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Bruticus Braveswift

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My Characters
User: Chris
Guild: The Shadowstar [TS]

Character Info[edit]

Name: Bruticus Braveswift

Profession: Warrior Warrior

Level: 20

Experience: 3.000.000 xp

Skill Points: 213

Armor: Warrior Platemail Armor

Animal Companion: Swift (Lion, Level: 20)

Character's Age: 1st Anniversary 2nd Anniversary 3rd Anniversary 4th Anniversary

Guild Wars Campaigns / Expansions[edit]

Accessible Campaigns: Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall

Expansions: Eye of the North

Captured Elite Skills[edit]

Warrior Primary Class: Cleave, Devastating Hammer, Battle Rage, Hundred Blades, "Charge!", Eviscerate, Backbreaker, Earth Shaker, Bull's Charge, Defy Pain, Dwarven Battle Stance, Flourish, Warrior's Endurance, Gladiator's Defense, "Victory is Mine!", Skull Crack, Triple Chop, Whirling Axe, Enraged Smash, Forceful Blow, Primal Rage, Dragon Slash, Quivering Blade, Auspicious Parry, Shove, "Coward!", Decapitate, Magehunter's Smash, Charging Strike, Headbutt, Magehunter Strike, Rage of the Ntouka, Crippling Slash, Soldier's Stance, Steady Stance, "You're All Alone!"

Ranger Secondary Class: Heal as One, Barrage, Archer's Signet

Monk Secondary Class: Mark of Protection, Signet of Judgment, Word of Healing, Blessed Light, Healing Light, Light of Deliverance, Glimmer of Light, Life Sheath, Zealous Benediction, Defender's Zeal, Spell Breaker

Necromancer Secondary Class: Plague Signet, Grenth's Balance, Cultist's Fervor, Tainted Flesh

Mesmer Secondary Class: Ineptitude

Elementalist Secondary Class: Mind Shock, Obsidian Flesh

Assassin Secondary Class: None

Ritualist Secondary Class: None

Paragon Secondary Class: None

Dervish Secondary Class: Onslaught

Any Secondary Class: Junundu Siege (PvE-only), Lightbringer Signet (PvE-only), Unknown Junundu Ability (PvE-only), Ursan Blessing (PvE-only), Volfen Blessing (PvE-only), Raven Blessing (PvE-only)

Unlocked Skills (PvE-only)[edit]

Guild Wars: Eye of the North
Ebon Vanguard Rank Skills:
Yes Unlocked: Deft Strike, Ebon Battle Standard of Courage, Ebon Battle Standard of Honor, Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom, Ebon Escape, Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support, Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support, Signet of Infection, Sneak Attack, Tryptophan Signet, Weakness Trap, Winds
No Missing: All unlocked
Asura Rank Skills:
Yes Unlocked: Summon Ice Imp, Summon Mursaat, Summon Naga Shaman, Summon Ruby Djinn, Smooth Criminal, Asuran Scan, Mental Block, Pain Inverter, Radiation Field, Technobabble, Mindbender, Air of Superiority
No Missing: All unlocked
Deldrimor Rank Skills:
Yes Unlocked: Alkar's Alchemical Acid, Breath of the Great Dwarf, "By Ural's Hammer!", "Don't Trip!", Snow Storm, Dwarven Stability, Great Dwarf Weapon, Light of Deldrimor, Ear Bite, Low Blow, Brawling Headbutt, Black Powder Mine, Great Dwarf Armor
No Missing: Drunken Master
Norn Rank Skills:
Yes Unlocked: Ursan Blessing (Ursan Force, Ursan Rage, Ursan Roar, Ursan Strike), Volfen Blessing (Volfen Agility, Volfen Bloodlust, Volfen Claw, Volfen Pounce), Raven Blessing (Raven Flight, Raven Shriek, Raven Swoop, Raven Talons), Totem of Man, "Dodge This!", "Finish Him!", A Touch of Guile, "I Am The Strongest!", "You Move Like a Dwarf!"
No Missing: "I Am Unstoppable!", "You Are All Weaklings!", Club of a Thousand Bears, Feel No Pain
Guild Wars: Nightfall
Sunspear Skills:
Yes Unlocked: Whirlwind Attack, Seed of Life, Sunspear Rebirth Signet, Never Rampage Alone, Necrosis, Cry of Pain, Intensity, Critical Agility, Vampirism, "There's Nothing to Fear!", Eternal Aura
No Missing: All unlocked
Lightbringer Rank Skills:
Yes Unlocked: Lightbringer Signet, Lightbringer's Gaze
No Missing: All unlocked
Guild Wars: Factions
Allegiance Rank Skills:
Yes Unlocked: "Save Yourselves!", Selfless Spirit, Triple Shot, Signet of Corruption, Ether Nightmare, Shadow Sanctuary, Spear of Fury, Summon Spirits, Aura of Holy Might, Elemental Lord
No Missing: All unlocked

Recruited Heroes[edit]

Eye of the North
Factions / Prophecies
All campaigns
Yes Recruited: Warrior Jora
Ranger Pyre Fierceshot
Monk Ogden Stonehealer
Necromancer Livia
Mesmer Gwen
Elementalist Vekk
Assassin Anton
Ritualist Xandra
Paragon Hayda
Dervish Kahmu
Yes Recruited: Warrior Goren
Warrior Koss
Ranger Acolyte Jin
Ranger Margrid the Sly
Monk Dunkoro
Monk Tahlkora
Necromancer Master of Whispers
Yes Recruited: Assassin Zenmai
Necromancer Olias
Yes Recruited: Dervish M.O.X.
No Missing: All heroes recruited No Missing: All heroes recruited No Missing: All heroes recruited No Missing: All heroes recruited

Completed Titles[edit]

Mission icon Tyria Complete.png Protector of Tyria (1): 25/25 missions - You will earn the title Protector of Tyria once you obtain the Master's Reward for all 25 missions on the continent of Tyria.
Mission icon Cantha Master.png Protector of Cantha (1): 13/13 missions - You will earn the title Protector of Cantha once you obtain the Master's Reward for all 13 missions on the continent of Cantha.
Mission icon Elona Master.png Protector of Elona (1): 20/20 missions - You will earn the title Protector of Elona once you obtain the Master's Reward for all 20 missions on the continent of Elona.

Collected Polymock Pieces[edit]

Gold Polymock Pieces
Stone Rain Polymock piece Mirage Iboga Polymock piece
Stone Rain
Polymock Piece
Mirage Iboga
Polymock Piece
Purple Polymock Pieces
Kappa Polymock piece Earth Elemental Polymock piece Ice Elemental Polymock piece Fire Elemental Polymock piece Aloe Seed Polymock piece
Polymock Piece
Earth Elemental
Polymock Piece
Ice Elemental
Polymock Piece
Fire Elemental
Polymock Piece
Aloe Seed
Polymock Piece
White Polymock Pieces
Gargoyle Polymock piece Mergoyle Polymock piece Skale Polymock piece Fire Imp Polymock piece Ice Imp Polymock piece
Polymock Piece
Polymock Piece
Polymock Piece
Fire Imp
Polymock Piece
Ice Imp
Polymock Piece


Old Ascalon Hard Mode Farming
Cyclone Axe.jpg
Cyclone Axe
Whirlwind Attack.jpg
Whirlwind Attack
Bonetti's Defense.jpg
Bonetti's Defense
Gladiator's Defense.jpg
Gladiator's Defense
Healing Breeze.jpg
Healing Breeze
Vigorous Spirit.jpg
Vigorous Spirit
Live Vicariously.jpg
Live Vicariously
Weapon:Robah's Axe
Shield:Exalted Aegis (unique)
Template Code: OQMT0UpWXSpYHkvguAkwfYkQkAA
Quests: Round 1: Fight! - Final Round: Fight!
Furious Axe.jpg
Furious Axe
Axe Twist.jpg
Axe Twist
Bonetti's Defense.jpg
Bonetti's Defense
Gladiator's Defense.jpg
Gladiator's Defense
Live Vicariously.jpg
Live Vicariously
Healing Signet.jpg
Healing Signet
Weapon:Robah's Axe
Shield:Exalted Aegis (unique)
Template Code: OQMT0UpWXBxtqoivorRSkCAA