Image:Aftershock animation.gif
Earthquake.jpg Earthquake Yes Image:Earthquake animation.gif
Shatterstone.jpg Shatterstone No Image:Shatterstone animation.gif
Immolate.jpg Immolate No Image:Immolate animation.gif
Burning Speed.jpg Burning Speed Yes Image:Burning Speed animation.gif
Rodgort's Invocation.jpg Rodgort's Invocation No Image:Rodgort's Invocation animation.gif
Mark of Rodgort.jpg Mark of Rodgort No Image:Mark of Rodgort animation.gif
Grasping Earth.jpg Grasping Earth Yes Image:Grasping Earth animation.gif
Maelstrom.jpg Maelstrom No Image:Maelstrom animation.gif
Obsidian Flame.jpg Obsidian Flame Yes Image:Obsidian Flame animation.gif
Meteor Shower.jpg Meteor Shower No Image:Meteor Shower animation.gif
Armor of Earth.jpg Armor of Earth Yes Image:Armor of Earth animation.gif
Ash Blast.jpg Ash Blast Yes Image:Ash Blast animation.gif
Sliver Armor.jpg Sliver Armor Yes Image:Sliver Armor animation.gif
Water Attunement.jpg Water Attunement No Image:Water Attunement animation.gif
Ward Against Foes.jpg Ward Against Foes Yes Image:Ward Against Foes animation.gif
Phoenix.jpg Phoenix Yes Image:Phoenix animation.gif
Dragon's Stomp.jpg Dragon's Stomp Yes Image:Dragon's Stomp animation.gif
Lava Arrows.jpg Lava Arrows No Image:Lava Arrows animation.gif
Stone Daggers.jpg Stone Daggers Yes Image:Stone Daggers animation.gif
Teinai's Crystals.jpg Teinai's Crystals Yes Image:Teinai's Crystals animation.gif
Meteor.jpg Meteor No Image:Meteor animation.gif
Deep Freeze.jpg Deep Freeze No Image:Deep Freeze animation.gif
Freezing Gust.jpg Freezing Gust No Image:Freezing Gust animation.gif
Flame Djinn's Haste.jpg Flame Djinn's Haste Yes Image:Flame Djinn's Haste animation.gif
Churning Earth.jpg Churning Earth Yes Image:Churning Earth animation.gif
Steam.jpg Steam No Image:Steam animation.gif
Ward Against Elements.jpg Ward Against Elements Yes Image:Ward Against Elements animation.gif
Ice Prison.jpg Ice Prison No Image:Ice Prison animation.gif
Stone Striker.jpg Stone Striker Yes Image:Stone Striker animation.gif
Teinai's Prison.jpg Teinai's Prison No Image:Teinai's Prison animation.gif
Blurred Vision.jpg Blurred Vision No Image:Blurred Vision animation.gif
Icy Prism.jpg Icy Prism No Image:Icy Prism animation.gif
Elemental Flame.jpg Elemental Flame No Image:Elemental Flame animation.gif
Stoning.jpg Stoning Yes Image:Stoning animation.gif
Rust.jpg Rust No Image:Rust animation.gif
Frozen Burst.jpg Frozen Burst No Image:Frozen Burst animation.gif
Conjure Flame.jpg Conjure Flame Yes Image:Conjure Flame animation.gif
Ward of Stability.jpg Ward of Stability Yes Image:Ward of Stability animation.gif
Ebon Hawk.jpg Ebon Hawk Yes Image:Ebon Hawk animation.gif
Eruption.jpg Eruption Yes Image:Eruption animation.gif
Ice Spear.jpg Ice Spear No Image:Ice Spear animation.gif
Magnetic Aura.jpg Magnetic Aura Yes Image:Magnetic Aura animation.gif
Earth Attunement.jpg Earth Attunement Yes Image:Earth Attunement animation.gif
Conjure Frost.jpg Conjure Frost Yes Image:Conjure Frost animation.gif
Frigid Armor.jpg Frigid Armor No Image:Frigid Armor animation.gif
Inferno.jpg Inferno Yes Image:Inferno animation.gif
Lava Font.jpg Lava Font Yes Image:Lava Font animation.gif
Shard Storm.jpg Shard Storm No Image:Shard Storm animation.gif
Stoneflesh Aura.jpg Stoneflesh Aura Yes Image:Stoneflesh Aura animation.gif
Glowstone.jpg Glowstone Yes Image:Glowstone animation.gif
Vapor Blade.jpg Vapor Blade No Image:Vapor Blade animation.gif
Smoldering Embers.jpg Smoldering Embers No Image:Smoldering Embers animation.gif
Swirling Aura.jpg Swirling Aura No Image:Swirling Aura animation.gif
Armor of Frost.jpg Armor of Frost No Image:Armor of Frost animation.gif
Incendiary Bonds.jpg Incendiary Bonds No Image:Incendiary Bonds animation.gif
Shell Shock.jpg Shell Shock No Image:Shell Shock animation.gif
Glowing Ice.jpg Glowing Ice No Image:Glowing Ice animation.gif
Ice Spikes.jpg Ice Spikes No Image:Ice Spikes animation.gif
Intensity.jpg Intensity Yes Image:Intensity animation.gif
Glyph of Immolation.jpg Glyph of Immolation No Image:Glyph of Immolation animation.gif
Elemental Lord.jpg Elemental Lord Yes Image:Elemental Lord animation.gif
Iron Mist.jpg Iron Mist Yes Image:Iron Mist animation.gif
Winter's Embrace.jpg Winter's Embrace No Image:Winter's Embrace animation.gif
Slippery Ground.jpg Slippery Ground No Image:Slippery Ground animation.gif
Crystal Wave.jpg Crystal Wave Yes Image:Crystal Wave animation.gif
Ward of Weakness.jpg Ward of Weakness Yes Image:Ward of Weakness animation.gif
Glyph of Swiftness.jpg Glyph of Swiftness No Image:Glyph of Swiftness animation.gif
Magnetic Surge.jpg Magnetic Surge Yes Image:Magnetic Surge animation.gif
Energy Blast.jpg Energy Blast Yes Image:Energy Blast animation.gif
Ether Renewal (PvP).jpg Ether Renewal (PvP) Yes Image:Ether Renewal (PvP) animation.gif
Armor of Mist.jpg Armor of Mist No Image:Armor of Mist animation.gif
Earthen Shackles.jpg Earthen Shackles Yes Image:Earthen Shackles animation.gif
Savannah Heat (PvP).jpg Savannah Heat (PvP) No Image:Savannah Heat (PvP) animation.gif
Ride the Lightning (PvP).jpg Ride the Lightning (PvP) No Image:Ride the Lightning (PvP) animation.gif
Obsidian Flame (PvP).jpg Obsidian Flame (PvP) No Image:Obsidian Flame (PvP) animation.gif
Ward Against Harm (PvP).jpg Ward Against Harm (PvP) No Image:Ward Against Harm (PvP) animation.gif
Mind Freeze (PvP).jpg Mind Freeze (PvP) No Image:Mind Freeze (PvP) animation.gif
Mind Shock (PvP).jpg Mind Shock (PvP) No Image:Mind Shock (PvP) animation.gif
Elemental Flame (PvP).jpg Elemental Flame (PvP) No Image:Elemental Flame (PvP) animation.gif
Slippery Ground (PvP).jpg Slippery Ground (PvP) No Image:Slippery Ground (PvP) animation.gif
Lightning Hammer (PvP).jpg Lightning Hammer (PvP) No Image:Lightning Hammer (PvP) animation.gif
Mist Form (PvP).jpg Mist Form (PvP) No Image:Mist Form (PvP) animation.gif
Aura of Restoration (PvP).jpg Aura of Restoration (PvP) No Image:Aura of Restoration (PvP) animation.gif
Over the Limit.jpg Over the Limit No Image:Over the Limit animation.gif

Assassin Assassin[edit]

AssassinNo Attribute Status:CompleteYes[edit]

Skill Animation File Approved
Aura of Displacement Aura of Displacement Yes File:Aura of Displacement animation.gif No
Dash Dash Yes File:Dash animation.gif No
Mark of Instability Mark of Instability Yes File:Mark of Instability animation.gif No
Recall Recall Yes File:Recall animation.gif No
Shadow Meld Shadow Meld Yes File:Shadow Meld animation.gif No
Shadow Walk Shadow Walk Yes File:Shadow Walk animation.gif No
Signet of Malice Signet of Malice Yes File:Signet of Malice animation.gif No
Signet of Twilight Signet of Twilight Yes File:Signet of Twilight animation.gif No
Spirit Walk Spirit Walk Yes File:Spirit Walk animation.gif No
Swap Swap Yes File:Swap animation.gif No
Wastrel's Collapse Wastrel's Collapse Yes File:Wastrel's Collapse animation.gif No

Ritualist Ritualist[edit]

RitualistNo Attribute Status:CompleteYes[edit]

Skill Animation File Approved
Draw Spirit Draw Spirit Yes File:Draw Spirit animation.gif No
Soul Twisting Soul Twisting Yes File:Soul Twisting animation.gif No

Paragon Paragon[edit]

ParagonNo Attribute Status:CompleteYes[edit]

Skill Animation File Approved
Cautery Signet Cautery Signet Yes Image:Cautery Signet animation.gif No
Remedy Signet Remedy Signet Yes Image:Remedy Signet animation.gif No
Signet of Aggression Signet of Aggression Yes Image:Signet of Aggression animation.gif No

Dervish Dervish[edit]

DervishNo Attribute Status:CompleteYes[edit]

Skill Animation File Approved
Intimidating Aura Intimidating Aura Yes File:Intimidating Aura animation.gif No
Rending Touch Rending Touch Yes File:Rending Touch animation.gif No
Winds of Disenchantment Winds of Disenchantment Yes File:Winds of Disenchantment animation.gif No