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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars.
Elementalist-icon.png Rowan Sedai
Savannah Heat.jpg Savannah Heat is Rowan Sedai's favorite skill.
User MllePandora Rowan Sedai.jpg The True Source cannot be used up, any more than the river can be used up by the wheel of the mill. The Source is the river; the Aes Sedai, the waterwheel.
Level 20, Tyrian Elementalist Female.png
Height: 5'4"
Age: January 2007 I think. Will update when it rolls around again.
History: My first Guild Wars character, and now my spoiled favorite! Her name was inspired by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. (I've really enjoyed meeting all the GW + R. Jordan/literary geeks in-game!) While I favor Fire & Air usually, I'm willing to try anything, and have gear for all sorts of builds.
  • A blindfold, in honor of her namesake. (May he rest in peace, dear readers)
  • Finishing Vanquisher / HM Titles
  • Rank 2 of Drunkard / Sweet Tooth
  • Urgoz's Warren
  • Finishing DoA, FoW & UW (Got the spider, now to beat the 4 Horsemen...)

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