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Voice Actors project

This project is dedicated to documenting every English voice actor in Guild Wars, if you would like to contribute to this project but in another language create a sub article within here. Find the voice actor and add it into every NPC / hero page.

Contributors and/or supporters of project[edit]



Please feel free to add your name here to show you are helping.


List of heroes and NPCS[edit]

Prophecies No
Captain Calhaan B No
Siegemaster Lormar B No
Erol B No
Ascalon Watchman B No
King Adelbern B No
Undead Lich/Lich/Lich Lord B No
White Mantle Carrier B No
White Mantle Soldier B No
White Mantle Knight B No
White Mantle Justiciar B No
Dagnar Stoneplate B No
Vizier Khilbron B No
Confessor Dorian B No
Dinas B No
Brechnar Ironhammer B No
Prince Rurik A Yes
King Jalis Ironhammer A Yes
Glint A Yes
Evennia B No
Markis B No
Justiciar Hablion A Yes
Justiciar Taran A Yes
Ghostly Hero B No
Saidra B No
Seer B No
Nightfall No
Magrid the Sly A Yes
General Morgahn B No
General Bayel B No
General Kahyet B No
Acolyte Sousuke B No
Acolyte Jin B No
Elder Suhl B No
The Hunger B No
Prince Ahmtur the Mighty A Yes
Prince Mehtu the Wise A Yes
Norgu B No
Fire Djinn B No
Margonite Reaper B No
Elder Jonah B No
Horticulturist Hinon B No
Palawa Joko B No
Lyssa's Muse A Yes
Dunkoro's Son A Yes
Kehanni Nutu A Yes
Kournan Captain A Yes
Koss B No
Tormented Soul A Yes
Zhed Shadowhoof A Yes
Prince Bokka A Yes
Goren A Yes
Kormir A Yes
Varesh Ossa A Yes
Master of Whispers A Yes
Shahai the Cunning A Yes
Tahlkora A Yes
Melonni A Yes
Dunkoro A Yes
Factions No
Kurzick Soldier 1 (Eternal Grove) B No
Kurzick Soldier 2 (Eternal Grove) B No
Luxon General B No
Luxon Guard Captain B No
Luxon Soldier 1 (Gyala Hatchery) B No
Luxon Soldier 2 (Gyala Hatchery) B No
Luxon Soldier 3 (Gyala Hatchery) B No
Luxon Soldier 4 (Gyala Hatchery) B No
Kurzick Soldier 1 (Gyala Hatchery) B No
Kurzick Soldier 2 (Gyala Hatchery) B No
Guardsman Zui B No
Canthan Guard B No
Lost Boy B No
Fortune Teller B No
Shiro Tagachi B No
Canthan Man B No
Canthan Woman B No
Suun B No
Dead Man B No
Dead Woman B No
Vizu B No
Emperor Angsiyan B No
Count zu Heltzer B No
Elder Rhea B No
Argo B No
Gate Captain B No
Gate Guard B No
Emperor's Guard B No
Emperor Kisu B No
Erek A Yes
Master Togo A Yes
Danika A Yes
Brother Mhenlo A Yes
Petras B No
Temple Guard B No
Enraged Kuunavang B No
Messenger Vetaura B No
Emissary Heleyne B No
Herald Demrikov B No
Courier Torivos B No
Baron Mirek Vasburg B No
Kommandant Durheim A Yes
Eye of the North Yes
Jora B No
Ogden Stonehealer A Yes
Gwen A Yes
Livia A Yes
Pyre Fierceshot A Yes
Vekk A Yes
Mamp A Yes
Torg Bloodspine A Yes
Oola A Yes
Lork A Yes
Gadd A Yes
Egil Fireteller A Yes
Svanir A Yes
Gron A Yes
Olaf A Yes


  • Yes - completed
  • Yes - nearly done
  • No - started
  • No - missing
  • No - contributors needed ASAP

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