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Causes sacrifice[edit]

See Sacrifice#Skills with sacrifice costs

Affects or checks for sacrifice by allies[edit]

Necromancer Soul Reaping: Masochism (PvP)
Necromancer Blood Magic: Awaken the Blood
Necromancer Death Magic: Dark Aura

Affects or checks for sacrifice by foes[edit]

Monk Smiting Prayers: Scourge Sacrifice

Shadow damage[edit]

Causes shadow damage[edit]

Necromancer Blood Magic: Dark Pact, Lifebane Strike/Shadow Strike, Touch of Agony/Wallow's Bite
Necromancer Curses, Defile Enchantments/Desecrate Enchantments, Feast of Corruption, Mark of Pain, Spiteful Spirit
Necromancer Death Magic: Dark Aura, Deathly Chill


See also: List of shouts, #Skill

Affects or checks for shouts by allies[edit]

Warrior Tactics: Soldier's Defense, Soldier's Speed, Soldier's Stance, Soldier's Strike
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Roaring Winds
Ritualist Restoration Magic: Vocal was Sogolon
Paragon Leadership: Aggressive Refrain, Blazing Finale, Burning Refrain, Enduring Harmony, Hasty Refrain, Soldier's Fury
Paragon Command: Bladeturn Refrain
Paragon Motivation: Chorus of Restoration, Energizing Chorus, Energizing Finale, Finale of Restoration, Mending Refrain, Purifying Finale
Paragon No attribute: Signet of Aggression

Affects or checks for shouts by foes[edit]

Ranger Wilderness Survival: Roaring Winds
Necromancer Curses: Cacophony, Ulcerous Lungs, Vocal Minority, Well of Silence


See also: #Skill

Affects or checks for signets used by allies[edit]

Warrior Strength: Lion's Comfort
Warrior No attribute: Symbolic Strike
Ranger Beast Mastery: Primal Echoes
Monk Divine Favor: Scribe's Insight
Mesmer Domination Magic: Signet of Distraction, Unnatural Signet (PvP)
Mesmer Fast Casting: Keystone Signet, Symbolic Celerity, Symbolic Posture
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Mantra of Inscriptions, Mantra of Signets
Paragon Motivation: Lyric of Purification, Lyric of Zeal

Affects or checks for signets used by foes[edit]

Ranger Beast Mastery: Primal Echoes
Mesmer Domination Magic: Complicate, Ignorance, Panic
Elementalist Water Magic: Icy Prism, Rust


See also: Category:Skills, #Adrenaline, #Chant, #Elite skill, #Preparation, #Recharge, #Ritual, #Shout, #Signet, #Stance, #Spell, #Trap

Affects or checks for other skills used by allies[edit]

Warrior Strength: Battle Rage, Berserker Stance, Bull's Charge, Charging Strike, Dwarven Battle Stance, Flourish, Rage of the Ntouka
Warrior Tactics: Bonetti's Defense, Defensive Stance, Disciplined Stance, Shove, Wary Stance
Ranger Expertise: Oath Shot
Ranger Beast Mastery: Bestial Fury/Tiger's Fury, Energizing Wind, Enraged Lunge
Ranger Marksmanship: Determined Shot, Focused Shot, Marauder's Shot
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Quickening Zephyr, Quicksand
Monk Divine Favor: Deny Hexes, Spell Shield
Monk Healing Prayers: Gift of Health, Restful Breeze
Monk Protection Prayers: Mark of Protection, Rebirth
Monk Smiting Prayers: Zealot's Fire
Mesmer Fast Casting: Keystone Signet
Mesmer Domination Magic: Blackout, Psychic Distraction
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Mantra of Concentration
Mesmer No attribute: Arcane Echo, Echo
Elementalist Energy Storage: Elemental Attunement, Master of Magic
Elementalist Air Magic: Glimmering Mark
Assassin Critical Strikes: Assassin's Remedy, Sharpen Daggers
Assassin Dagger Mastery: Moebius Strike
Assassin Deadly Arts: Assassin's Promise, Deadly Paradox, Expunge Enchantments
Assassin Shadow Arts: Feigned Neutrality
Assassin No attribute: Mark of Instability, Wastrel's Collapse
Ritualist Spawning Power: Weapon of Renewal
Paragon Leadership: Anthem of Flame, Anthem of Fury, Defensive Anthem
Paragon Command: Anthem of Disruption, Anthem of Envy, Anthem of Guidance, Anthem of Weariness, Crippling Anthem, Song of Concentration
Paragon Motivation: Song of Power, Song of Purification, Song of Restoration, Zealous Anthem
Dervish Mysticism: Avatar of Dwayna
Dervish Earth Prayers: Ebon Dust Aura
Dervish Wind Prayers: Attacker's Insight, Grenth's Grasp
Deldrimor rank: Stout-Hearted
Norn rank: Raven Blessing, Totem of Man, Ursan Blessing, Volfen Blessing

Affects or checks for skills used by foes[edit]

Warrior Strength: Shield Bash
Warrior Axe Mastery: Disrupting Chop
Warrior Tactics: Wary Stance
Ranger Expertise: Distracting Shot
Ranger Beast Mastery: Disrupting Lunge, Energizing Wind
Ranger Marksmanship: Disrupting Shot, Sloth Hunter's Shot
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Quickening Zephyr, Quicksand
Monk Smiting Prayers: Signet of Rage
Necromancer Curses: Shivers of Dread/Spinal Shivers, Spiteful Spirit
Mesmer Domination Magic: Blackout, Cry of Frustration, Diversion, Psychic Distraction, Signet of Disruption, Simple Thievery, Visions of Regret, Wastrel's Worry
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Tease
Mesmer Sunspear rank: Cry of Pain
Assassin Deadly Arts: Disrupting Dagger
Assassin No attribute: Wastrel's Collapse
Paragon Leadership: Burning Shield
Dervish Mysticism: Avatar of Lyssa
Dervish Earth Prayers: Shield of Force

Affects or checks certain skills on a skill bar[edit]

Affects or checks the number of allies, foes, effects, etc.[edit]

Affects or checks for multiple attributes[edit]

Excluding inherent effects from primary attributes.

Slashing damage[edit]

See also: #Physical damage, #Attack

Causes slashing damage[edit]

Warrior Swordsmanship: Hundred Blades
Necromancer Death Magic: Animate Flesh Golem, Animate Shambling Horror, Jagged Bones
Celestial Assassin?, Celestial Horror?

Affects or checks for slashing damage[edit]

Paragon Command: Bladeturn Refrain (PvP)


See also: Category:Spells, #Enchantment, #Hex, #Skill, #Weapon spell

Affects or checks for spells cast by allies[edit]

Ranger Wilderness Survival: Equinox
Monk Divine Favor: Boon Signet, Divine Boon, Divine Spirit, Healer's Boon, Holy Haste, Spell Shield, Unyielding Aura
Monk Healing Prayers: Healer's Covenant, Signet of Rejuvenation, Vigorous Spirit
Monk No attribute: Succor
Monk Allegiance rank: Selfless Spirit
Necromancer Soul Reaping: Hexer's Vigor, Masochism (PvE)
Necromancer Blood Magic: Cultist's Fervor
Mesmer Fast Casting: Mantra of Recovery, Persistence of Memory, Stolen Speed
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Auspicious Incantation, Channeling, Lyssa's Aura
Mesmer No attribute: Arcane Echo, Signet of Illusions
Elementalist Energy Storage: Aura of Restoration, Ether Renewal, Glyph of Energy, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Glyph of Restoration
Elementalist Air Magic: Glyph of Swiftness
Elementalist Earth Magic: Kinetic Armor
Elementalist Fire Magic: Glyph of Immolation
Elementalist No attribute: Glyph of Concentration, Glyph of Elemental Power, Glyph of Essence, Glyph of Renewal, Glyph of Sacrifice
Elementalist Sunspear rank: Intensity
Assassin Critical Strikes: Deadly Haste
Assassin Deadly Arts: Shroud of Silence
Ritualist Spawning Power: Attuned Was Songkai, Ghostly Haste, Renewing Memories, Spirit's Strength, Wielder's Remedy, Wielder's Strike, Wielder's Zeal
Ritualist Communing: Weapon of Quickening
Ritualist Restoration Magic: Spiritleech Aura
Paragon Leadership: Hexbreaker Aria
Paragon Command: "Help Me!"
Paragon Motivation: Aria of Restoration, Aria of Zeal
Dervish Mysticism: Arcane Zeal, Vow of Silence
Asura rank: Mindbender
Ebon Vanguard rank: Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom

Affects or checks for spells cast by foes[edit]

Warrior Swordsmanship: Savage Slash
Warrior No attribute: Skull Crack
Ranger Beast Mastery: Bestial Pounce/Savage Pounce
Ranger Marksmanship: Broad Head Arrow, Concussion Shot, Savage Shot
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Choking Gas, Equinox
Ranger No attribute: Magebane Shot
Monk Divine Favor: Spell Breaker, Spell Shield
Monk Protection Prayers: Aegis (PvP), Protective Spirit, Spirit Bond
Necromancer Blood Magic: Mark of Subversion, Soul Leech, Spoil Victor
Necromancer Curses: Depravity
Mesmer Fast Casting: Arcane Languor, Power Return, Psychic Instability, Stolen Speed
Mesmer Domination Magic: Arcane Larceny/Arcane Thievery, Backfire, Chaos Storm, Guilt, Mistrust, Overload, Power Block, Power Flux, Power Leak, Power Lock, Power Spike, Shame, Signet of Disruption, Signet of Distraction, Wastrel's Demise
Mesmer Illusion Magic: Arcane Conundrum, Confusing Images, Frustration, Migraine, Shared Burden, Sum of All Fears
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Leech Signet, Power Drain, Power Leech, Waste Not, Want Not
Elementalist Earth Magic: Obsidian Flesh, Sliver Armor
Elementalist Fire Magic: Liquid Flame
Elementalist Water Magic: Maelstrom
Assassin Dagger Mastery: Disrupting Stab, Exhausting Assault
Assassin Deadly Arts: Shroud of Silence
Assassin Shadow Arts: Shadow Form
Dervish Mysticism: Vow of Silence
Asura rank: Smooth Criminal


See also: #Summoned creature

Creates spirits[edit]

Ranger See Nature ritual
Ritualist See Binding ritual
Ebon Vanguard rank: Winds

Affects or checks for spirits[edit]

Ranger Expertise: Infuriating Heat
Ranger Beast Mastery: Edge of Extinction, Energizing Wind, Fertile Season, Symbiosis
Ranger Marksmanship: Favorable Winds
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Brambles, Conflagration, Frozen Soil, Quicksand, Tranquility, Winnowing
Mesmer Domination Magic: Spiritual Pain
Elementalist Earth Magic: Ward Against Elements, Ward Against Foes, Ward Against Melee, Ward of Stability
Elementalist Water Magic: Ward Against Harm
Assassin No attribute: Spirit Walk
Ritualist Spawning Power: Feast of Souls, Ghostly Haste, Reclaim Essence, Rupture Soul, Signet of Creation, Soul Twisting, Spirit Channeling, Spirit to Flesh
Ritualist Channeling Magic: Clamor of Souls, Essence Strike, Gaze from Beyond, Gaze of Fury, Lamentation, Offering of Spirit, Painful Bond, Signet of Spirits, Spirit Boon Strike, Spirit Burn, Spirit Siphon
Ritualist Communing: Armor of Unfeeling (PvE), Earthbind, Shelter, Signet of Ghostly Might (PvE), Union
Ritualist Restoration Magic: Ghostmirror Light, Life, Mend Body and Soul, Recuperation, Spirit Light, Spirit Light Weapon, Spirit Transfer, Spiritleech Aura
Ritualist No attribute: Draw Spirit
Ritualist Allegiance rank: Summon Spirits
Paragon Leadership: Blazing Finale, Burning Refrain, Enduring Harmony
Paragon Command: Bladeturn Refrain
Paragon Motivation: Energizing Finale, Finale of Restoration, Mending Refrain, Purifying Finale
Ebon Vanguard rank: Ebon Battle Standard of Courage, Ebon Battle Standard of Honor, Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom


See also: List of stances, #Skill

Affects or checks for stances used by allies[edit]

Warrior Hammer Mastery: Renewing Smash
Warrior Swordsmanship: Barbarous Slice, Jaizhenju Strike/Pure Strike, Standing Slash
Warrior No attribute: "On Your Knees!", Grapple
Assassin Shadow Arts: Mirrored Stance
Deldrimor rank: Dwarven Stability

Affects or checks for stances used by foes[edit]

Warrior Axe Mastery: Whirling Axe
Warrior No attribute: Wild Blow
Assassin Dagger Mastery: Wild Strike
Assassin Deadly Arts: Mark of Insecurity
Assassin Shadow Arts: Mirrored Stance
Paragon Spear Mastery: Wild Throw

Summoned creature[edit]

See also: #Animated undead, #Spirit

Summons creatures[edit]

Asura rank: Summon Ice Imp, Summon Mursaat, Summon Naga Shaman, Summon Ruby Djinn
Ebon Vanguard rank: Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support

Affects or checks for summoned creatures[edit]

See Summoned creature#Skills that specifically interact with summoned creatures