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Here are my beloved characters:

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Other stuff[edit]

PvX This user plays PvE and PvP.
From Portugal
Age mid 20's years old
Server Europe sometimes America
Played 3345 hours in 46 month(s)
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Eye of the North
Guild House Behelit
Alliance Kurzick
Favorite Skill Mesmer Backfire
User Bear International flag.jpg This user hides from Home Districts
Guilt This user has spent 3345 hours in Guild Wars in 46 months (2.4 h/day).
GWW-shield.png This user plays all GW campaigns: Core, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North, and Beyond.
User Saxxon gwen.jpg This user plays the Eye of the North expansion.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
Backfire.jpg Backfire is Rhay's favorite skill.

Finally got around to making my own page! hopefully this will be a nice way to track my progress and to show off achievements :) big thanks to Muppet and Erendis for lending me the page code.

Zaishen Weapons.pngAbout myself

Been playing Guild Wars since september 2005 after Varda and Beraton spoke so highly of the game. You could say they got me addicted to the game even before i got a chance to play it! I wouldnt stop reading all the skill descritptions already trying to come up with different combinations.

I wasnt a part of the Behelit Guild ever since the beggining, but joining was one of the best things i ever did! Without everyone, i wouldnt be able to acomplish all i did, or have as much fun as i had doing it.

Things i like the most about GW is all the different skills you can play around with, the fluid gameplay, and the overall feel of the world. Also, the music rocks!

L33T This user has achieved the title Pro Skillz by gaining 3485 Gamer Points.
Mesmer-icon.png This user is a Mesmer by nature.
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This user is a follower of
The eternal beauty.
Rollerbeetle Racer.jpg This user loves Rollerbeetle Racing.
BHLT This user is a member of House Behelit

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My Hall of Monuments[edit]