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Dozell Zen


Dozell's Story[edit]

Early life

The slums grow thick with waste and people, although there are many structures to live in few are safe, crime thrives at the heart of the city and its taint spreads to all those who hate this condition. Orphans are made pickpockets and thieves, not many make it past the 7th year of life here. Among these pickpockets there was a boy who was born under the sign of Lyssa, he bore no true name, yet he was highly regarded for his reflexes and dexterity. One day the boy came across what appeared to be a nobleman talking to a priest, figuring this was the perfect opportunity he carefully crept. As the boy went for the nobleman’s pouch he was thrown backwards by a charge of energy. Dazed and confused the child looked for an escape only to find that he had been bound to the earth but what looked like blue transparent chains. The nobleman turned his face to the boy and it was Emperor Kisu, outraged by the attempted theft he called for guards to deal with this gutter child. Suddenly the priest stepped forward and said in a calm voice “You who acts in the shadows are skilled, but skill gained from trial and error here can never be mastered without stepping to far between this life and the next.”, the man kneeled down next to the shackled pickpocket and with a light touch upon the bonds they faded away. He continued “I feel sorrow for the people here; how they are to live in such a state of chaos and poverty, Lord Kisu may I be so bold as to ask a favor of you?” .The Emperor as confused as the boy responds in a flat voice “What do you ask?”,The wise priest replied “I wish that you not harm this land by being so aggressive to your people trying to survive in this broken city, I also wish to take this boy with me to a place he can learn how to master the shadows.” .With a more serious face the emperor nodded and issued the guards to take him back to the castle leaving the boy and the priest alone. Begins a curious and persistent child the boy asks who his savior happens to be, and why he was meeting with the emperor, and where they were going. The only answers the orphan got in return was Togo, he is an old friend, and to Shing Jea Island.

At School

Upon arrival to the island the nameless child who Togo calls Crow wanders about looking at the rural landscape. He had never left the city until now and had no idea what grass was or why there was so much of it. With his vast amount of questions beginning to wear the priest out Togo the trip to Shing Jea Monastery from Seitung Harbor passes with haste. When Togo and the boy reach the Monastery a monk greats them, telling Togo he has bad news about a city far away, Togo then in response says “Sorry Mhenlo, but I need to show this little crow to Headmaster Lee, we can talk after” .Nodding the monk walks away as Togo and the boy head into the Monastery.The Monastery was a huge place with ancient architecture and a feel of wisdom to it. Gazing upon the beauty of the land Togo’s crow doesn’t even notice as his guide disappears, within minutes Togo returns with a female, snapping back to awareness he gazes upon his new master. Headmaster Lee looked upon the bow as if he were a lost puppy. Then she said “What is your name boy?” the confused child remained silent, taking that as an answer the Headmaster responded “Very well I suppose ill have to name you hmmm…we did just loose a student the other day to Oni, How about Dozell? It will be easier for us to remember you”. A little fearful of what he heard but even more fearful of his new master he nodded in acceptance. As the years went by training under the assassins of the Monastery Dozell learned many new skills such as beast mastery and manipulation of spirits and the undead, but it was his lesson with Jinzo that stuck with him the most. Jinzo being a monk forced to become an assassin hated killing even though he was good at it, adopting his pacifist and merciful ways rather than his other assassin teacher, Panaku’s bloodthirsty ways he was called a noble assassin, if ever there was one and became known as Dozell Zen.


One day, after doing his daily training exercise Dozell was greeted by a familiar face, Togo, he told him that he should head to see head master immediately and meet up with him after he is finished with his tasks. Confused Dozell follows orders and goes straight to Headmaster Lee. Bowing to her and her to him she says “It has been many years and I can see you have grown into a powerful Assassin now you are needed to act out what you have been trained for do you accept?” Dozell nods “Society's balance teeters on a razor's edge. Your judgment must not. But you have done well, and if you keep your wits about you, you may yet make a great Assassin. Now, seek out Master Togo in Linnok Courtyard. All students who complete the advanced courses are required to speak with him”. And just like that Dozell’s legend began to take root and grow into a mass of hope, admiration, honor, and justice.

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My Favorite Build[edit]

Signet of Spirits.jpg Pain.jpg Bloodsong.jpg Vampirism.jpg Painful Bond.jpg Summon Spirits.jpg Armor of Unfeeling.jpg Flesh of My Flesh.jpg


A Closer Look At Dozell[edit]


  • Finish collecting gear to get up to 50/50 HoM
  • Try my hand at GWAMM max
  • Start GvGing again
  • Collect a ton of allies to start a guild with in GW2


  • Got Obby.
  • Completely VQed Factions.
  • Killed 3 Nooby A/Me sins back to back in JQ(i dont know why they think they have a gd build lol...).
  • Reached r2 in GWAMM title.
  • More than 30 HoM points.


  • Aided in the creation of a popular abing assassin knock-lock build still in use today.
  • Is the second PvE Assassin I made & was based on a PvP Assassin I had.

About Dozell Zen[edit]

Character Bio

  • Profession: Assassin
  • Sex:Male
  • Birthplace:Kaineng City
  • Experience: 10,102,584
  • Faction:Vanguard of the Crimson Rain
  • Guild::[GORD]


  • Armor::Obby, Vabbian, Ancient,Elite Exotic, Norn, Monumnet, Asuran, Elite Luxon
  • Weapons::Daggers of Purity.pngOppressor's Daggers.pngOppressor's Spear.pngOppressor's Staff.pngOppressor's Scythe.pngOppressor's Sword.pngOppressor's Axe.pngOppressor's Scepter.pngOppressor's Longbow.pngDestroyer Daggers.pngDestroyer Scythe.pngDestroyer Bow.pngDestroyer Sword.pngTormented Sword.png
  • Favorite Pets::Black Moa.pngWhite Jingle Moa.pngStrider.pngWhite Moa.png

Dozell's Gods[edit]


"Melandru" concept art.jpg"Grenth" concept art.jpg"Lyssa" concept art.jpg"Dwayna" concept art.jpg

Melandru mural (Gandara).jpgGrenth mural (Gandara).jpgLyssa mural (Gandara).jpgDwayna mural (Gandara).jpg

Melandru mural (Ascalon).jpgGrenth mural (Ascalon).jpgLyssa mural (Ascalon).jpgDwayna mural (Ascalon).jpg

HoM Junk[edit]

Userbox & Quotes[edit]

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My Sayings

  • Hate is over rated, peace is to passive.
  • Failure is okay unless u fail to learn from your mistakes.
  • Better to listen then to speak.
  • A wise man is a just man, a stupid man is a tyrant.
  • A friend is better to have then an enemy.
  • Never act before you know what you enemy plans to do, then counter and take control
  • Better to walk the uncommon and right path then the popular and corrupted path.
  • Time is to valuable to waste fighting.
  • Shadows are with us no matter how bright a light we are exposed to, these shadows show were we have been and were we are to go next.
  • There is no such thing as good or evil only concepts.
  • A single person can act to prevent what billions could not.
  • Those who bare titles must carry their wight.
  • Always know your surroundings before you try anything risky.
  • Good leaders are bound by the shackles of the people, bad leaders bind shackles to the people.
  • Every dream begins with the first step.

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