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Earth damage[edit]

See also: #Attack, #Elemental damage

Causes earth damage[edit]

Ranger Wilderness Survival: Dust Trap
Elementalist Earth Magic: Ash Blast, Churning Earth, Dragon's Stomp/Earthquake, Ebon Hawk, Eruption, Glowstone, Sandstorm, Shockwave, Sliver Armor, Stone Daggers, Stone Sheath, Stone Striker, Stoning, Unsteady Ground
Assassin Deadly Arts: Crippling Dagger, Dancing Daggers, Disrupting Dagger, Impale
Dervish Mysticism: Avatar of Melandru
Dervish Earth Prayers: Dust Cloak, Mirage Cloak, Mystic Sandstorm, Staggering Force
Asura rank: Summon Naga Shaman

Affects or checks for earth damage[edit]

Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Mantra of Earth
Dervish Earth Prayers: Ebon Dust Aura

Elemental damage[edit]

See also: #Damage, #Attack, #Cold damage, #Earth damage, #Lightning damage, #Fire damage

Affects or checks for elemental damage[edit]

Ranger Wilderness Survival: Dryder's Defenses, Storm Chaser, Winter
Ranger No attribute: Storm's Embrace
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Elemental Resistance, Physical Resistance
Elementalist Earth Magic: Stone Striker, Ward Against Elements, Ward of Weariness

Elite skill[edit]

See also: Category:Elite skills

Affects or checks for elite skills of allies[edit]

Mesmer Fast Casting: Symbols of Inspiration
Mesmer No attribute: Arcane Mimicry
Mesmer Asura title track: Smooth Criminal

Affects or checks for elite skills of foes[edit]

Mesmer Fast Casting: Symbols of Inspiration
Mesmer Domination Magic: Price of Pride
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Signet of Humility


See also: Category:Enchantment spells, #Spell

Affects or checks for enchantments on allies[edit]

Ranger Marksmanship: Forked Arrow
Ranger Beast Mastery: Symbiosis
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Natural Stride, Nature's Renewal, Tranquility
Monk Divine Favor: Blessed Aura, Blessed Signet, Contemplation of Purity, Holy Haste, Release Enchantments
Monk Healing Prayers: Dwayna's Kiss, Healing Light
Monk Protection Prayers: Air of Enchantment, Dismiss Condition
Monk Smiting Prayers: Signet of Mystic Wrath
Monk No attribute: Signet of Removal
Necromancer Blood Magic: Order of the Vampire
Mesmer No attribute: Lyssa's Balance
Elementalist Energy Storage: Ether Prodigy, Ether Renewal
Elementalist Air Magic: Invoke Lightning
Assassin Dagger Mastery: Golden Fang Strike, Golden Fox Strike, Golden Lotus Strike, Golden Phoenix Strike, Golden Skull Strike
Assassin Shadow Arts: Shadow Form (PvE)
Assassin No attribute: Shadow Walk
Ritualist Communing: Brutal Weapon
Paragon Leadership: Natural Temper
Paragon Command: Godspeed
Paragon Motivation: Signet of Synergy
Paragon Spear Mastery: Swift Javelin
Dervish Mysticism: Arcane Zeal, Eremite's Zeal, Extend Enchantments, Meditation, Mystic Corruption, Mystic Vigor, Pious Fury, Pious Haste, Pious Renewal
Dervish Earth Prayers: Conviction, Mystic Regeneration, Mystic Sandstorm, Pious Concentration, Signet of Pious Light
Dervish Scythe Mastery: Aura Slicer, Crippling Sweep, Irresistible Sweep, Lyssa's Assault, Mystic Sweep, Pious Assault, Twin Moon Sweep, Wounding Strike
Dervish Wind Prayers: Dwayna's Touch, Enchanted Haste, Mystic Healing, Mystic Twister, Natural Healing, Pious Restoration, Signet of Mystic Speed, Signet of Pious Restraint, Vow of Piety, Whirling Charge
Dervish No attribute: Rending Touch, Winds of Disenchantment
Norn rank: Raven Blessing, Ursan Blessing

Affects or checks for enchantments on foes[edit]

Unknown Consuming Flames, Crystal Bonds, mursaat tower
Warrior Strength: Magehunter Strike
Warrior Hammer Mastery: Magehunter's Smash
Ranger Beast Mastery: Melandru's Assault (PvP), Symbiosis
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Melandru's Arrows, Nature's Renewal, Tranquility
Monk Protection Prayers: Pensive Guardian
Monk Smiting Prayers: Scourge Enchantment
Necromancer Blood Magic: Strip Enchantment
Necromancer Curses: Chilblains, Corrupt Enchantment, Defile Enchantments/Desecrate Enchantments, Envenom Enchantments, Order of Apostasy, Pain of Disenchantment, Rend Enchantments, Rip Enchantment, Soul Barbs
Necromancer Death Magic: Discord, Toxic Chill, Well of the Profane
Necromancer No attribute: Gaze of Contempt
Mesmer Domination Magic: Enchanter's Conundrum, Hex Eater Vortex, Mirror of Disenchantment, Shatter Enchantment
Mesmer Illusion Magic: Air of Disenchantment
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Discharge Enchantment, Drain Enchantment, Feedback, Inspired Enchantment/Revealed Enchantment
Mesmer No attribute: Lyssa's Balance, Shatter Storm, Signet of Disenchantment
Elementalist Earth Magic: Magnetic Surge
Elementalist Water Magic: Icy Shackles, Vapor Blade
Assassin Critical Strikes: Assault Enchantments, Dark Apostasy
Assassin Dagger Mastery: Shattering Assault
Assassin Deadly Arts: Expunge Enchantments, Lift Enchantment, Mark of Insecurity
Assassin Shadow Arts: Shadow Shroud
Assassin No attribute: Signet of Twilight
Ritualist Communing: Disenchantment
Dervish Mysticism: Avatar of Grenth
Dervish Scythe Mastery: Aura Slicer, Rending Sweep
Dervish Wind Prayers: Grenth's Aura, Rending Aura, Test of Faith
Dervish No attribute: Rending Touch, Winds of Disenchantment

End effect[edit]

See also: End effect

Enchantments with an end effect[edit]



See also: #Overcast, #Resurrection

Affects or checks energy of allies[edit]

Warrior Strength: Counterattack, Flourish, Warrior's Endurance
Warrior Axe Mastery: Decapitate
Warrior Hammer Mastery: Auspicious Blow
Warrior Swordsmanship: Knee Cutter
Warrior Tactics: "Victory is Mine!", Bonetti's Defense, Steady Stance, Wary Stance
Ranger Expertise: Expert Focus, Marksman's Wager
Ranger Beast Mastery: Energizing Wind, Ferocious Strike, Primal Echoes
Ranger Marksmanship: Body Shot, Prepared Shot
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Famine, Melandru's Resilience, Nature's Renewal, Scavenger's Focus, Scavenger Strike, Quickening Zephyr, Quicksand, Roaring Winds, Storm Chaser
Monk Divine Favor: Blessed Signet, Divine Boon, Divine Spirit, Healer's Covenant, Scribe's Insight
Monk Healing Prayers: Healing Light
Monk Protection Prayers: Air of Enchantment, Protective Bond, Zealous Benediction
Monk Smiting Prayers: Balthazar's Spirit, Castigation Signet, Defender's Zeal, Holy Wrath, Zealot's Fire
Monk No attribute: Essence Bond, Purge Signet, Succor
Monk Allegiance rank: Selfless Spirit
Necromancer Soul Reaping: Foul Feast, Masochism, Reaper's Mark
Necromancer Blood Magic: Angorodon's Gaze, Blood Ritual, Blood is Power, Cultist's Fervor, Offering of Blood, Well of Power
Necromancer Curses: Shivers of Dread/Spinal Shivers
Necromancer Death Magic: Consume Corpse
Necromancer Allegiance rank: Signet of Corruption
Mesmer Domination Magic: Guilt, Shame
Mesmer Illusion Magic: Distortion, Ethereal Burden/Kitah's Burden
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Auspicious Incantation, Channeling, Drain Delusions, Drain Enchantment, Energy Drain, Energy Tap, Ether Lord, Ether Signet, Hex Eater Signet, Inspired Enchantment/Revealed Enchantment, Inspired Hex/Revealed Hex, Leech Signet, Lyssa's Aura, Mantra of Earth, Mantra of Flame, Mantra of Frost, Mantra of Lightning, Mantra of Recall, Mantra of Resolve, Power Drain, Power Leech, Signet of Recall, Spirit of Failure, Tease, Waste Not, Want Not
Mesmer No attribute: Signet of Disenchantment
Elementalist Energy Storage: Aura of Restoration, Elemental Attunement, Energy Blast, Energy Boon, Ether Prism, Ether Prodigy, Ether Renewal, Glyph of Energy, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Glyph of Restoration, Master of Magic
Elementalist Air Magic: Air Attunement, Mind Shock, Shock Arrow
Elementalist Earth Magic: Earth Attunement, Glowstone
Elementalist Fire Magic: Fire Attunement, Glowing Gaze, Mind Blast, Mind Burn
Elementalist Water Magic: Glowing Ice, Mind Freeze, Storm Djinn's Haste, Water Attunement
Elementalist No attribute: Glyph of Essence, Second Wind
Assassin Critical Strikes: Black Lotus Strike, Critical Eye, Critical Strike, Dark Apostasy
Assassin Dagger Mastery: Falling Lotus Strike, Golden Lotus Strike, Lotus Strike
Assassin Deadly Arts: Assassin's Promise, Way of the Empty Palm
Assassin Shadow Arts: Way of the Lotus
Ritualist Spawning Power: Attuned Was Songkai, Boon of Creation, Empowerment, Energetic Was Lee Sa, Reclaim Essence, Renewing Memories, Spirit Channeling, Weapon of Renewal, Wielder's Zeal
Ritualist Channeling Magic: Caretaker's Charge, Clamor of Souls, Essence Strike, Offering of Spirit, Signet of Spirits (PvP), Spirit Siphon, Weapon of Fury
Ritualist Communing: Mighty Was Vorizun
Ritualist Restoration Magic: Soothing Memories
Paragon Leadership: Glowing Signet
Paragon Command: "Never Give Up!"
Paragon Motivation: "The Power Is Yours!", Aria of Zeal, Energizing Chorus, Energizing Finale, Leader's Zeal, Lyric of Zeal, Song of Power, Zealous Anthem
Dervish Mysticism: Arcane Zeal, Avatar of Lyssa, Eremite's Zeal, Meditation, Pious Renewal, Zealous Renewal
Dervish Scythe Mastery: Lyssa's Assault, Radiant Scythe, Zealous Sweep
Dervish Wind Prayers: Attacker's Insight, Lyssa's Haste, Natural Healing, Zealous Vow
Asura rank: Smooth Criminal, Air of Superiority
Norn rank: Raven Blessing, Totem of Man, Ursan Blessing, Volfen Blessing

Affects or checks energy of foes[edit]

Warrior Tactics: "Fear Me!"
Ranger Beast Mastery: Energizing Wind, Primal Echoes
Ranger Marksmanship: Debilitating Shot
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Famine, Nature's Renewal, Quickening Zephyr, Quicksand, Roaring Winds
Necromancer Curses: Depravity, Malaise, Well of Weariness, Wither
Mesmer Fast Casting: Power Return
Mesmer Domination Magic: Aneurysm, Chaos Storm, Energy Burn, Energy Surge, Guilt, Mind Wrack, Panic, Power Flux, Power Leak, Price of Pride, Shame, Signet of Weariness
Mesmer Illusion Magic: Ancestor's Visage/Sympathetic Visage
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Drain Delusions, Energy Drain, Energy Tap, Ether Feast, Ether Lord, Ether Phantom, Feedback, Power Leech, Spirit Shackles, Tease
Mesmer Allegiance rank: Ether Nightmare
Elementalist Air Magic: Mind Shock
Elementalist Fire Magic: Mind Blast, Mind Burn
Elementalist Water Magic: Mind Freeze
Ritualist Channeling Magic: Spirit Siphon