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NoAttribute Points Quest Reward Crystal Desert

Prophecies Character has quest and lead up quests done however the NPC which gives quest has no quest to give and character is 15 points shy. Again both quests done, Droknars and Crystal Desert yet points not given or alotted and no way to regain quest

I was not able to reproduce this issue, but this particular part of prophecies tends to be confusing. Players often mistakenly think completing The Forgotten Ones gives them 15 attributes. In reality the two quests that give 15 attribute quests are Forgotten Wisdom and The Hero's Challenge. If you have completed both of these quests and still do not have credit, you will need to contact support for us to look at your specific character as that would be an error unique to your account. --Andrew Patrick 00:35, 14 January 2010 (UTC)

NoGolem Tutorial Simulation

User Apache Moxerror.jpg
Issue: After Capturing Area One nothing happens
Steps to reproduce the issue: after taking the tutorial and waiting until Image of Zinn stops speaking i send M.O.X to Area one and quest breaks after that
Additional info:

I could not reproduce this, M.O.X. correctly captures the Areas each time I tried this. Do you have any specific steps to get this to occur? Screen shots would also be very helpful. Thanks! --Michelle Juett 19:22, 20 January 2010 (UTC)
I had the same thing happen to me. I had completed the M.O.X. quests and gotten my reward but still decided to do the tutorial for the first time. I pinned M.O.X. at area one before the timer started to save time and the dialogue stalled like the person above said. 17:27, 23 May 2010 (UTC)

I am having the same issue. I am doing the simulation for the 1st time (for purpose of War in Kryta quests), and have tried multiple times (including waiting for entire dialogue to finish). After Mox turns the Area One blue bar to full, the quest breaks as the next dialogue to go to the next 2 areas does not kick off. I have added screenshot above where the dialogue is frozen. --Apache 04:32, 15 July 2010 (UTC)

I also have this issue. The first time I tried the quest, I sent Mox to capture area 1 before Zinn finished speaking (which stalled the quest). I have now tried several times on different days, waiting until Zinn finishes, but to no avail. Have resigned out to retry (no luck), restarted GW (no luck). I cannot get this quest to work. --Epinephrine 21:10, 30 January 2011 (UTC)

Disenchantment Course

Issue: With the (not so) recent changes to Life Sheath, it's very difficult to defeat Brother Pe Wan. He just reapplies the skill every other second, plus removes conditions. It's very hard for some professions to kill him, they are usually forced to come back and do the quest at a much higher level. The quest was designed for a long-lasting enchantment, whereas it's now near instantaneously reapplied.
Steps to reproduce the issue: While fighting in the training area.
Additional info: None.

Borlis Pass (Mission)

Issue: Similar to bug reports from soon after GW came out in 2005, killed engineers and mobs surrounding Krak's Hollow, but the doors do not open to provide access to Rurik.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Progressed normally including bonus, had gone afk for a little bit during mission.
Additional info: None.

Lambs to the Slaughter

Issue: If you kill the first Shadow Blade member to turn hostile too quickly, the others will not turn hostile, preventing you from completing the quest. But if you wait for about thirty minutes, they'll finally turn hostile so you can complete the quest. If you don't immediately attack the first Shadow Blade member to turn hostile, he will attack the other Shadow Blade member (which haven't become hostile yet). You can sit back and enjoy the show while he kills his comrades.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Just follow the quest and stand too close with henchmen or hero on attack mode, or an unsuspecting player.
Additional info: Make the group turn hostile all at once at the end of the dialogue. --Golgarit Raven 04:42, 30 October 2009 (UTC)

Issue: While the "When asked about quest" dialogue directs you to Shenzun Tunnels, all the action in this quest takes place in the Undercity.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Ask the quest giver about the quest
Additional info: --Golgarit Raven 04:42, 30 October 2009 (UTC)

Secrets in the Shadow

Issue: Can`t Do quest.cant take quest again.npc`s stand in front of town.
Steps to reproduce the issue: I abandoned quest and i cant take it again or do it.
Additional info: None Healer The Gods --The preceding unsigned comment was added by User:Radovan (talk).

The Monk's Path
Issue: The Eater of Souls is visible until a few meters away then dissapears.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Walked to the location of the Eater of Souls where the map was marked.
Additional info: I killed all the Jade Scarabs that kept respawning and The Eater of Souls never spawned.

Fire and Pain
Issue: It is possible to kill the necessary Charr in the burning forest and then proceed to where the Charr outside the forest are talking, at which point Gwen will say her "If what those beasts said was true" line even though it is no longer relevant.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Enter Sacnoth Valley from the Dalada Uplands. Instead of following the quest marker, enter the forest and kill the quest-related Charr. Then proceed to the initial quest marker location.
Additional info: Does not prevent completion of the quest.

The Eternal Grove
Issue: After the cutscene, one (or possibly more) of the Luxon Rangers or Siege Turtles on the small hills outside the grove may remain hostile.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Fend off the initial Luxon assault and trigger the cinematic.
Additional info: The Luxons that turned allied will fight that one(s) that did not.

No Polymock: Defeat Blarp

Issue: Blarp randomly heals during fights.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Use a damage inflicting skill on him
Additional info: I have seen it happen between rounds as well, seems to happen randomly

Are you sure it's not the health increase from Polymock Frozen Armor? User Rose Of Kali SIG.jpgRose Of Kali 14:42, 3 April 2010 (UTC)

Estate Planning

File:Estate Planning (Nightfall) map.jpg
Issue: Sometimes a kournan chest will spawn in the middle of the bridge and the NPC will stuck and wont cross the bridge.
Steps to reproduce the issue: crossed the bridge and went around the chest in the middle of it.
Additional info: he wouldnt move to any directions, Had to restart the quest to continue.

Kerrsh's Staff

Issue: The quest and the reward both do not list the Additional +5 energy for this Unique Item, I don't know if that's intentional but I'm reporting it to be sure.
Steps to reproduce the issue: The Path of Revelations Completed and Uncompleted.
Additional info:

Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 20%) is also missing. - J.P.User J.P. sigicon.pngTalk 02:23, 12 April 2010 (UTC)

Abaddon's Mouth

Issue: Upon successful completion of the bonus, Leah Stone says her "My soul is free..." line twice: once after the bonus is marked as completed in the quest log, and once after the bonus shield appears.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Complete the bonus. This happens consistently.
Additional info: According to the mission article, Leah will say her line if she dies before the bonus is completed. I suspect the same mechanism that causes this is also triggering once she disappears following completion of the bonus.

Zaishen Bounty - Molotav Rocktail

The option to get the bounty does not appear above the NPCs head. I have 1 completed Zaishen bounty in quest log

Issue: I could get the zaishen bounty for some characters on my account, but not others
Steps to reproduce the issue: I had the quest previously, but cashed it in 7 days ago when i saw it was upcoming
Additional info: I've farmed this zaishen bounty many times. Is there an undisclosed limit?

This tends to happen when you turn in a completed Zaishen Bounty within a few days before the same Zaishen Bounty is offered again by the signpost. This doesn't seem to occur with Zaishen Combat, but I don't know if this occurs with Zaishen Missions. --Silver Edge 05:43, 30 April 2010 (UTC)

The Road Less Traveled

Issue: Some characters can't accompany the quester into Saoshang Trail
Steps to reproduce the issue: A Tyrian lvl 20 W/N (and her heroes) was not teleported through. I suspect only Canthan characters can come along.
Additional info: The guards dialog claimed that some members of the party were not eligible to move on. The only PC:s in the party was the above Tyrian and the Canthan lvl 14 Ele that had the quest. The Tyrian character in question had just done Minister Cho's Estate together with the questholder.

Heart of the Shiverpeaks

Issue: Boss at the end won't die (Cyndr the Mountain Heart)
Steps to reproduce the issue: nothing out of the usual .. kill all in the way and then keg and kill the worm.
Additional info: when we 1St took off it's armour it did take damage and was nearly dead. After that wouldn't die.

video = <>

Gate of Madness

Issue: NPC kills dont count/NPCs stay allied
Steps to reproduce the issue: This is the same problem that all quests like this face. Some of them have been fixed. Examples include the 4 Horsemen and Demon Assassin quests in Underworld.
Additional info: The reason behind this is that NPCs that need to be killed that spawn cannot be aggro'd the moment they spawn. They have to spawn out of anybodies aggro, then attacked later. There are other quests like this, though some are obscure secondary quests that nobody does.

Wanted: Greves the Overbearing

Issue: Greves fails to walk back to his normal spawn point if he spawns near Brother Mizar, and as such fails to turn hostile. Walking back toward the gate to the Temple of the Ages sometimes fixes this problem.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Made a Hard Mode party with myself, 3 heroes, and 4 henchmen in Temple of the Ages and walked out the exit; watched the dialogue and killed the peacekeepers when they turned hostile.
Additional info: I previously (before taking the quest) encountered Greves here, but mapped out before he completed the dialogue. This happened twice.

Troubled Lands

Troubled Lands will not count down the ones u killed.I even abandoned it and got it over and still wont let me get it done.

No Mustering a Response

Issue: Blimm is badly bugged during this quest. He begins slowing down towards the end of the narrow stretch of road, eventually grinding to an almost walking speed and invarialbly gets caught by the spawns. This makes the quest "pot luck" and is extremely annoying!
Steps to reproduce the issue: Attempting the quest using a runing team w. Warr / Para skills.
Additional info: Only occurs in North Kryta on the last stretch to LA (Greywind part).

Is this still an issue after various WiK updates? He doesn't appear to move differently from the other named NPCs, who all move somewhat faster than the generic refugees. — Tennessee Ernie Ford (TEF) 20:44, 14 May 2011 (UTC)

Army Life

Issue: <Old Mac is already dead when I arrive to "talk" to him>
Steps to reproduce the issue: <On the way to the quest area, was fighting Charr, noticed Old Mac already dead on the ground>
Additional info: <None)>

In the Army Now (Kurzick)

Area: Cantha - Kurzick Territory Quest: In the Army now (Kurzick) (Dienst fürs Vaterland (Kurzick)) Problem: If one of the added kurzick-soldiers dies during the quest, it could be possible that none of the remaining ones can be added to the group to finish the quest. Instead of the possibility to add one of the last kurzicks, the in-game quest marker tells me to go to recruiter Sigmund. Sorry for the bad English ?

Outcasts in the Quarry

Issue: Adds two small groups of outcasts to Unwaking Waters (explorable area) in areas unreachable by foot, potentially complicating vanquishes.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Accept the quest
Additional info: one along the mission's path near Chazek Plague Herder, the other in the Kurzick outpost area near Cultist Rajazan

Molotov Rocktail (Zaishen quest)

Issue: Quest is unavailable if completed the day before.
Steps to reproduce the issue: After completing (and redeeming the reward for) the quest last night (around 8:00 Central Time) in preparation of today's Zaishen Bounty, I am not given the quest dialogue at the Zaishen Bounty signpost. On characters that did not do the quest yesterday, the quest is available today. Likewise on my wife's account.
Additional info: I don't know if this affects Zaishen quests in general or if the topic has been covered before, as this is the first time I've noticed the issue.

There's a well known oddity: if you don't zone after getting credit, the game doesn't "refresh" the quest for your toon. That sounds precisely what happened with the one toon affected.  — Tennessee Ernie Ford (TEF) 01:23, 9 September 2010 (UTC)

Divinity Coast

Issue: Bonus does not properly complete.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Follow the quest log, finding all five Chosen and going to Loamhurst. You get only the normal reward.
Additional info: Talking to Lionguard Minah causes it to trigger, but you are not instructed to do so, only to take them to Loamhurst.

You don't have to take them all the way to Minah, but you do have to walk far enough into town to get them close to the fountain. (As it turns out, talking to the Lionguard coincidentally accomplishes that task.) This is similar to how it works with other quests that include trailing NPCs: Mustering a Response, In the Army (Kurz/Lux versions), etc. — Tennessee Ernie Ford (TEF) 20:47, 14 May 2011 (UTC)

The Tengu Accords

Issue: You are able to get multiple rewards from the Bonus Mission Pack Quests Like The Tengu Accords
Steps to reproduce the issue: Complete the quest once hand in the storybook to be authorized and then get a weapon from Akemi then go back and ask to have your story authorized again. I was able to get two items like this I believe the reward is only one item though.
Additional info: not sure if there is an in game switch to report but if there id Ill do the same if needed.

Last of the Breed

Issue: Quest cannot be completed after inventory was full when handing over the giant tusks.
Steps to reproduce the issue: After accepting the quest, return to Mirza Veldrunner in Turai's Procession with a full inventory and 4 or 5 giant tusks. The 3 giant tusks will disappear from your inventory (so that 1 or 2 remain), and you will receive a message that your inventory is full (so no reward is given). The quest status will remain 'Completed'. If you return once you have cleaned out your inventory, Mirza will still have the exclamation mark, and the popup for the quest reward will appear, but when you click Accept, nothing happens.
Additional info: Don't know what would happen I'd return with another set of 3 giant tusks, and if anything needs to be done to get this fixed on my character.

Duel of the Houses

Issue: The duel doesn't start immediately, I have to wait for minutes and kill other enemies
Steps to reproduce the issue: I accepted the quest from Duel Master Vaughn, then ran (faster than him) to the duel place. Only The Count Durheim turned hostile and I killed him before Duel Master Vaughn arrived.
Additional info: It occured several times under the conditions I told you, when I vankish the zone in HM. In this case I run to kill some other mobs. The Monk duellists follows me because they cure my Necro hero's minions. At some point (I cannot identify why or when) These duellists turn hostile, then I kill them and come back to the rest of the group. By the way they are easier to defeat as I already killed the Monks before.

War In Kryta

Issue: Murro says I need to kill the Inquisitors still, but I already did them, and had Riverside Assassination in my log.
Steps to reproduce the issue: I did Riverside Assassination, then accepted the reward, but Salma won't give me the next quest, A Little Help From Above. The quest log still says I need to kill the inquisitors, but the bounties aren't available, even if I wanted to do them again.
Additional info: none

Issue: Cannot accept reward for quest Wanted: Inquisitor Lashona
Steps to reproduce the issue: I killed Lashona, quest updated in my log, but Salma won't give me the reward.
Additional info: When I took the quest from "Wanted by the Shining Blade" it lacked description. Also during quest Lieutenant Thackeray spawned as ally near Bergen hot springs, which shouldn't happen because I have already done all "War in Kryta" quests and 2 "Hearts of the north" quests.

Issue: Unlocked War in Kryta without access to EotN on my account. Cannot continue or abandon quest line to remove WiK enemies from Kryta zones.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Seems to have started when my Prophecies-complete character did the Annihilator festival quest and gained Ebon Vanguard rank during April Fools' Day 2011.
Additional info: none

War In Kryta - Lovisa, Lashona & Bauer Bounties missing

Issue: My Warrior Count Severinus had the 3 bounties still to do but had not taken them form the Bounty Post. After the recent content release Hearts of the North the Lovisa and Lashona bounties showed up in my Dervish Count Siricus character although he has already completed the whole of WiK. He was unable to do the bounties and I abandoned them. Went to pick up the Bauer bounty in Scoudrels Rise along with Joh The Hostile already in quest log and Bauer Bounty no longer available from the Bounty Post. Nor are Lovisa or Lashona bounties now available.
Steps to reproduce the issue: <What you did just before the issue occurred> Content upgrade not sure which character was active at the time.
Additional info: <Additional info (type "None" if you have nothing)> You can see that the Warrior has not done the three bounties as those areas still not showing as mapped.

Wanted Inquisitor Lovisa,Inquisitor Lashona,Inquisitor Bauer

Issue: I cant get any of these three quest at the moment,and cant go on in War in Kryta.
Steps to reproduce the issue: While doing the daily wanted quest as usual,I found that the "Wanted by the Shining Blade" flag only give one daily quest,instead of the Inquisitors wanted quest,and princess also have no quest to give.I was trapped at this step in War in Kryta.
Additional info: I got these three quests before,but maybe I had abandoned them a few day before,and cant get them for a second chance at present;This issue probably come with the Heart of the North update.--Jinyi 06:30, 26 November 2010 (UTC)

War in Kryta – can’t continue nor abandon quest

Issue: Done WiK a few times with some of my chars but with 2 of them (Assa and Para) I’m stuck cause I can’t get the three mandatory Wanted quests.
Steps to reproduce the issue: With my Assa I went a killed the three Inquisitors WITHOUT taking the respective Wanted quest from the Bounty Post. (I had the main quest and I thought that the whole sequence had been simplified since the update, silly me). With my Para I forgot to take “Get the girl” from Thackery after giving him the picnic stuff, but since other party members did take it I continued the storyline until we got to Selma and I got zero mandatory Wanted quests.
Additional info: None Pinchesargento 20:40, 26 November 2010 (UTC)

Riverside Assassination

Issue: <Finished Wanted bounties for Bauer, Lashona and Lovisa and received rewards. But Riverside Assassination quest not available from Salma. Wife, who also finished bounties, was offered Lovisa and Lashona again (but not Bauer). She took the bounties again, abandoned them, and bounties for Lovisa and Lashona again available, but still no quests. We completed Lashona and Lovisa again and she received the reward for them. Again. Now the quests are available for her, but still not for me. We did all bounties together, but obtained rewards separately. I can get regular bounties (Lev, Marron), but neither bounties I have already completed nor new quests.>
Steps to reproduce the issue: installed Thursday and Friday updates between time finished bounties and when attempted to obtain quests.
Additional info: None

Checked in with Murro -- turns out I had not witnessed "Evennia Recruits the Ebon Vanguard." Witnessed, and then Lashona and Lovisa (but not Bauer) available to me again. Did those bounties again and now Riverside Assassination is available. Got some extra war supplies, so I'm good. :-)

RIVERSIDE ASSASSINATION problem : i have completed riverside assassination + wanted kimlii, when i got the reward from kimlii first ,then from riverside salma didnt gave me the next quest" a litle help from above " .

Thunderhead Keep

<Link to image (leave out if none)>
Issue: <have tried to get bonus many times. Beacons lit in good time. After completing mission, just to make sure, go outside - dwarves are all fine in their village to the NE. A few Mursaat and Jade found - eliminated these. Went back and talked to King Jalis - no bonus. See also mission discussion page - looks like a few others have had the same problem>
Steps to reproduce the issue: <What you did just before the issue occurred>
Additional info: <Additional info (type "None" if you have nothing)>

Ebon Vanguard Allies

<Link to image (leave out if none)>
Issue: The quest is still active and I can not abandon it or complete it.
Steps to reproduce the issue: I had active The Battle for Lion’s Arch quest. By mistake I took Ebon Vanguard Allies quest but did not complete it. After that I completed quest The Battle for Lion‘s Arch.
Additional info: Nicholas does not appear in Watchtower Coast unless the War in Kryta is active. So there is no way to find Nicholas all over Kryta.

A Very Grentchie Wintersday

Issue: With Peacekeepers active, Necromancer Skorzena does NOT meet Nobleman Daltain and his mob. Instead, Necromancer Skorzena is killed by Calamitous and the minions with him. This has occurred on EVERY instance, leaving from Beetletun.

The meet point for this quest on the Watchtower Coast seems to be the standard spawning point for Calamitous, who attacks anything in agro range of him. Additionally, The Elite Guards with Necromancer Skorzena DO NOT react to the attack on them, they just die.
Steps to reproduce the issue: run any character who has completed Prophecies and has NOT completed War in Kryta, leaving from Beetletun. The mission cannot be accomplished as Calamitous and his mob proceed to wipe BOTH quest parties prior to your team arriving on scene. The virtually immediate death of Necromancer Skorzena is unstoppable.
Additional info: noneUndouble 03:10, 17 December 2010 (UTC)

Battle Preparations

moved to Help:Ask_a_game_question#Stuck on battle preparations

To the Rescue!

Issue: Warden of Whispers (Ravenheart Gloom) died, but party didn't fail and be forced to return to outpost. Could not proceed.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Activated the quest step that spawns the torment demons that charge into the cave, killed all of the torment demons, but the Warden of Whispers dies.
Additional info: Warden of Whispers should be added to the party window as an Ally if his death causes the party to be unable to proceed.

Asuran Allies

Issue: Murro's quest calls for EITHER completing "the Zinn's Task OR the Knowlegeable Asura" quests then you are directed to "speak with the "Asura Chark" in the Tarnished Coast"---------but Chark will only appear if the "Zinn's task" quest has been completed.
Steps to reproduce the issue: speak to Murro in Lion's Arch after completing the "Knowledgeable Asura" quest.
Additional info: Do NOT complete "Zinn's Task">

I cannot replicate this. I have toons that have not even started Zinn's task and a friend whose account does not include NF or MOX. Both of us have successfully completed WiK.  — Tennessee Ernie Ford (TEF) 03:12, 27 December 2010 (UTC)
My character had completed Prophecies and "The Knowledgeable Asura" and had Zinn's Task ACTIVE (but not complete). With Murro's quest obtained, still could not get Chark to appear. Once "Zinn's Task" had been completed, Chark did show up. Have other characters with "The Knowledgeable Asura" quest (only) complete (with M.O.X. but WITHOUT "Zinn's Task") and Chark also appears as "scheduled". Undouble 16:35, 29 December 2010 (UTC)

Wanted: Justiciar Kasandra

Issue: completing this quest with heroes and henchmen is highly improbable
Steps to reproduce the issue: use single character with heroes and henchmen as a full party; Heroes and henchmen, with or without targeting data too often just face empty space or walls, do not attack, defend or move, just die. Does not matter if heroes set to "attack", "guard", or "evade"
Additional info: Henchmen are only level 10-- too low for mission vs level 20+ foes

Power Surge

Issue: NPC "unbound Spirit" doesn't show up at the location on the mini-map?
Steps to reproduce the issue: I received quest from Headmaster Quin, went to village and chatted with Jakimo, went up hill to indicated location. The Unbound spirit is not located there.
Additional info: I tried many times to get the spirit to "POP" I even logged all the way out and came back in order for it to pop. I haven't tried abandoning the quest however.

The War in Kryta - Defeat the inquisitors of the White Mantle: Lashona, Bauer, and Lovisa
Issue: I finished the first three tasks of The War in Kryta quest. I was told to take the bounty quest for Lashona, Bauer, and Lovisa. Only 2 of the required 3 bounties were available plus one for Kassandra. I took those 3. Since then, the 2 required bounties disappeared. I am stuck. I cannot continue with this quest nor can I abandon and start over.
Steps to reproduce the issue: I returned to Selma to claim my reward. Even though I did the first 3 tasks the Ebon Vanguard item did not update so I exited from Lion’s Arch Keep back into Lion’s Arch. I went back into the Keep and the quest updated and I went to get the 3 required, unrepeatable bounties.
Additional info: I have since finished the Kassandra bounty and picked up two more. If needed, I can drop those.

Then and Now, Here and There

Issue: If you get Gwen's flute out of the pig pen, then map out, Dahgar and the other level 20 Charr won't spawn anymore. The whole area reverts to normal. The quest won't update, but you'll be able to complete the quest with Duke Barradin.
Steps to reproduce the issue: I was looking at the wiki to see where I needed to go for the quest and saw that the spot where you get the flute is on the way to Dahgar. I didn't expect it to work, but I tried kneeling in the pen to see if I could get the flute on the way rather than backtracking. Surprisingly, it worked. I continued on towards Dahgar, but since I'm underleveled and hadn't optimized my hero's skills much I died several times to the combo healer/warder + 2 melee Charr outside the cave. I hit max death penalty before going into the cave, though was able to kill the 4 melee Charr without trouble. Dahgar himself was a problem. I was on a warrior character with 40% max health, so his Deadly Riposte was able to kill me if I attacked him more than twice (as a side note, he was using that ability far more often than every 10 seconds. I don't know if that's an NPC ability, but it made attacking him impossible). Vekk, Gwen, and Ogden were able to get him to ~50% health before he wiped us. After several tries I mapped out to switch around heroes and abilities. When I re-entered the zone, it was as I described it above. I tried several permutations of entering from a different zone, changing my active quest, putting Gwen in and out of my party, and moving her flute in and out of storage. Nothing changed the zone back to the quest version. I finally decided to just try talking to Barradin and then give up, but I was once again surprised to see that he accepted the quest as complete.
Additional info: It's not so bad of an problem now that I was able to complete the mission. For a while I thought I was going to have to abandon it and run a character through pre-searing for another shred.

Kormir's Crusade

Issue: Rahmor in will not give me the quest. I have completed the mission "Gate of Pain" with masters (not that that should matter) and was ported into the the Gate of Fear outpost. I tryng group with someone else doing the quest to see if I could trigger it that way and it did not work. This is the main story quest, without it I can not complete NightFall.
Steps to reproduce the issue:
Additional info: I have tried re-entering the zone as well as completely closing GW and reopening. Nothing has changed.

Ice Caves of Sorrow

Issue: Rornak Stonesledge is missing. The cage is completely empty.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Ran the quest normally in both NM and HM using Heroes and Mercenaries
Additional info: The rest of the quest "seemed" to run normally except that after rescuing Evenia the Mursaat did not aggro the dwarfs on the top of the hill, nor were they aggroed by the dwarfs. The battle between the White Mantle and the Dwarfs at that site continued without intervention by the Mursaat. This is also a Zaishen quest that cannot complete the Bonus in either NM or HM. Just reran this quest with another character, using Heroes only (WITHOUT Mercenaries), and all worked as normal. 07:30, 6 March 2011 (UTC)

Wisdom of the Druids

Issue: Ancient Druid Spirit may not recognize your presence or give the reward.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Stand directly in the spot indicated on the map. The spirits appear, speak among themselves, and are selectable. But selecting the Ancient Druid Spirit does nothing different than the others. You can select Ancient Druid Spirit, and it speaks, but does not give the reward dialog box.
Additional info: This seems to occur when the character is in or very close to the location of the druids when they appear. I walked away slightly then back, then Ancient Druid Spirit gave the dialog box. If it matters, I have a group of one player and five heroes.

Augury Rock (Mission)

Issue: Guild Wars is unable to find the mission
Steps to reproduce the issue: Light the 3 shrines and watch the cinematic. After that you're teleported to the doppelganger, after a few sec Guild wars is unable to find the mission you have requested
Additional info: None

Zaishen Quest and Lieutenant Langmar daily quests

Issue: A new daily quest can not be accepted when the last daily quest you finished was the same one.
Steps to reproduce the issue: No exclamation marks appear at the Zaishen signpost or at Lieutenant Langmar in pre-searing.
Additional info: I wanted to go and get the new Pre-Searing Daily Quest from Langmar, but there was no exclamation mark. I did not have ANY quests active, my log was empty. The last quests I finished a week earlier though, was the same quest that you could get that day. Later I had the same issue with the Zaishen Mission in the GToB. Apparently, since the new march update, you can't get the daily quest if the last Zaishen/Langmar quest you did was that same daily quest. (I know this happens when you still have that quest active, but this was not the case.) Rezoning does not help.

Was that the first time you logged on that pre-Searing character since turning in the Lieutenant Langmar quest that is being offered again? If yes, then you're experiencing the bug noted in the Notes sections of the Lieutenant Langmar and Zaishen Challenge Quest pages. --Silver Edge 04:05, 22 March 2011 (UTC)

Consulate Docks (Zaishen quest)
Issue: Unable to turn in mission
Steps to reproduce the issue: ran mission as normal, i don't know if i am doing something wrong or what
Additional info: i ran it twice before abandoning the mission due to the fact it would not let me turn it in

Tihark Orchard

Issue: Fighting myself while fighting "Palawa Joko"
Steps to reproduce the issue: Started the festivity to fight "Palawa Joko"
Additional info: At some point while fighting "Palawa Joko", I started targeting myself. I was in the target bar, it was red, when I shot a bow the animation hit him but I was the one mechanically hit.

Thunderhead Keep

Issue: I cannot seem to obtain the bonus for the mission even though I am lighting the 2 beacons in good time.I have tried several times & I have killed all enemies in the area & checked that the dwarfs are still alive at the end of the mission which they are.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Used sprint with my W/R after the cutscene to ensure beacons were lit quickly.
Additional info: None

Save the Ascalonian Noble

Issue: When I pass Oberan the Reviled with Duke Gaban, Duke Gaban then run right to Oberan the Reviled and be stuck there so I have to go back and get him.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Above
Additional info: None

No Destruction's Depths

did not recieve credit in my hard mode book

Issue: I did Destruction depths in HM and did not receive credit for the mission in my heros handbook -- Not a happy camper -- What's wrong?
Steps to reproduce the issue: What you did just before the issue occurred
Additional info: None --The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) at 02:25, 27 April 2011 (UTC).

When you completed Destruction's Depths in Hard mode, did you have a Hard mode version of the Hero's Handbook in your character's inventory and did you have more than one of them in your inventory? Also, does Gedrel of Ascalon, Kodan, Tyr the Skaald or Lexx offer to fill in the Destruction's Depths page in your Hero's Handbook (Hard mode version)? --Silver Edge 04:41, 28 April 2011 (UTC)

The Villany Of Galrath Hard Mode

Issue: The Kessex Peak instance when the quest is active counts as not vanquished even if your character has already vanquished another Kessex Peak Instance (standard HM or WiK).
Steps to reproduce the issue: Simply accept the new hard mode quest and enter Kessex Peak.
Additional info: Vanquishing the area rewards you for completion. It doesn't add it to the total tyrian areas if another Kessex Peak has been cleared previously.

Jade Quarry - Competitive mission

Issue: Carriers on both side get stuck at the base. There seem to be no pattern, but hasted carriers seem to get stuck more frequently. Additionally the yellow kurzick longbow shrine does not shoot at juggernauts until provoked once.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Unknown. After deploying jade to the base the carrier does not move further, even if the shrine is capped. Loosing/recapping the Shrine unstucks the carrier - however most enemy teams getting aware of a stuck carrier leave the shrine alone.
Additional info: This issue was reported frequently over the last three (3) years and it is a VERY! frustrating one, as i lets even good teams that doesn't suffer from leechers, leavers or bots, to loose.

A Peaceful Solution

Issue: Nadara and Shaudok can body block the player, henchmen, or heros if the player is at the northern most point of the docks where the player takes Shaudok to confront Dashon.
Steps to reproduce the issue: I walked to the northern most point of the docks where you take Shaudok to fight Nadara (without realizing it was the quest location) to expand my Cartographer percentage and Nadara attacked. After defeating her, both NPCs stood next to the fishing crates, body blocking my heros and Fire Imp.
Additional info: None

A Hidden Threat

Issue: If you arrive before Elonbel, the Corsair Commandant appears, later when come Elonbel, becomes hostile, you kill him and does not complete the mission.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Running down the points that appear in map (you must run more than Elonbel)
Additional info: Too doesn't spawn Corsair Spotter.

Talmark Wilderness (Zaishen vanquish)

Issue: After vanquishing the War of Kryta version of Talmark Wilderness, the quest might not update and become completed.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Vanquish Talmark Wilderness with WiK content active.
Additional info: The area counts as being vanquished, the quest just doesn't seem to recognize it every time (in the team of 8, at least one player had the quest completed, while at least 2 of us didn't)

Gate of Madness
Issue: Mission doesn't finish after killing Shiro and Undead Lich. Says I have to travel to the temple of the six gods.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Kill Shiro and Lich in Hard Mode and see what happens.
Additional info: All shrines are active and I'm in the temple. See picture link above. I was able to repro this a second time. For the second attempt, I went the extra distance and lured Shiro outside of the temple with my heroes and killed him. Notice the friendly lich: I'd suggest checking the script triggers for the mission. There seems to be some dependencies on them happening in a specific order. Autoduelist 20:14, 19 May 2011 (UTC)

Insatiable Appetite (Nightfall Quest)

Issue: Completed quest for Chunno already. Toma does not appear so I can feed him.
Steps to reproduce the issue: Completed Koss's Garden mission then Melonni's Nudhu Bay mission.
Additional info: The dialog for Melonni's setup quest for the Nudhu Bay mission repeats. Chunno is nearby with a ! over his head. I have a screen cap but I can't figure out how to upload it. Sorry. Autoduelist 06:45, 25 March 2011 (UTC)