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Guardian (3/6)

Assassin Deaths Sensei
User Craz1 Deaths sensei.jpg Class: Assassin
Level: 20
Region: All
Guild: FoMD
Alliance: Kaotic Silence

Backpack.png Equipment

Tinted Spectacles.png Tinted Spectacles
Assassin Asuran armor f gray front chest feet.jpg Assassin Asuran armor
Chaos Gloves.png Chaos Gloves
Tengu Daggers.png Tengu Daggers
Dolyak Prod Staff.png Dolyak Prod Staff
Golden Phoenix Blade.png Golden Phoenix Blade
Celestial Longbow.png Celestial Longbow

Optional.jpg Favorite Skillset :: PvE

Way of the Assassin Way of the Assassin
Golden Fox Strike Golden Fox Strike
Wild Strike Wild Strike
Death Blossom Death Blossom
Critical Defenses Critical Defenses
"You Are All Weaklings!" "You Are All Weaklings!"
Pain Inverter Pain Inverter
Summon Ice Imp Summon Ice Imp

Maxed Titles

Legendary Skill Hunter
Elonian Elite Skill Hunter
Canthan Elite Skill Hunter
Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter
Protector of Cantha
Protector of Tyria
Protector of Elona
Norn rank Slayer of All
Asura rank Not Too Shabby

Titles In-Progress

Title Rank
Maxed titles rank Kind Of A Big Deal (1)
Wisdom Font of Wisdom (5)
Treasure Hunter Adept Treasure Hunter (2)
Zaishen rank Ally of the Zaishen (4)
Lucky Lucky (2)
Unlucky Unlucky (2)
Sunspear rank Spearmarshal (9)
Lightbringer rank Revered Lightbringer (7)
Allegiance rank Steward of the Luxons (6)
Deldrimor rank Adventurous Delver (7)
Ebon Vanguard rank Underground Agent (6)
Canthan Cartographer Canthan Trailblazer (80%)
Elonian Cartographer Elonian Explorer (70%)
Tyrian Cartographer Tyrian Explorer (60%)
Master of the North Pioneer of the North (2)
Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth (1)
Party Animal Party Animal (1)

Hero Unlocked
Mesmer Norgu Yes
Warrior Goren Yes
Monk Tahlkora Yes
Necromancer Master of Whispers Yes
Ranger Acolyte Jin Yes
Warrior Koss Yes
Monk Dunkoro Yes
Elementalist Acolyte Sousuke Yes
Dervish Melonni Yes
Elementalist Zhed Shadowhoof Yes
Paragon General Morgahn Yes
Ranger Margrid the Sly Yes
Assassin Zenmai Yes
Necromancer Olias Yes
Ritualist Razah Yes
Dervish M.O.X. Yes
Warrior Jora Yes
Ranger Pyre Fierceshot Yes
Assassin Anton Yes
Necromancer Livia Yes
Paragon Hayda Yes
Dervish Kahmu Yes
Mesmer Gwen Yes
Ritualist Xandra Yes
Elementalist Vekk Yes
Monk Ogden Stonehealer Yes

User Ocravia Poison.png The user has 3,804 deaths on his main character.
Assassin-tango-icon-200.png This user is an Assassin by nature.
Death Penalty.jpg This user performs better with 15 DP or more.
GWW-shield.png This user plays all GW campaigns: Core, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North, and Beyond.
User Lensor gw2.jpg This user plans to buy Guild Wars 2
User That Sounds Risky 7Heroes.jpg This user wanted seven Hero teams and got it!
This User is a member of the Luxon alliance.
Backpack.png This user is a packrat with never enough storage space!
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